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July 25, 2016 2 min read 3 Comments

Name: Angie
angie - customer service

Role: Customer Service

Tell us about yourself:
I have lived in Arcanum, Ohio my whole life! I will celebrate 20 years of marriage in August. I have two daughters and one stepdaughter. My son-in- law has served in the Navy for 12 years and is also a Navy recruiter.

I am also a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan....GO BUCKS!!

What do you enjoy most about working at AAC? What is your role at AAC?
I love working with the customers and creating a future for my children and grandchildren. I am a Customer Service Representative and have been here since 2010.

How do you enjoy your time away from work?
I love to spend time with my family, relaxing and sitting on the back patio.


What is your favorite AAC product? Why?
I love any of the Premium Fine Jersey Tees (Style 5051). These tees fit great and wash up great every time!


Who is your role model? Why?

I'm finding it hard to pick just one since I've had different ones at different points in my life who have inspired me in many different ways to become who I am today!  But the role models I've had consistently from day 1 is easy - my grandparents and my parents.

My grandparents instilled those ever so important values and morals in my parents which they've instilled into me.  They taught me to always be kind, be respectful, have courage, always appreciate, be humble, have empathy for others, have compassion, always be accountable and accept responsibility, always forgive, always be myself and value myself, have faith in God, and to always love big.

They instilled such a strong work ethic in me that I still have today!  But not only did they instill all of these values and morals in me, I watched them use them on a daily basis within their own lives. But the best quality that I value the most from each of them that consistently look up to each of them for  - you don't have to agree with someone else's opinion but you should always be willing to listen to it.  I was encouraged to put myself in another's shoes to try to understand it from their point of view.  By listening, you may learn something that you otherwise wouldn't have known!  In the end, you don't have to like their opinion, but you should still show respect.

Each of those morals and values I've been taught that were passed down from my grandparents to my parents, I've now passed down to my 3 girls, which are now grown.  My wish is that I've inspired them and show them as much love as I received and witnessed, that they will use them in their daily life and pass them down to their children.  By doing so, the legacy that started with both sets of my grandparents, will continue to live on.  I can't think of a better way to honor the role models that I love and respect so dearly, than to be that very same role model for another.

And maybe, just maybe I've unknowingly inspired another...”


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Billy D
Billy D

February 09, 2021

Hi Angie, My son and I were in Ohio in 1999. We stayed in a apartment in Kent. I think. It was a place were students stayed when they were going to Kent State, I think. Well, anyway my son and I went to the NFL Hall of Fame. Then we went to Sea World in Aurora for two days. Then we made a big decision, he had to agree, or we would head home. To Pennsauken Nj were we lived. Justin my son said Okay. We got up at 4:00 AM, and I drove to Dayton, to Air Force Museum on John Glenn boulevard. It was amazing the planes. The XB 70 was unbelievable so big. We saw a B 57 Hustler, when I was a kid my dad bought a model of one. He put it together and painted it. I loved it as a kid. All the planes were great. I then got a pass to go see the other planes down the road. We I say the plane that carryed JFK for Dallas, I started to cry. On that day my whole world changed, so did my Mom and Dads. I can remember them saying, This country is going down the tube. In May of 1964 LJB began sending thousands of men to Vietnam.
My mom and dad were correct. This country has NEVER been the same.

PaulVC / OU'73
PaulVC / OU'73

February 09, 2021

Appreciated Your Value Driven Living Life Angie ! Throughout the World Be Instill in Selfvalue in Particular Belief be it Leadetship Value will Proven more and more Civilized People All Worldwude !
This Intangible Value will Proven more Success & Happily to All ! Yes seeing in you the case Angie !
PaulVC / OU’73 ( Oklahoma ) Bangkok 27/7/’16

Kevin P. Greene
Kevin P. Greene

February 09, 2021

Good to know you have a Navy guy in the family. I’m 75 this month and have two (son 14 yrs noncom, and daughter 6 yrs Lieut) both in their 30’s. You look about 20 yrs old to me. Everyone looks young at my age. Stay true to your faith and fine upbringing.
Kevin in Manzano, NM 87036

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