United States Flag Flown at U.S. Capital Building Commemorating ‘American Made’ Manufacturers:

May 21, 2012 2 min read 1 Comment

Speaker of the House John Boehner helped the All American Clothing Co. fly the American flag to commemorate the rise of ‘American Made’ Manufacturing to create jobs for Americans in today`s economy:

The sign above All American co-owner Lawson Nickol`s desk reads “make something happen today.” Lawson and his company have been living up to their mantra with their latest success. The USA Made clothingcompany recently flew a commemorative American flag with the help of Congressman John Boehner and his representatives at the U.S. Capital building on May 3, 2012. The flag was flown to commemorate the hardworking ‘American Made’ manufacturers who, like the All American Clothing Co. give their most gallant effort towards the creation of American jobs.

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To motto “make something happen today” has led to much progress for Lawson and the All American Clothing Co. Currently, the American Made clothing company is in the midst of growing exponentially--a great sign for American Made manufacturers. The company is currently expanding their warehouses and main offices due to their growth. The new building will be finished in the month of September and will also create a respectful amount of new American jobs in both their headquarters and the manufacturing factories the clothing company works with.

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That same American flag that was flown at the U.S. Capital building will be raised at a ceremony in September when the USA Made clothing companies` new building is in place. The ceremony will include many leaders and promoters from the American manufacturing industry and potential political figures. The All American Clothing Co. hopes to spread the message that progress has been made and that there is much hope for American Made Manufacturers in the future.


All American Clothing Co.

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kevin huff
kevin huff

February 09, 2021

i still do not know or hav the time to read all. i support our troops, my son is one. i’m one your best supporters, even though i only buy for me. i tell other people about your co. if you are going to give away a t- shirt ,give it & cut the crap. sinc. kbh

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