The Birth of All American Clothing Co: Part 1

March 12, 2012 2 min read 2 Comments

This is the story of how the All American Clothing Co. began. In this section I will share with you what owner Lawson Nickol gave up and the sacrifices that he made in order to make a difference.

In 2002, Lawson Nickol had a job in the USA Made jeansmanufacturing business. He loved his job because he felt he was making a difference, he enjoyed it, and he had an income that supported his family. Looking down the road he saw promise of a comfortable retirement with a lifetime of relaxation filled with beaches, boats, and lemonade. But, little did he know  he would approach a bump in the road.

As a sales manager for a USA jeans manufacturer, he believed he was doing the right thing by selling a product that was 'American Made' as mom, apple pie and baseball. One evening while shopping in a retail store, Lawson discovered his company's label on a pair of jeans in a style he had not seen before. His initial reaction was "great, our retail division has branched into a retail chain and that means healthy growth. This is good! "Wrong.... unfortunately that bump in the road had just arrived. Lawson noticed the label indicated "Made in Mexico". With a frantic and disappointing call to headquarters he confirmed the tag was accurate. Suddenly there was a disturbing realization; his employer had begun to outsource.

After the surprise of his 'USA Made' employer beginning to outsource, Lawson had a difficult decision to make. Would he finish out the next couple years in order to enjoy a promising retirement? Or, would Lawson stand up for everything he believed in and sacrifice his personal gains for making a difference in today`s economy?

Find out what Lawson would base his decision on in Part 2...
All American Clothing Co.

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Elsie Burkle
Elsie Burkle

February 09, 2021

This country needs more men like Lawson and B.J.


February 09, 2021

Well, thank you Lawson for standing your ground. Everywhere I go, whether with family or meeting someone for the first time in a casual atmosphere – inevitably the conversation will swing in the direction of what’s made in America. Americans are yearning for that label that tells them that a fellow American has a good job, a decent wage and contributing to the comeback of the American economy. The tide IS turning and this movement back to American goods is only getting started.

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