The Routine: Supporting American Jobs

August 12, 2013 2 min read


‘The Routine.’ It is a daily process that allows you to showcase your passion for buying American Made and it`s as simple as waking up and brushing your teeth. ‘The Routine’ is the best way to support American jobs every day and you don’t even have to buy American each day to do so. All you need is a little sunrise, an alarm clock, and just a few USA Made clothing items from All American Clothing Co.

Please check out ‘The Routine.' It CANhelp support and create American jobs everyday!

‘The Routine’

Step 1: Wake up. Hit the snooze button. Go back to bed just for a minute.

Step 2: Wake up again. Get out of bed.

Step 3: Brush your teeth. Take a shower.

Step 4: Dry off. Get changed. Put your All American Jeans on one leg at a time as you get dressed.

Step 5: Eat some breakfast. Go to work or hobby.

Step 6: Have an ‘All American’ Day while showcasing your jeans made in USA!

In ‘The Routine’ folks can support American jobs by putting on their All American jeans on one leg at a time, each day at a time. It`s as simple as that!

Why? Because All American Jeans are 100% made in the USA. They have been supporting and creating thousands of jobs in America for many years, including over 12,000 American farmers that are supported within traceability technology alone. All American jeans have long lasting quality and surprisingly cost consumers around $50. Now if every American spent just $50 on a pair of All American jeans it would generate over $15 Billion that stays in the American economy. Think of the thousands of jobs that number alone will create right here at home.

America needs jobs. 'The Routine' is a simple way to support jobs and do something about it.


All American Clothing Co.

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