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September 16, 2021 2 min read

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In a world of mass production and mediocre quality, there is a company that still builds precision handcrafted tools, one at a time, right here in the USA. 

Grace USA has been producing tools in America since 1941. Edward C. Grace founded Grace Metal Products, in the village of Elk Rapids situated on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. In 1973, John D. Morrison, Ed’s brother-in-law, bought the company after working the tool & die trades for over 30 years. His son, Dan, immediately began working in the business at the age of 13 on the bench grinders, drill presses and lathes producing many of the same products still in the Grace USA line with some of the machinery used by GRACE USA today.

In 1982, John semi-retired and Dan became president of the company, a position he still holds today. Dan married his wife Linda in 1986 and they raised their children Daniel, Joseph, Sarah and Matthew to learn the value of hard work at an early age while working by their parent’s side in the family business.

Every tool that has been produced by GRACE USA since 1941 has had a Grace or Morrison hand print on it, insuring GENUINE QUALITY and PRECISION in every tool that you can TRUST, backed by their FOREVER GUARANTEE.


Featured Item

This 6-piece Home Care Screwdriver Set is precision manufactured and hand assembled entirely within the United States, and is designed specifically to serve the needs of the home do-it-yourself person who is looking for a quality set of screwdrivers that will cover a broad range of needs in the home. 

The set consists of:

  • Three Phillips, #0, #1, #2 
  • Three matching slotted tips measuring 1/8", 3/16", 1/4".

Each screwdriver is constructed of USA 8650 Chromium-Vanadium steel alloy blades, and features a black oxide-finish and is precision made for a snug fit between the driver and fastener that minimizes the potential for damage to the screw head when torque is applied. Handles are composed of turned Maine hardwood, topped off with a nickel-plated steel ferule. Set is packaged in a vinyl pouch. Shop This Screwdriver Set >


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