100 American Companies That Sell USA-Made Products

Everyone has their reasons for purchasing USA-made products. You can probably recite a few off the top of your head. They’re of better quality. They’re made by Americans, which keeps our economy and job market growing. Buying American products shortens the supply chain, reducing fuel emissions, so it’s good for the planet. To help you find whatever you’re looking for, we’ve compiled a list of 100 American companies that sell only goods made on the shores of America.

1. All-Clad

All-Clad has been crafting USA-made cookware for over half a decade. Located in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, the company furnishes everyday cooks with stainless and brushed steel cookware, nonstick and ceramic cookware, and copper core pots and pans. In keeping with All-Clad’s mission to deliver superior durable cookware to cooks of all levels, anything you find on the All-Clad website or at All-Clad retailers would be as home in Michelin star restaurants as it is in your kitchen.

2. American Blanket Company

Massachusetts-based American Blanket Company makes wool blankets, fleece and cotton collections, sheets and pillowcases, and extra comforts like oversized wraps, throws, and comforters. It’s the type of company people look to when shopping for a wedding, bridal, baby shower gift, or housewarming gift. The American Blanket Company has gone beyond fulfilling its mission since its inception in 2012—to create the world’s best fleece blankets with a team of dedicated US artisans.

3. American Eco Furniture

As might be expected of a company whose middle name is Eco, the mission of American Eco Furniture is to source quality crafted furniture from woodworkers who use natural resources mindfully. American Eco Furniture products are free of lead, plastics, and phthalates, so it beautifies homes while keeping the environment free of toxic particles. Anyone with a fondness for handcrafted, heirloom-quality made-to-order furniture should visit the website of this family-owned business. 

4. American Mule Company

Spoiler alert—you can’t buy a mule from American Mule. What you can buy are copper mule mugs for Moscow Mule cocktails. Why it’s American Mule and not Moscow Mule is because the company is located in Arizona and wanted to pay homage to the miners and pack mules who worked the copper mines of the once flourishing Copper State. True to its name, the mission of the American Mule company is to use local resources for their mugs and employ only skilled US copper artisans to make them.

5. American Skillet Company

One way to prove you’re an American company is to make pre-seasoned heirloom-quality cast iron skillets in the shape of American states. American Skillet Company makes all its skillets in Wisconsin and employs highly skilled metal artisans. The handmade skillets undergo a proprietary process to give them a smooth surface before being pre-seasoned in small batches using several coats of USDA-certified oils. Anyone interested in purchasing one of the eight state-shaped skillets can order online or check the company’s website for outlets that carry them.

6. Arm and Hammer

Anyone who grew up in the USA almost certainly grew up with at least one Arm and Hammer product—the baking soda their mothers used to bake Christmas cookies. True to its mission to create products people trust, the Pennsylvania-based company is now a global brand that produces oral care products, laundry detergents, cat litters, and personal hygiene and deodorizing products of all types, even air cabin filters for the car. In short, if you have something that needs to be cleaned or deodorized, Arm and Hammer has a trustworthy product that can do it.

7. Arctic Gear

Arctic Gear makes wool hats to weather whatever the winter holds, but it does so for a higher purpose. Not only does the Waterloo, NY-based company donate 100% of its profits to helping developmentally and intellectually disadvantaged people, but it also employs an inclusive mixed workforce with and without disabilities. The warm, fashionable winter hats and beanies they make are available in infant, toddler, child, and adult sizes on the Arctic Gear website. Anyone interested in having Arctic Gear manufacture private label hats can also find information there.

8. Baby Eco Trends

Baby Eco Trends is based in Athens, Georgia. The company employs small family-owned American builders and manufacturers to make their solid wood baby-and-beyond furniture, eco-friendly mattresses, and crib pads. They require their partners to adhere to labor laws and source all components from local suppliers. The mission of Baby Eco Trends is to help parents create a green, toxic-free nursery where their babies can grow and thrive. Their products are available on their website.

9. American Bicycle Group

This Chattanooga, Tennessee bicycle company founded in 1986 is a pioneer in using titanium to craft lightweight frames for performance bikes that would give riders Tour de France speeds and agility. The result is their Litespeed, Obed, and Quintana Roo bikes. These titanium bikes garnered the attention of NASA, who called on American Bicycle to work with their Jet Propulsion Labs to design and manufacture titanium components for the Mars Rover Curiosity, which landed on Mars in 2012. Back here on earth, bicycle enthusiasts can browse their next gravel, mountain, road, or high-performance off-road bikes on the American Bicycle Group website. They can also find dealers who sell American Group bicycles, replacement parts, and gear in their location.

10. Bates Footwear

Although Bates Footwear is known for its men’s tactical, military, and work footwear, the Richmond, Indiana-based company also makes them in women’s sizes. Founded in 1885, Bates Footwear has remained true to its mission to provide the men and women who risk their lives to protect the American public with duty-grade performance shoes and boots to back them up whenever and wherever they answer the call of duty. However, you don’t have to be a first responder or military or law enforcement member to purchase Bates heavy-duty footwear, safety toe boots, or military dress shoes. You can order on their website, where you can also find a dealer in your area.

11. Americano Foods

This Arizona-based nut butter business came into fruition when a volunteer-focused couple traveled to Uruguay in 2013. Founders Jeff and Denise noticed, much to their amazement, that although peanuts grew abundantly in the area, the local citizens found traditional peanut butter too plain and too heavy with preservatives. After much trial and error, the husband and wife finally came up with 100% natural nut butter they could sell at local farmers’ markets. They continue to work with and contribute to American and Latin American social and developmental agencies with the vision of a day when no one will have to live in extreme poverty. Americano Foods almond and peanut butters can be ordered on their website or purchased from retailers like Sprouts, Kroger, Amazon Prime, and local specialty grocers.

12. Blumenstein Audio

Blumenstein Audio has been empowering music enthusiasts to listen to high performance point source speakers since 2006. This Tacoma, WA based speaker and audio cable manufacturing business specializes in affordable high performance single driver high efficiency bookshelf speakers as well as passive subwoofers. Clark Blumenstein makes all his speakers by hand, using only lumber core plywoods, in house milled solid woods, wood glue, and linseed oil finish. The result of this painstakingly old world meets minimalist technique yields an entirely better paradigm of sound quality than typical store bought audio products. Clark encourages the use of low power single ended triode amplifiers with his speakers for the best results but they will work great with any amplifier, even solid state and class D amplifiers. Find more information about the Blumenstein Orca, Marlin, Triton, and Octopus full-range speakers, the Chameleon subwoofer and Infrasonic Superwoofer, as well as his line of Waterline Audio Cables on their website.

13. Tervis

Tervis has been making insulated bottles and tumblers that keep hot beverages and cold drinks since 1946. It started when two engineers came up with a signature triple wall insulation design. They combined the last three letters of their names, Davis and Cotter, to come up with the company name. Now that the benefits of optimal hydration are well known, Tervis sells its triple-insulated metal and double-insulated BPA-free plastic bottles at retailers and on their website.

14. Boomerangs by Vic

When most people think of New Hampshire, they may think of snow, mountains, and farms, but rarely do boomerangs cross their minds. Victor Poulin, founder of Boomerangs by Vic, was so mystified by what makes a boomerang work that he set out to understand their secret and design his own in his home state. But he didn’t stop there; he started his own boomerang business, and that’s how Boomerangs by Vic came to be. True to his mission, Vic has been providing fellow boomerang players with an exceptional throwing experience from toss to return. Vic’s boomerangs are not the classic boomerangs of yore. As a video game fan, Vic looks to them for inspiration in designing unique models like the Tongue and Emperor Hook. Anyone itching to get their hands on one of Vic’s handcrafted high-precision Finnish birch boomerangs can shop for one on the Boomerangs by Vic website.

15. The Deck Tool

Anyone with a deck, which happens to be a large portion of homeowners, can thank the creator of the Deck Tool for a back-saving, efficient way to clean their deck between pressure washings. Four feet long and weighing a scant one pound, the deck tool can clear the debris from the grooves between deck planks while the user remains standing. Truly an all-American product, the Deck Tool’s lacquered pine handle is crafted in North Carolina. Meanwhile, the thin yet durable serrated blade made of heat-treated stainless steel alloy is crafted in Pennsylvania. And the two meet up for assembly in Georgia. Deck Tool is so sure of its 10-year-old design that it offers a lifetime money-back satisfaction guarantee, unlimited blade replacements, and free US continental shipping. You can order the tool on the company’s website.

16. Coast and Cotton

Coast and Cotton was born from a military couple’s longing to put down roots after ten years of army base living. Nostalgic about the America they’d grown up in, Sydney Hewitt used her industrial design training to create cotton hand towels that reminded her and her husband, Will, of all the places in America where they spent happy times. When Will completed his West Point helicopter pilot stint in 2015, they set up operations in Auburn, Alabama. There, they still manufacture 100% heavyweight cotton hand towels bearing a down-home country design. The Alabaman company uses US cotton grown, milled, and sewn several hundred miles away from their design and print shop in Auburn. The couple still heads operations in Auburn and remains true to their mission to provide their customers with eco-friendly products that bear their hand-drawn, water-based dyed designs sent with love. Coast and Cotton hand towels are available at locations all over the country. Check their website for a shop near you.

17. Native American Coffee

Native American Coffee Roasters is a Native American-owned company that employs and educates fellow Native Americans. It’s located on indigenous land straddling the Oklahoma-Arkansas state line. A Muskogee Creek tribe member heads native American Coffee. The company roasts and packages high mountain-grown 100% Arabica beans sourced from indigenous growers who honor and care for the land and grow their beans ethically. As might be expected, the mission of this company is to preserve the land “yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” Native American Coffee can be purchased on their website, along with specialty teas, cakes, and coffee mugs.

18. The Warmer Upper

This veteran-owned company specializes in warm, comfortable lap throws and small blankets. Made from hypoallergenic polyester material lined with premium shearling material, the Warmer Upper is manufactured in the United States. This is a new concept in small blankets and throws and features an ergonomic “wing.” The wing provides superior comfort and warmth keeping the seated user wrapped above and below keeping warmth in and the chill out. The Warmer Upper features a detachable Clear View Touch-Sensitive pouch that securely holds a cellphone, glasses, a remote, even an Ipad Pro. The versatility of the detachable pouch allows the user to use and see your digital devices without removing them from the Warmer Upper. You can order them on The Warmer Upper website.

19. Sand N Stones Delaware and Nature Gift Shop

“Mother Nature Does the Artwork. We Put a Frame Around it.” This motto of Sand N Stones encapsulates the mission of this Lewes, Delaware-based Gift Shop. But it does so in its signature way. Customers can select one of the many Delmarva mined sea glass shards or Delaware Bay Diamonds online or in-store. A jewelry artisan will custom frame the gem in Argentium sterling silver or 14K gold-filled wire. Sand N Stones also has a variety of collectible pins, copper bracelets, and ornaments.

20. Second Story Cards

Second Story Cards specializes in greeting cards with their own signature messages. Behind each card is the story of someone engaged in creating a new second story for themselves. The unique card company was born in a third-floor Washington DC walkup apartment. The company’s founders gathered around a dining room table spread with an $80 printer, embossing powder, white card stocks, inks, and stamps to create cards bearing designs of homeless men and women. Their mission was to make greeting cards that help the less fortunate by validating their creative talents and bringing in funds. Since its launch in 2016, the charitable card store has expanded to locations outside the DC area. But customers all over the country can purchase their selections on the Second Story Cards website and get the satisfaction of knowing that 15% of each sale goes to card makers.

21. Play Pits

Yes, the name of this deodorant company has fooled more than one person looking for playground equipment. But the name is actually quite straightforward as the company sells deodorants for kids and adults. And the story behind the company is both unique and universal. A mother was driving her sports-obsessed young son from basketball practice to football when much to her horror, she discovered her six-year-old baby smelled like a sweaty man. Already on a mission to find natural ingredient products to deal with her eczema, she expanded her research and created a kid-friendly, chemical-free deodorant in her kitchen. The CEO of Play Pits was born, and her son became its first marketer, spreading the word to his teammates and their families. Today, sales have moved from word-of-mouth to big retailers like Target. Check the Play Pits website for information about Play Pits deodorants for men, women, and children and find a retailer near you.

22. Calabash Wearable Wood

Calabash Wearable Wood traces its roots back to 2004, when a woodworking artisan in Hawaii set out to defy nature by bending wood. He finally figured out how to coax a scrap of leftover wood from a custom furniture job into a bendable sports cap bill. Then the company’s star product, the Kona Cap, was born. The experiment morphed into a nightly job in his sawdust-covered garage when more friends wanted their own Kona Cap. And since there’s no holding down a creative mind, Calabash Wearable Wood now makes bendable wood belts, wallets, and cuffs, which they sell on their website and ship from their Kapaʻa Hawaii faculty.

23. GeoForm Designs

GeoForm Designs has created a unique niche for small-batch concrete items and plant art. And since their creations serve well as vessels for succulents, cactus, and other plants, propagators are among their biggest fans. The Boise, Idaho company also sells air plants, which are available along with their concrete and gold earrings, bracelets, and concrete statement necklaces.

24. Vecina Couture

Vecina Couture’s premium satin robes are for women who aren’t afraid to wrap themselves in luxury during their precious downtimes. With clinched cuff, interior tie, inseam side pockets, and attached belt, Vecina Couture robes don’t shy away from a little work around the house. They’re even nursing-friendly. The company’s mission is to preserve the matriarchal tradition for a new generation of women who want to honor their roots while taking advantage of today’s opportunities. To this end, all their collections are designed by Afro-Latinas and sewn in Chicago. All their designs can be purchased on the Vecina Couture website.

25. Words With Boards

Words With Boards covers all the ethical touchpoints. Its personalized wooden cutting boards are made from sustainably sourced American hardwood trees and handcrafted by local woodworkers trained in their Baltimore, Maryland, facility. The results are consistently colored maple and cherry wood cutting boards cut from live edge slabs of fallen trees. Anyone looking for personalized gifts can go to Words With Boards for custom-made cutting boards, lazy susans, trays, trivets, coasters, and other creative accessories.

26. Half-N-The-Bag

Half-N-The-Bag customers aren’t partially inebriated; they only want a fashionable cloth bag to carry their wine. Carmen Beaton started her business in Massachusetts in 2014. She first started selling her wine bags in California, then in Washington State, until they reached all over New England. Hand-sewn wine bottle gift bags use designer fabric with color-coordinated waterproof linings. Half-N-The-Bag fabric wine bags are insulated to keep wine cool until consumption. They can be purchased at select wine and liquor stores, gift shops mainly on the East Coast, and boutiques throughout the country. Check the website for locations.

27. Idaho Candle Company

Idaho Candle Company isn’t only about light. Their handmade soy candles bring luxury to the home, as do their beauty care products. Their uniquely named candles are housed in recyclable containers, with artistic labels depicting vintage state-specific labels. The eco-friendly candles are infused with familiar fragrances of different states that evoke nostalgia and warm, fuzzy feelings. And like their Les Bois perfume sprays, roll-ons, fragrance concentrates, and hair and body oils, all their products undergo no animal testing and are paraben-free. Purchasing is online only.

28. Aqua-Rita Table

Who wants to sit at a poolside table when they can sit at a table in their pool? That’s the premise Aqua-Rita Table is putting forth to pool owners. The company makes adjustable tables that can be installed right in the pool. Each table includes a round granite-looking tabletop with built-in cup holders, a hole for an umbrella, and an attached set of matching adjustable barstools. Guests will feel like they’re at a resort bar with one. No need to worry about the pool; the easy-to-install Aqua-Rita Table is kind to pool liners. Founded in 2013, the Indiana-based company’s mission is to remain a debt-free company, so it can focus on serving its customers. Visit their online store to purchase patented Aqua-Rita Table, and enjoy free domestic shipping, no strings attached. 

29. Dirt King USA

Dirt King USA focuses on little bikers who can’t wait to be old enough for a genuine dirt bike like their big brothers’ or daddies’ rides. Speaking of fathers, if they’re ranchers or farmers, the Dirt King website also lists something for them⁠—durable metal horse and cattle shelters. Although Dirt King bikes and trikes are a new offering, Dirt King’s parent company, MCM, has been designing and building Nebraska-manufactured Larsen metal shelters on ranches and farms in western Kansas and northern Oklahoma since 2001. Visit Dirt King USA for their full selection of products. 

30. Wild Horse Steel Works

Wild Horse Steel Works, another Montana company that works with metal, has customers as far away as Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and all 50 states. The company’s far reach is due to the skills and originality that go into the textured steel belt buckles they design and make by hand. If the other fine pieces Wild Horse Steel Works crafts don’t have the same global reach as their belt buckles, it’s only because six-foot steel wall sculptures, steel table tops, steel cattail railings, and coffee tables don’t fit in a small shipping box.


ARTIFACT is not so much a company as it is a small talented team of Nebraskan artisans who work in a repurposed printmaking studio. And whether it’s one of their cotton totes, leather bags, backpacks, or rugged denim and twill specialty aprons, each piece is meticulously crafted regardless of how long it took to make. Time isn’t essential to their mission. Creating high-quality, long-lasting products that age well and don’t end up in landfills is. ARTIFACT hips its products in recycled packaging or recyclable cardboard boxes and encourages customers in the vicinity of Omaha to pick up their orders in-store. It’s all part of the Artifact mission to work toward a better community on a better planet.

32. Elizabeth Cotton

Elizabeth Cotton, a maker of luxurious women’s pajamas, robes, nightshirts, and lingerie, was created in 2015 by a self-described pajama-maker, designer, and wanderer Elizabeth Allen. But the company hasn’t wandered far from New York City’s historic garment district, where it still employs the same two family-owned factories to manufacture its comfortable. And it’s stayed put ever since because of the caliber of craftsmanship that goes into its designed-to-last sleepwear. The company’s phenomenal sleepwear is available only on the Elizabeth Cotton website.

33. American Chest Company

After years of working in the silverware business, the founder of American Chest Company became interested in hardwood chests to store it. Taking the Made-in-America label to heart, he partnered with Amish woodworkers. As a result of his business acumen and the Amish spirit of genuineness, integrity, beauty, and quality they put into their crafts, the company became one of the most respected makers of handcrafted wood chests in the country. Designed and built by Amish craftsmen, American Chest Company dresser top jewelry boxes, silverware chests, watch chests and winders, and cigar humidors are available in genuine oak, maple, cherry, and mahogany. Order from their website, and get free shipping on all orders via UPS.

34. Orca Coolers

The first Orca hard side coolers had three imperatives: superior toughness, legendary ice-retention, and a lifetime warranty. And they had to be made in the USA, specifically the company’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, where they could provide jobs for their fellow Tennesseans. The result was a 75-quart mega cooler that came in four standard colors. That was 2012. In the following years, Orca Coolers has become known as a lifestyle brand known for indestructible hard-sided coolers, durable on-the-go soft-sided coolers, insulated drinkware, and accessories like T-shirts and hoodies for the loyal Orca fans. Orca Coolers are available online and from distributors throughout the USA. Free shipping on orders of $100 or more. 

35. Gokey

Gokey has become known for its rugged footwear, making boots for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts like Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Roosevelt. And not everyone will associate handmade with rugged, but they go hand in hand at Gokey, where each boot or shoe is hand-stitched and finished by a skilled artisan who has spent five years training to be a master of their trade. The same can be said of Gokey women’s shoes, travel bags and duffels, accessories, and dog collars and leashes. Gokey goods can be ordered online or over the phone.

36. Range Leather

Range leather uses four words to sum up its product line: “Leather goods that last.” Every bag, wallet, hat, or accessory they sell is held to this standard. It’s what you would expect from a company based in Laramie, Wyoming, which is practically synonymous with rugged. Whether it’s a bifold wallet, tote, cross-body bag, or watchband, every bit of leather that goes into a Range Leather good is crafted from full-grain leather. High-quality leather materials are sourced from a Chicago tannery and then transported to Range Leather’s Laramie workshop, where it’s handcrafted to last forever. And they back that up with a forever guarantee. All their products can be bought at their downtown Laramie storefront or website.

37. Tahoe Timber

When you think of Lake Tahoe, the home base of Tahoe Timber, what comes to mind is a shimmering lake surrounded by towering redwoods and maybe gambling casinos, but do you think of sunglasses? Perhaps you would since the sunlight glints off the lake, but do wooden sunglasses cross your mind? For the founders of Tahoe Timber, the beauty of Tahoe’s natural environment became a source of inspiration to create a sustainable lifestyle brand. Every polarized 100% UVA/UVB-protected sunglasses they sell comes in a frame made of durable, lightweight, sustainably sourced wood or bamboo. All their wooden sunglasses are available online, as well as their Tahoe Time watches, custom pocketknives with handles made from sustainably harvested Beetle Kill Pine from Tahoe National Forest, and minimalist front pocket wooden wallets with built-in Apple Tag technology

38. Limmer Boots

New Hampshire’s Limmer Boots celebrated its centennial birthday in 2019. It has both predated and survived many of its ski boot industry competitors. And the company attributes its success and longevity to how it built upon the knowledge and skill set each generation of master shoemakers have gathered. As a result, many skiers consider Limmer Boots’s iconic one-piece leather upper with  one-side seam construction to be the gold standard of ergonomic design. The Limmer Boots website lists product specifications and detailed instruction in sizing instructions to help customers with online ordering.

39. Janecka

When Janecka says it’s a skincare company, it really means it. From its hand and foot balms and butters to its bath and body oils, soaps, sprays and ointments, muscle rubs, and natural and organic eye and face creams, Janecka’s handcrafted formulas work its magic on women’s skin, worthy of its home state of New Mexico. And for those who prefer a little makeup, the company has developed subtle, natural shades of cosmetic-grade minerals that nourish the skin as they highlight it. Janecka skincare products can be purchased on their website or through Amazon

40. Knotzland

Knotzland puts forth the tenet that men don’t have to be a member of a wedding party to strut a bow tie, especially a bespoke bow tie. But even if you order “off the rack,” you’ll find statement patterns featuring bright summer watermelons, preppy pastel plaids, spring flowers, tropical gardens, and of course, what would a bow tie collection be without polka dots? But Knotzland is about a lot more than being fashionable. Since its 2015 inception, the Pittsburgh company has been doing its bit to remedy landfill overload by taking textile discards and repurposing them into stylishly jaunty bowties—the more colorful, the better. They also work with local artisans to produce their wares. Their Pittsburg shop is open Wednesday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and by appointment on Saturdays, but their online store is available 24/7.

41. JK Adams

The JK Adams website is full of great gift items. Any one of their handcrafted award-winning solid wood cutting boards made from sustainably harvested North American hardwood would make a wonderful housewarming gift or kitchen staple, along with their lazy susans and wooden bowl sets. Their mission is to put a JK Adams product in the hands of every person passionate about their kitchen, cooking, and reinforcing bonds with family and friends one dinner party at a time. With goods of such high quality and superior woodworking, it’s a wonder they manage to keep any inventory in their Vermont kitchen supply store.

42. Brooklyn Slate Company

Brooklyn Slate Company may be located in the NYC borough of Brooklyn, but it sources its slate from quarries in Vermont and upstate New York. In addition to the stratified black slate used in their all-natural cheese boards, their quarries are one of the few that yield natural red slates. The Brooklyn Slate Company is primarily known for its durable, naturally unique cheeseboards and skilled stonecutters’ turnouts. However, it also produces hand-cut slate beverage coasters, placemats, and place cards, Their Brooklyn studio is currently closed to walk-in visitors, but appointments can be scheduled. Ordering can also be done online, and curbside pickups can be arranged for area customers.

43. Chapman Manufacturing

Chapman Manufacturing is one of those companies that started by dedicating itself to doing one thing and doing it well. In Chapman’s case, it was making precision-made screwdrivers in the USA. It would be true to say the Connecticut business born in 1936 still sells screwdrivers, but it would be selling them short. Today’s Chapman Manufacturing meets every fastening need with the specific type of screwdriver to get the job done. Flat heads, slotted heads, Phillips screwdrivers, hex sets, torque bits, and Allen hex sets—you’ll find them all on the Chapman Manufacturing website. 

44. Collared Greens

Like the sound-alike collard greens vegetable, Collared Greens menswear apparel is homegrown. Farmers worry about growing seasons and view a long growing season positively. The folks at Collared Greens worry about supply chains and consider a long supply chain a negative. This is why the eco-conscious menswear brand depends on local suppliers, who employ local artisans who use recycled, organic, renewable materials whenever possible. What it means for consumers is that every T-shirt, dress shirt, belt, tie, or pair of socks they purchase bearing the Collared Greens label is good for the planet and them. Anyone in the Charleston, Carolina, area can shop in person at their flagship store. Everyone else can shop on the Collared Greens website.

45. Dakota Drum Company

For over 30 years, the Dakota Drum Company has been known its authentic Native American drums. While other ceremonial drums made today use commercially produced buffalo rawhide using lye or other chemicals, the drums at Dakota Drum company have been prepared and cleaned the old-fashioned way—with water and hand-scraping. This means that their drums are more supple, produce a better sound, and last up to ten years longer than commercially manufactured rawhide ones. Anyone looking for a traditional ceremonial or powwow drum can find it in the Dakota Drum traditional store in Rapid City, South Dakota, along with authentic Native American buffalo robes, beadwork, and quill work, created by Cheyenne River, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, and Standing Rock reservations artists.

46. ELoMed

ELoMed may have an offbeat way of spelling its name, but the face mask maker’s mission is straightforward: to protect American communities with sustainably made disposable face masks they can trust. The wholesale and retail company’s three-ply face masks are medical-grade, USDA bio-based certified, lab-tested according to ASTM standards, and free of formaldehyde and heavy metals. But the process isn’t complete until each mask has been safely packed into a 100% sustainable packaging.

47. Field Notes

Field Notes produces books for people who want to write their own stories, who still value their handwriting, and don’t want to miss a moment to jot down a significant sighting or perhaps a phone number of a promising new acquaintance. In other words, Field Notes is a publisher of original Kraft memo books made in the USA. But unlike other memo books bought in stationery or convenience stores, Field Notes puts out notebooks with beautiful covers that can be considered artworks in their own right. The best way to peruse their uniquely designed premier-quality paper notebooks is by viewing them on the Field Notes website. And while you’re there, you can also find a local retailer who carries their products.

48. Finger Lakes Textiles

One of the first things you will see on the Finger Lakes Textiles website is the proclamation that their products are proudly made in the USA. And while that is indeed something to be proud of, what is more commendable is that the Auburn, NY, contact sewing and knitting services supplier employs an inclusive workforce, a good portion of whom have intellectual or developmental disabilities. In addition to supplying America’s Armed Forces with over 1.2 million warm winter knit hats, Finger Lakes Textiles provides contract services for manufacturers, including material sourcing, packaging, inventory management, and order fulfillment. See their website to discover all that they do.

49. Husqvarna

“It’s a Husqvarna” is a boast often overheard in backyards and front lawns all over the country by proud homeowners who treasure their new lawn mower. But it’s also said about Husqvarna chain saws, hedge trimmers, and pressure washers. These words are nothing new. Husqvarna has been supplying consumers and professionals with high-performance rugged garden, lawn, forest, and park maintenance power tools for years. Over 330 years, to be exact, if you consider their history dating back to 1689. Sweden Husqvarna utilized a natural waterfall to provide hydropower for drilling works. Today manufacturing happens in Orangeburg, SC, and Nashville, AK. Anyone interested in Husqvarna’s history or looking for stores that stock its tools can visit its website.

50. Jackson Hole Hat Company

Jackson Hole Hat Company makes handmade cowboy and cowgirl hats that live up to the quintessentially western reputation of its Jackson Hole, Wyoming, location. And just as it has throughout its 100-year history, it calls on highly skilled artisans to supply the artistry required of their handcrafted leather, wool felt, beaver fur, and palm leaf straw hats. In addition to their own label, JH carries hats made by other American haymakers like Stetson and Bailey, Atwood, and Sun Body. Since the hat company has no brick-and-mortar location, purchases must be made on the Jackson Hole Hat Company website online or by phone.

51. Kazuma

In Kazuma’s 50 years, the maker of premium US-made surfboards, paddle boards, and kite boards, estimates it has put over 50,000 boards under the feet of boarding enthusiasts all over the planet. The evolutionary Kazuma boards are crafted by master board builders in its Haiku Maui factory using USA-made fiberglass cloth and resins and tested by surfers in extremely high surf. Each model line builds on its predecessor, relying on what surfers who use them have to say. You can travel to the company’s Maui showroom to purchase the board of your dreams or order on the Kazuma website. You can also have a board built to your specifications. See the website for more details.

52. Kimmie Candy

Kimmie Candy is not your grandfather’s candy. It may look like the chocolate shell chocolate candy you grew up on, but it’s actually good for you. A bag of ChocoRocks contains 10 grams of plant protein, while the Whey Better Crisps supplies 10 grams of whey protein. You can also give the kids Xpressos Salted Caramels, ChocoAlmonds, and SunBursts, and they’ll be none the wiser that they’re enjoying a healthy snack. Kimmie Candy is hardly new. It’s been around since a Sacramento farmer came up with ChocoRocks in 2000, and they went on to win the Candy Grammy in 2003. Kimmie Candy may now enjoy global sales, but it remains a family-owned company operating out of Reno, Nevada.

53. Kurier

Although the name Kurier may suggest the company curates clothing, the opposite is true. The Portland, Maine, small business makes all its clogs, bags, and other clothing by hand, one item at a time. However, it does curate the materials that go into them, sourcing sustainable leather and fabric extras for the environment. This means the leather goods may show natural variations, which adds to their uniqueness. Their clogs and sandals, bags, wallets, pouches, and hats are available in the same Portland, Maine, shop where they are made, but they can also be ordered on the Kurier website.

54. LampStore

There’s no mystery about what the LampStore sells. Lamps, but what’s a mystery is how the Culver City small business owner-creator comes up with the ideas for his one-of-a-kind lamps. He doesn’t sell new lamps. He scours local flea markets, vintage stores, yard sales, and the beach in search of anything he can salvage and take back to his workshop to repurpose as a lamp. All it takes is his engineering and wiring skills and a lampshade to turn an old coffee pot into a kitchen lamp, a vintage crock cookie jar into a living room lamp, or even a stack of vinyl records on a spindle into a light for the family room. This creative entrepreneur is too busy hunting for new parts to man a store, but you can email him to arrange a sale. See the LampStore website for contact info.

55. Laurel Mercantile

Laurel Mercantile is named for its hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. As for mercantile, it’s an old-time name for a general store, which carried a wide array of groceries, dry goods, and anything else a farm wife might need on her occasional visits to town. Similarly, Laurel mercantile carries an updated version of goods a homemaker might want for her own or a gift. The present-day Laurel Mercantile is an updated version of the actual Laurel Mercantile Co. that did business in Laurel from 1901 to 1930. Yes, it’s a gift shop, but you must admit mercantile has more vintage southern flair. Customers can purchase items the owners curate—cutting boards, framed prints, fragrance candles, syrups— in the Laurel brick-and-mortar store or its website. Speaking of in-person, while you’re there, you might catch a glimpse of the mercantile’s owners, Erin and Bill, whose remodeling of Laurel’s old houses was featured on HGTV’s Home Town USA. See the Laurel Mercantile website for a breakdown of all six seasons.

56. Leather Head

Leather Head Sports is for team sports aficionados who appreciate the days when a ball was a ball—a handcrafted functional masterpiece, not a sphere that deflates in the wink of an eye. It’s for enthusiasts who lived for the start of Little League or Pop Warner or to run down to the local basketball court so that they could take part in a pickup game. At Leather Head Sports in Glen Rock, New Jersey, you’ll find heirloom-quality baseballs, basketballs, and footballs you can actually play with or use to teach the game to your kids. 

57. Liberty Bottles

Liberty Bottles are for people who want to stay hydrated but hate to contribute to the waste created by clear plastic bottles. Liberty Bottles are virtually spill-proof because of their threaded caps. And their wide mouths make them easy to drink from. Plus, they’re insulated, so they keep drinks at whatever temperature they entered the bottle. The Union Gap, Washington, company manages to pack a lot of benefits into its American-made vacuum-sealed insulated bottles. They’re recyclable, BPA-free, and made of food-grade materials. They also come in trendy colors and custom designs and can be personalized. See the website for ordering information

58. Liquid Eyewear

If you’re looking for mascara or eyeliner, you won’t find it at Liquid Eyewear. That’s because the Yuma, Arizona, company manufactures sunglasses. Not just ordinary sunglasses, but sunglasses made of aircraft aluminum that can contour to fit your face comfortably. And if you live an active lifestyle, there’s an optional foam insert that can transform your Liquid Eyewear sunglasses into goggles that keep the wind out while you ride your bike, snowboard, zipline, or even skydive. And if you need corrective lenses, Liquid Eyewear also fills eyewear prescriptions. While Liquid Eyewear employs excellent customer service agents, Amazon Prime is their sole distributor.


LOKSAK first came up with the idea of inventing a waterproof bag that would keep water out and the contents securely inside in 1998. Since then, the Naples, Florida, manufacturer has come up with five separate product lines: aLOKSAK, OPSAK, SHEILDSAK, and SUBSAK. Each serves the original purpose of keeping its contents safe and dry but differs in the specific need it fills. Consult the LOKSAK website to find out which is which.

60. Lutema

When successful companies see a need, they rush to fill it. In Lutema’s case, it was the need for personal protection equipment in the face of the alarmingly contagious COVID-19 virus. Their answer was to manufacture and lab-test protective face masks in the USA to avoid supply chain issues that were holding up nearly everything coming into the country. And unlike many other brands, Lutema was providing variety. The San Diego company was making adult and children’s masks, some three-layered and others five-layered. And before long, Lutema found another need they could fill—reusable antifog cloths to combat the problem of eyeglasses that became opaque from the breath of the wearer. Lutema continues to care for Americans. Check out their website to find out purchasing options.

61. Made in America Store

When a store has a name like Made in America and a pop-up on the website welcoming you to the country’s largest retailer of 100% USA-made products, what else is there to explain except what it sells? But that wouldn’t even scratch the surface. The e-commerce site started in 2010 as a man’s Hail Mary to save a business he had built for years and lost overnight to overseas competition, currency manipulation, and the Great Recession. He opened an emporium with a mission to create and save jobs in the USA by increasing American manufacturing jobs for our children’s future. It would grow so big that Made in America Store would go on to host bus tours and get featured on TV shows and publications like ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, NPR, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. Today, it exists as an innovative store-in-store franchise, whereby existing retailers can set aside space on their sales floor to sell whatever merchandise they choose to stock. Consumers can check the Made America Store website for how to book a bus tour or purchase Made in America Store items on Amazon.

62. Maglite

No doubt you’re familiar with Maglite flashlights. But did you know Maglite is a made-in-America lifestyle brand with accessories, apparel, and limited edition merchandise featuring images ranging from Marvel superhero figures to American Flags to the instantly recognizable cancer awareness pink ribbon? Maglite also has selections serving the military, law enforcement, and the home security industry. Yes, there’s more to Maglite than most people know. Check the Maglite website to read its story and browse its complete product selections.

63. Meetseetsee Chocolatier

If the decadent chocolates found at Meetseetsee Chocolatier don’t satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, you may want to seek a 12-step chocolate program. But it’s easier to pace yourself and take it one day at a time. After all, it would take a lifetime to sample everything you’ll find at the Meetseetsee, Wyoming, purveyor of all things chocolate. Here you’ll find your fill of well-known cacao-infused delicacies like Belgian chocolates, chocolate barks, solid chocolate miniatures, and luscious truffles in custom flavors ranging from Wyoming Whiskey to prickly pear. But there are also tamer varieties like raspberry, mocha, and peanut butter. But if you can’t make the trip to Wyoming, you can order online. Either way, you’ll be helping them carry out their mission to create decadent and unique chocolates in an environmental and ethical manner.

64. Marucci Sports

Marucci Sports is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, business dedicated to the All-American pastime of baseball. What started as a 2004 garage endeavor created by two former big-league players and their trainer is known today for its made-in-America metal and wood bats. Their mission was to provide athletes of every level with whatever tools they needed to succeed. And anyone who purchases the handcrafted Marucci bats, gloves, helmets, and baseballs the company carries can enjoy the confidence of knowing they’ll be playing with equipment approved by the Marucci Player Advisory Board, consisting of the most talented major league players. For more about Marucci Sports, including some of the charities it supports, visit the Marucci Sports website.

65. Malpaca

When picking a Malpaca pillow, you choose nights of alpaca fleece-packed comfort. But it’s too bad you won’t get to enjoy them since you’ll be falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Not only is alpaca fleece the softest of all-natural fibers, its porous nature results in insulation that provides a balance of warmth so you remain comfortable throughout the seasons. And if you’re one of the countless individuals plagued with wool or down allergies, alpaca fleece is free of irritants like lanolin and grease, unlike sheep’s wool or goose feathers. The hollow nature of its fiber core deters mites, another source of allergens. Malpaca pillows are made from fleece from humanely raised alpacas in New Zealand. Each Malpaca pillow should have a label warning that it can be habit-forming. Just ask any of the countless numbers of alpaca-comfort addicts who refuse to travel without their Malpaca pillows.

66. Moldex

Moldex has been supplying made-in-America respiratory face masks even before the COVID pandemic. They make N95 and N99 masks for the general population and healthcare heroes. However, Moldex protection extends beyond their needs to include those employed in transportation industries, pharmaceutical facilities, oil and gas installations, waste management, food processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The Culver City company makes an extensive range of disposable face masks, heavy-duty respirators, their requisite filters and cartridges, and industrial hearing protection. The Moldex website lists them all and a long alphabetical list of dealers around the country.

67. No nonsense

Anyone who lived through the 70s will remember disco and Watergate, but they also won’t forget the TV commercials for No nonsense control top pantyhose. Well, those days are long gone, and to repurpose a 70s-era phrase, No nonsense has come a long way. The Greensboro, North Carolina,  company born in 1976, changed with the times. When pantyhose was jettisoned, No nonsense launched a line of shoe liners. When Covid struck, No nonsense provided microbial masks. And when pandemic isolation morphed into an at-home way of life, No nonsense turned its sights to unisex leisure and fitness wear made of recycled fabric. Today you can buy No nonsense leisurewear, sleepwear, tights, socks, and hosiery at department stores, outlets, and big box stores throughout the country.

68. Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware is another example of a company name that can lead an internet searcher down the wrong path. But just like a vacationer disgusted at having taken the wrong freeway exit experiences joy when it takes him to a beach more idyllic than the one he’s set out for, a skier searching the web for Nordic skis will be overjoyed to land on the Nordic bakeware website if cooking is his first love. Nordic stems from the fact that the company was founded over 75 years ago in Minnesota, known for being home to Norwegian settlers, who may or may not have skied. But Nordic Ware sells not even a ski pole, but it does sell everything a cook could ever desire, from pie, bread, and cake pans to cast iron skillets, microwave accessories, and cooking utensils you’ve never heard of, but now that you’ve seen one, you must have it. You won’t get lost finding a Nordic Ware retailer near you if you follow the map on the store locator page on its website.

69. Ogden Made

If you’re a person who likes nothing more than spending quality time outdoors with friends and family, Ogden Made designers have you in mind when they create each season’s collections. They know you like rugged gear that stands up to the rigorous activities you pursue, like rock climbing or running wintry trails. But they also include comfort and convenience in every item they design, whether it’s a warm puffer jacket that folds up for easy packing or a beanie that suits a woman’s head as much as a man’s. T-shirts, performance caps, kids’ clothing, and bags to pack it all—Ogden Made has them all for you. Check out the website to glimpse the latest arrivals at their Utah store. But if Utah is too far for you, you can always buy on their website.

70. Okabashi

Its name may suggest the Far East, but Okabashi is a Buford, Georgia, company with the distinction of being among the only one percent of shoemakers that still manufacture their footwear on American shores. And vegans will be pleased to know their men’s and women’s sandals and even their kids’ boots are crafted from recyclable materials that involve no slaughtering of animals. Plus, Okabashi footwear can be thrown in the washer without any fear of damage. It’s all part of the fundamental Okabashi belief that everybody deserves to have easy-care comfortable footwear.

71. Oomingmak

If this is the first you hear of Oomigmak, it’s not because it’s an exclusive brand. It’s more a matter of distance. Oomingmak is the name the founding members of an Alaskan knitting cooperative chose for their enterprise in 1969. What these Native American women had in common was a love for qiviut and skill in using it to turn out beautiful, functional winter wear. And for those who have never heard of qiviut, it’s the underwool musk oxen shed each year. The Oomingmak cooperative, whose numbers have grown to 250 women hailing from remote coastal villages, uses the qiviut fibers to hand-knit the items it sells. Two things set qiviut hats and scarves apart from store-bought woolen apparel. First off, qiviut is eight times warmer than wool and extremely lightweight. Secondly, each woman knits in her village’s tradition, so every article of clothing is unique. These one-of-a-kind qiviut scarves, stoles, hats, and tunics are available on the Oomingmak website.

72. Ozark Beard Company

One of the products Ozark Beard Company makes is a line of beard oils, and the names it gives them—Urban Bourbon, Bay Rum, and Musk Man Beard—leave no doubt they’re for men. Infused with fragrances of sandalwood, cedarwood, and a bit of rosemary, they appeal to the nose, and the jojoba oil and vitamin E they contain soften the beard while moisturizing the skin underneath. Ozark Beard oils differ from other beard care products. They’re 100% natural and mixed by hand, following original Ozark Beard Company recipes incorporating high-quality essential oils and carrier oils. What makes them hard to keep in stock is the reasonable affordable. You can buy them on the Ozark Beard Company website if they’re not sold out.

73. PRS Guitars

PRS stands for Paul Reed Smith, who started the eponymous startup selling guitars in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1985. Paul Reed Guitars is now a successful manufacturer of premier-quality guitars and amplifiers. In fact, it’s the third-largest maker of guitars in America, but it’s still made up of the same bunch of passionate guitar players with roots deeply embedded in the music of the region. Another thing that’s remained the same is the PRS Guitars’s mission: to continue the process of discovery, continue their devotion to the rich heritage of the guitar, and their commitment to new technologies to enrich their guitars’ uncompromising tones, playability, and beauty, and plain and simple, build the best guitars and guitar products in the world. Musicians seeking a PRS Guitar dealer or distributor in their area can find one on the PRS Guitars website.

74. Protector USA

Protector USA cares about your water. If you do too, you’ll want to explore their solutions designed to transform your tap water into clean, healthy water you can trust. The company is one of the only big-name water filtration system makers whose products consist of only made-in-the-USA components. As it has for the past 25+ years, Protector USA commits itself to following the highest industry standards, including making ABS1953 compliant systems (lead-free) certified by the Water Quality Association. Check out their website to learn more about their engineering process or to purchase a Protector USA bathroom or kitchen water filtration solution.

75. Rawlings

Anyone who grew up in Little League, spent time in an adult softball league, or just considers themselves a student of the game needs no introduction to the Rawlings name. They will tell you right off the bat (pardon the irresistible pun) that the Rawlings name on a catcher’s mitt or fielder’s glove identifies it as the official glove of baseball. But gloves are not the only equipment Rawlings makes. You also don’t need to be a professional player to get your hands on a Rawlings bat or ball made in the USA. You can be a total amateur and still wear Rawlings caps and gear, and you don’t have to attend spring training to deserve Rawlings’s quality. All you have to do is find a dealer near you on the Rawlings website’s store locator page.

76. Roots and Jones

Roots and Jones is a company that seeks to unplug the frenzy of today’s connections and take us back to a day before we tapped out emails on a keyboard or thumbed our way over a phone screen to send a text. Roots and Jones want to take us back to when people put pen to paper to compose a handwritten letter, not with a ballpoint or ink cartridge pen but with a wooden pen. Yes, you heard right—a made-in-the-USA pen made of wood. It’s also the story of a grandson and grandfather coming together to create a business based on the wooden pen. The grandfather had been making and giving out as gifts to friends for years. As for the name Roots and Jones, Jones is the last name of the grandson, and Roots symbolizes the grandfather’s Kentucky roots. It’s also about the company’s mission to facilitate connections one pen at a time, so people can return to the roots of who they are. People inspired by Roots and Jones can learn more about their custom pens and locate a dealer on the Roots and Jones website. Yes, the company does use computers from time to time!

77. Sepe Farms

Sepe Farms may be a commuter train trip north of New York City, but the family-run business is devoted to raising sheep and lambs in its small Connecticut farm’s peaceful, stress-free environment. Located in the rural Sandy Hook-Granby area, the family divides its time between raising grass-fed lambs for sale to restaurants belonging to the Connecticut Farm-to-Chef program, natural food grocers, and select butchers in the area. They shear their sheep and use the fleece to create wool blankets, throws, and sheepskins. Those who live not too far from Sepe Farms can find a store where they can purchase Sepe custom cuts of lamb or made-in-the-USA wool items.

78. Shop Made in VA

Shop Made in VA has managed to shrink the made-in-the-USA concept to create a manageable local version. Capitalizing on the reputation Virginians have earned as being creatives, two enterprising Virginians started a business that serves as a platform for Virginia-based artisans and small business owners to showcase their goods. Anyone interested in participating in this program dedicated to growing small creative Virginia businesses can get more information on the Shop Made in VA website, and those in the Virginia or Washington DC area who want to see the concept in action can visit the Shop Made in VA outlet at Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia

79. Stoneware & Co.

Stoneware & Co. curates fine dinnerware and tasteful home decor that defines the gentile Kentucky way of life since 1815. The company is also known for its collection of small china plates that can be personalized to commemorate births and for gift sets guaranteed to whet the appetites of anyone lucky enough to be on the receiving end. People living in the Greater Louisville area can shop in person at Stoneware & Co. Louisville, Kentucky store. All others can order on the website, which also holds the bridal registry.

80. Stormy Kromer

Stormy Kromer may have a tempestuous name, but its goods are meant for sunny times on the coldest of days. The company is located in the town of Ironwood, on the rugged Upper Peninsula in the northernmost reaches of Michigan. It’s a small family-run operation specializing in its made-on-the-premises cold weather clothing, ranging from men’s rugged caps, vests, and coats to neck warmers, wool bandanas, mittens, and other accessories to keep women warm. And then it turns around and makes the same in kids’ sizes. It has been doing this since 1903. The Stormy Kromer of today is dedicated to doing its part to create a sustainable future. When you order clothes on their website, you not only get quality clothing to get you through the winter, but you also do your part in creating that future.

81. Twig Case Co.

Despite its name, not a single tree twig goes into the making of the beautiful phone cases Twig Case Co. makes. They may look like hand-carved wood, but they’re actually made of Richlite. The material is made of a densely layered paper surface that’s tough enough to handle the occasional drops cellphones undergo while also resisting humid weather, extreme temperatures, and in the case of the wrong place, wrong time, the occasional overturned drink bath. The innovative Twig Case Co. founder was familiar with Richlite because, as a guitar designer, he’d used it in the two areas that receive the most wear and tear: the bridge and fingerboard. That’s the beginning of the story. Twig Cases became a hit with the Silicon Valley crowd, and they were instantly snatched up by Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and Google employees. For a look at the beautiful eco-friendly phone cases, visit their website

82. USA Pan

USA Pan makes professional-quality pans for everyday cooks. The bakeware company had been supplying the professional baking industry with high-quality, heavy-duty pans since 1959 before it reinvented itself as a consumer-focused brand 50 years later in 2009. The USA pans are treasured for their fluted surfaces, allowing easy airflow and heavy-gauge aluminum construction that creates maximum heat distribution. These two features are essential for evenly baked bread and pastries. However, the feature that wins customers over use after use is the FDA-approved silicone coating that results in time-saving easy releases, and quick cleanups. Cooks curious about USA Pan’s bakeware, cookware, and stoneware collections can visit its website to satisfy their curiosity.

83. Vermont Teddy Bear

Before the Vermont Teddy Bear factory in Sherburne became an obligatory stop for anyone touring the mountains of Vermont, it was a pushcart business operating on a street corner in Burlington in 1981. As for those pioneer Teddy Bears, they were made in the owner’s nearby garage. The company’s appropriately costumed hand-made-in-Vermont Teddy Bears became the go-to gift for birthdays, graduations, and other gift-giving occasions thanks to word of mouth and radio and TV advertising campaigns. With washable and flame-resistant “fur” and 100% recycled stuffing, each Vermont Teddy Bear is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Anyone who’d like to book a Vermont Teddy Bear factory tour or find out how they can purchase additional Vermont Bear accessories can find that information on the Vermont Teddy Bear website

84. White House Brothers

Since 1891, Cincinnati area residents have been trekking into White House Bothers jewelers whenever they’re shopping for engagement rings and diamond wedding rings. They like the choices White House Brothers offers. But even more in this era of ethical shopping, today’s White House Brothers customers trust them to stock only high-grade diamonds, responsibly sourced from reputable conflict-free diamond mines. Today’s customers no longer have to go to Cincinnati. They can visit one of the many retailers across the country that partner with White House Brother. Anyone who prefers shopping from home can take advantage of the in-home preview feature on their website.

85. WSI Sportswear

WSI Sportswear has a short and sweet mission to provide Americans with high-quality clothing all made in the USA. Unlike their competitors offering mass-produced clothing manufactured overseas, all WSI clothing is designed, cut, and sewn at their Eagan, Minnesota, factory. This allows WSI to produce quality goods while controlling costs. So whether you’re in the market for cold-weather gear or bathing suits, running shorts, or T-shirts, you can count on anything you order on the WSI Sportswear website. You can also purchase at a retailer near you.

86. Zootility

Zootility’s founder appears to have a fondness for zoological names. After inventing a portable multipurpose tool called Pocket Monkey, he kickstarted Zootility. The innovative and ecologically mindful company has a twofold mission: to create top-quality products and constantly hone and improve its manufacturing processes to suit an ever-changing environmental climate. Zootility pursues this objective by consolidating manufacturing operations under one roof in the woods of Maine and sourcing raw materials from close-to-home suppliers. This cuts out extraneous intermediaries, keeping costs low without skimping on quality. Whether you’re buying Zootility wallets, belts, home decor, wall art, or bar tools, you get Zootility quality at an affordable price.

87. Wyatt Bicycles

Like the company described above, Wyatt Bicycles is located in a rural area well suited for its high-end fat tire mountain bikes. But in this case, it’s Wisconsin. Wyatt Bicycles has a similar mindset—that as an American bicycle brand, it’s their responsibility to manufacture bikes in the USA to benefit the American workforce and local economy. This allows them to keep up with all bicycle innovations riders look for. Whether you’re in the market for a bike in the Wyatt Bike lineup or having them custom-make one, you have the choice of ordering on their website, visiting their Wisconsin showroom, or purchasing one from an authorized Wyatt Bicycle dealer.

88. Zandra Beauty

Zandra Beauty, known for its plant-based line of skincare products, shares a name with its entrepreneurially minded founder. Zandra Cunningham earned the distinction of being one of America’s youngest millionaires due to the brand resonating with its vast customer base. She started her journey at the age of nine, became a millionaire at 19, and now has a full line of plant-based skincare products on the shelves of major retailers like Target. The mission of this young skincare mogul is to empower girls and young women everywhere toward entrepreneurship by participating in STEAM programs. To learn more about the Buffalo, New York, company and find a dealer near you, go to the Zandra Beauty website

89. Wilde Tool

The timeline of Kansas-based hand toolmaker Wilde Tools stretches back to 1920, when an engineer working in a scissors factory came up with the concept of angling the nose of a plier 32 degrees to create more leverage. Two years later, he would start Wilde Tool with his banker brother. Fifteen years later, Wilde Tools entered into a private label partnership with big-name catalog companies like JC Penney, Sears Roebuck, and Montgomery Ward. Today Wilde Tool is known for the quality of its handmade chisels, pliers, pry bars, screwdrivers, and other hand tools. It’s also known for its excellent service. Anyone wishing to order online or download a product catalog can do so on the Wilde Tools website

90. Wholesome Hide

Dog owners value Wholesome Hide for the quality of its rolled-and-tied-by-hand rawhide chews dried in climate-controlled clean rooms. If they could speak, dogs would say they like Wholesome Hide because its chews last longer and have bolder flavors. Unfortunately, humans and dogs alike will have to do without Wholesome Hide Chews because the company has halted production because a chain interruption makes it impossible to get rawhide they deem suitable for sale. Customers are advised to check the Wholesome Hide website regularly and keep their fingers crossed that things will open up again soon.

91. WaterRower

WaterRower rowing machines can’t work in the water, but they do use water’s power to make you feel like you’re rowing on a lake. They do this by harnessing the energy of water in a horizontally rotating drum. The harder you “row,” the faster the rotation. Each rowing stroke from the hand grasping the rowing handle to the feet in the floorboard stirrups uses 84% of your muscle mass. Information about how the WaterRower works, how the wood used in its construction and sourced from regions of the Appalachian mountains, and how to order your own rower are available on the Water Rower website,

92. Vortic Watch Company

Vortic Watch Company is an amalgam of anomalies. Its founders are young, yet they cling to the old. Their watches combine cutting-edge technology with tradition. Take their timely American Artisan Series watches. They’re made today but rely on antique mechanisms to run. Suppose you want to learn more about how and why this high-end Fort Collins, Colorado, watch company combines today’s engineering to make simple yet intricate timepieces in small batches. In that case, the Vortic Watch Company website holds an incredible amount of background information.

93. United States Mask

Like other companies that came into being in 2020, the founders of United States Mask were focused on providing EMT crew members and ER personnel with the personal protection equipment they so desperately needed. Today when face masks are easy to come by, United States Mask has devoted itself to ensuring that anyone who wants an authentic NIOSH-certified N95 respirator can get one, whether they’re first responders or not. The American Mask website has more information about their premier 1812 universal-fit, NIOSH-approved respirators.

94. Uncle Goose

Whether Uncle Goose and Mother Goose are related is unknown. What is known is that the Grand Rapids, Michigan, company that bears the former’s name specializes in handcrafted 100% wood toys and decor sustainably harvested from the woods surrounding the Great Lakes. And although the blocks are 100% made in the USA, they’re available in 18 languages, including Braille. And although many parents think it’s important that young children learn computer skills as early as possible, block play is critical for a child’s cognitive, physical, and social development. Anyone interested in learning about the benefits children derive from playing with blocks can be found on the Uncle Goose website.

95. Tough Traveler

Tough Traveler started making durable bags in 1970, and it seems they didn’t know when to stop. They now have a product line that includes over 26 different types of carrying apparel. They even make dog carrier backpacks! Tough Traveler makes all its bags in Schenectady, New York, where they’ve been making sustainably sourced products from day one. That was long before the term sustainably sourced was coined. Tough travelers living in the Albany, Troy, and Schenectady triangle can purchase their bags at the factory store. Everyone else can find other purchasing options on the company website.

96. This Night

This Night covers all the bases with their American-made socks. They’re 100% knit with cotton thick enough to withstand many wash cycles yet thin enough to fit into shoes. They have a band that lets them stay up yet doesn’t make indentations in the skin. And although all This Night socks are made in North Carolina’s Catawba County, they bear a strong resemblance to socks made in Japan, even using the same color combinations. This is because This Night’s owner designer spent time in Japan and never lost her love for the palette of colors found in the Land of the Rising Sun. A state-by-state directory of stores that carry This Night socks can be found on the company website.

97. The Winking Moose

The Winking Moose is the brainchild of its founder, who spent his childhood exploring the wilds of Alaska and served as a raft and river guide as an adult. He developed a respect for the Alaskan environment even if his whimsical tongue-in-cheek creations. Whether it’s a pair of Alaskan Moose poop earrings, an Alaskan Moose nugget necklace, or an Alaskan Mosquito ornament, it’s made in an environmentally mindful manner. To see more examples of Winking Mouse humor, visit the company website

98. The Ulu Factory

The Ulu Factory is yet another example of an innovative Alaskan enterprise. Although The Ulu Factory can hardly be called a new knife manufacturer since it first set up shop in a garage over 45 years ago, it put on a new face every time it outgrew its manufacturing facility and moved. Today it’s located in 12,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space with room left over for retail. But that comes from earning a reputation for making high-quality knives. Check out the website for how The Ulu Factory makes its top-quality USA-made knives.

99. The Iron Factory

How it got its name is a mystery since the Iron Factory doesn’t make anything. What the Iron Factory does is refurbish, refinish, and repair the golf clubs its customers bring or send to their Glendale, Arizona, repair facility. They do the job so well that golf manufacturers actually lose business since when a customer gets his repaired golf clubs back, they’re in like-new condition, so they last for years on end. If your golf clubs need repairing, refinishing, or refurbishing, The Iron Factory website can instruct you on how to get them to their facility.

100. Alaska Rug Company

The Alaska Rug Company is an eco-friendly company based in Port Bailey, Alaska, on the Northwest side of Kodiak Island Archipelago. The company is dedicated to making high-quality handcrafted doormats, throw rugs, trivets, and more using 100% Alaskan fishing lines and ropes. Founders Robert and Anita Shane started the Alaska Rug Company to keep themselves out of each other’s hair while they were in the process of quitting smoking. Now, the company has turned into a commitment to turn used ropes all over Alaska into beautiful handwoven rugs, mats, and other housewares that will last for years to come.