All American Jeans Help Save Man`s Life

February 24, 2014 2 min read 1 Comment

Buddy Montgomery of Lees Summit, Mo. was traveling 70 miles per hour on his motorcycle when a car ran him off the road. He ended up in the grass median unable to get back onto the asphalt due to the asphalt having about a 5-6" drop off into the grass.

All attempts at slowing the bike were futile. When he started hitting bumps, Montgomery became airborne multiple times. He then made the tough decision to bail from the bike to avoid the crossover wires.

Buddy recently wrote to the USA made jean manufacturer,

“I came out with an injured left leg and ankle and some back issues. I am still recovering at this time. Through this all I was wearing the pair of jeans that I have included pictures of. Besides some stains (battle scars at this point) the jeans are intact and didn't tear in one place. Not bad for a spill at about 70 mph! Any other jeans I don't think would have held up and I would have ended up with much more extensive injuries. I have also included pictures of the bike after the incident to show the magnitude of damage. (That's me, in a different pair of your jeans.) Thanks for making a quality product,”

From all of us at the All American Clothing Co., we would like to thank Buddy for supporting USA jobs with our clothing items. More importantly, we are happy to hear that Buddy is safe and well. We wish you a speedy recovery and cannot wait to see you back on the bike!

Best wishes Buddy.

All American Clothing Co.

Buddy`s USA made jeans.

Buddy`s USA made jeans.

Buddy`s Motorcycle

Buddy`s Motorcycle

Buddy`s Bike On A Guard Rail.

Buddy`s Bike On A Guard Rail.

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