Psudo Sneakers - Made in the USA

August 04, 2021 1 min read 3 Comments

Psudo is committed to local manufacturing using ethical labor. Psudo sneakers are 100% locally sourced and produced at their solar-powered facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Psudo team cares about everything that goes into a killer pair of sneakers — the design that makes them look good, the manufacturing process that makes them well, and the supply chain that ensures you get what you want.

Since its inception, Psudo has been a self-funded, independent company founded on a dedication to eco-friendliness, ethical labor, and staying local. Very few sneaker brands can promise that. Sourcing materials is a complicated business and finding domestic partners just as committed to quality is neither easy, nor cheap.

Psudo Manufacturing

Recycled Materials

Psudo sneakers are built with a singular, eco-friendly fabric made of 75% recycled material. They eliminated the laces and all the typical waste that comes with multi-component footwear.

Here is a picture of Michael, the founder and the mad scientist behind the special fabric standing in front of a knitting machine. This incredible machine is how they weave thread made from plastic bottles into their special fabric.

All-Day Comfort

Psudo packs in comfort technology with antimicrobial, anatomically correct foot support for all-day wear. These breathable and sweat-wicking slip-on sneakers will make your sock drawer obsolete.

No Laces

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3 Responses

Joy Oldemeyer
Joy Oldemeyer

August 06, 2021

The most recent sneakers I bought are a size 10 – largest I have ever bought. Can I be assured that a size 10 Psudo will be the same size 10?

Jeff Ware
Jeff Ware

August 05, 2021

Sounds great! let me know when you get wide/extra wide sizes!

Garrett Fulton
Garrett Fulton

August 05, 2021

What is ethical labor?

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