Happy Birthday Abe.

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1809: On February 12th, Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky. There he grew up in a poor family. They later moved to Indiana.

1824: At age 15, Abraham was called 'Abe' by his friends for the first time. As work for hire for neighbors, he labors with plowing & planting. Throughout his life, Abe only attended school in the fall & winter of 1824, but insisted on educating himself through reading as he borrowed as many books as he could.

1834:As an adult, Lincoln moved to Illinois where he became a postmaster, surveyor, shopkeeper, and a politician. He also represented the state legislature until he eventually became an attorney.

1842: Lincoln married Mary Todd. They together raised four sons.

1850s: Abe returned to politics at a time when the nation was becoming divided due to slavery. As a leader of the Republican Party, Lincoln was regarded as politically moderate even on the subject of slavery. He advocated the limitation of slavery to the states in which slavery had already existed.

1854: Lincoln described slavery as a minor issue in a letter.

1858: During a Senate race, Lincoln warned that ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand.’ He did not win the seat to the Senate that year.

1860: Lincoln announced his candidacy for President. He reassured slaveholders that he favored abolition of slavery, but he had no intentions of ending slavery in the states where it already existed. His priority was saving the Union over freeing slaves.

Abraham Lincoln won the presidency by 400,000 popular votes and took the electoral college. His concessions to slaveholders led South Carolina & other states to remove themselves from the Union. This came soon after President Lincoln`s election.

1861: By February 1 of 1861, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas also seceded.

The Civil War had begun. As the war progressed, Lincoln moved closer to commit himself & the nation to abolish slavery.

1863: Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation. The document freed slaves in the Confederate states. On November 19th, President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address at a ceremony dedicating the battlefield as a National Cemetery.

1865: Abraham Lincoln is re-elected as President, defeating Democrat George B. McClellan. He received 212 of 233 electoral votes & 55 percent of the popular vote. On April 9 of 1865, The Civil War ended as General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Confederate Army to General Ulysses S. Grant at the village of Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

Almost a week later on April 14th, Lincoln and his wife Mary went to see the play "Our American Cousin" at Ford's Theater. Around 10:13 P.M. during the third act of the play, John Wilkes Booth shot the President in the head. Doctors attend to the President in the theater and moved him to a house across the street. He never regained consciousness.

At 7:22 AM on April 15th, Lincoln passed away. He is laid to rest on May 4th at Oak Ridge Cemetery outside of Springfield, Illinois.

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