Made in USA: Behind the label

June 24, 2013 1 min read 2 Comments

Josh Miller

From Top Line

After a manufacturing plant closed down in his hometown of Ravenswood, W.Va., resulting in 650 people losing their jobs, Josh Miller began to wonder what was really made in America anymore.

He decided to set out on a 30-day road trip across the United States in search of answers for how to revive American manufacturing - all the while trying to survive on only goods and products stamped with “Made in USA.”

“I really thought that I could take this opportunity to give the Made in America movement and these folks a voice,” said Miller, who documented his trip in a film, “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey.”

Miller told Top Line that the Made in America movement isn’t so much about trying to get people to buy only American-made products that might be more expensive than foreign-made ones, but it’s about finding solutions to lower the prices of American-made products.

“I think there are a lot of policies that we can push to help allow our businesses here in America to help reduce costs and lower the prices,” Miller said. “We need to put policies in place that allow us to out compete the world, and that's what this film was about.”

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2 Responses

Amr Metwally
Amr Metwally

February 09, 2021

If you find something that is made in USA (or any country but China) consider submitting it here: so the world may know!

S. Hunter Smith
S. Hunter Smith

February 09, 2021

Josh Miller: Great job! It is frustrating to hear so many people say, “It’s hard to find Made in USA things”. It isn’t that hard, you just have to put some effort, and self control, into your shopping habits. Shop online, don’t fall into the ‘impulse buy’ gimmicks, and don’t be afraid to ask the store or company if they sell Made in USA items. If they don’t, walk out!

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