Saving Valentine`s Day.

February 11, 2014 2 min read

Did we ever tell you about the time we saved Valentine`s Day? Perhaps we did not save the day for everyone, but for one man – we may have saved his life!It was 2013, shortly after Valentine`s Day when we received the following letter from an ‘All American Secret Admirer…’

“To Whom It May Concern,

I thought it would be nice to get my wife something for Valentine`s Day this year. Since I forgot about it last year, she`d been reminding me of it. When a friend told me about All American Jeans, I knew right away this is what I`d get her.

We made plans to celebrate Valentine`s Day with a night out a week earlier because we wanted avoid the crowd. I ordered my wife`s jeans earlier that week. I couldn’t wait to give her the jeans. I knew she`d like them because she`s always bringing something home that is made in USA.

On the Saturday of our big day, I decided to offer her the gift. She opened it and was excited. It turns out she knew all about you guys. She started telling me about the tracing on the jeans. It felt like I redeemed myself from last year.

When she decided to try the jeans on, things went downhill.

“First you forget last year and now this!”

It turned out her jeans were the wrong size. My wife was upset with me… again.

I promised that I`d attempt to return the jeans the next Monday. If all went well, we could go out on Valentine`s Day weekend. When Monday came I called and spoke to a lady on the phone. I told her what happened & asked to exchange the jeans. She was kind and promised that I could return the pair for another that fits. After following her instructions, my wife received her new jeans only a few days later.This pair fit her nicely and we later enjoyed a night out at the steakhouse.

Thank you for saving Valentine`s Day, American jobs, and for saving my life!

All American Secret Admirer.”

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