Why Buying American is Smart:

May 17, 2012 2 min read

America would not be the land of opportunity without American Manufacturing:

This country was built based on the ideals of buying Americanthrough the American manufacturing that took place during the days of the Industrial Revolution. This made our country an economic powerhouse and a land of opportunity. Every American citizen could find a job that supported their family and promised the American dream.  American manufacturing has been going away in recent years on account of business owners wanting to make an extra dollar in sending their efforts overseas throughout the years. This is threatening the ‘American dream’

Buying American Creates Jobs, Period.

If every American cared enough to purchase one USA Made garment per year, the impact would be $9 billion in profits. That creates an amazing amount of jobs for USA citizens.

American Manufacturing Creates Secondary Jobs.

For example, if All American Clothing Co. manufactures blue jeans we supply jobs to Americans to sew patches, pack and ship products, market them, etc. There are also manufacturing companies that create our materials like our denim, thread, buttons, zippers, etc.  These companies supply American jobs as well. In essence, American Manufacturers not only create jobs for their own companies, but for other American companies.

American Made products are made with better quality and are built to last longer than foreign made products:

In the short span of things, it makes sense to buy a cheaper foreign made product. But in the long run, it makes even more sense to buy American.

For example, when you buy a pair of foreign made jeans for $20, they may only last a year so you have to buy another pair each year. A pair of All American jeans at around $50 will last you at least 3 years. If you do the math over 3 years—it makes sense to buy American.  It is an investment worth making. You will also feel great and have the satisfaction of wearing a comfortable, quality, job creating pair of jeans made in USA.


It's smart to ‘buy American’ because American manufacturing is what made our nation the land of opportunity. It creates jobs so our citizens can enjoy the American dream. Without jobs, Americans would not be able to buy that first home or take the family on that ‘memorable’ vacation. Losing the American manufacturing base will not only continue to result in federal budget deficits, but it will result in the decline of the American lifestyle for our citizens. ‘Buying American’ will help ensure that American citizens can enjoy the American dream for generations to come so that our children and our grandchildren can have the same American dream that we once had.

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