Okabashi Shoes - USA Made Since 1984

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Okabashi Shoes

A true American dream story, the Irvani family founded Okabashi after coming to the United States in the 1980's. Inspired by Japanese concepts of reflexology and design, Bahman Irvani saw the opportunity to create a sandal that promotes foot health and wellness for all.

In 2017, Sara Irvani took over the family business from Bahman, becoming a third generation shoemaker, and continuing to build on the legacy of the most comfortable footwear made in America.

Okabashi resides in Buford, Georgia, 40 miles northeast of Atlanta. Once known as the "Leather City," Buford has a long footwear legacy. A large shoe factory operated here until 1941 and reopened to serve the military during World War II.



Okabashi factory


Working closely with the Two Ten Foundation and Souls for Soles, we have donated over 100,000 pairs of shoes for disaster relief, veterans, and more.

Okabashi shoes have created a loyal following with over 35 million pairs of shoes sold. Today, over 99% of American-worn footwear is made abroad. We are proud to be in the 1% that has chosen to stay and thrive in the USA.


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John Rieger
John Rieger

July 15, 2021

Do you make GOLF shoes? I am tired of buying and wearing Chinese and Vietnamese Golf shoes

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