The Importance of American Manufacturing:

May 21, 2013 2 min read

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Meet Kevin Donahue. Kevin is the CEO and Owner of Quabaug Corporation, a manufacturer of rubber products for outdoor lifestyles.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am the CEO and owner of Quabaug Corporation in North Brookfield, Ma. We are North America’s leading supplier of Vibram soles and golf discs.  I began working at Quabaug in 1980 as a result of answering an ad in the newspaper for a sales position.  Today I work with 270 people in a great manufacturing team environment.

2. Why is American manufacturing important to you?

I grew up in Central Falls, R.I. where most of my family worked in the textile and cable industries.  I watched those jobs disappear.  I think it is a great challenge to continue the legacy of Quabaug which started in 1916 and I look forward to continuing it every day.

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3. Where did your passion for USA manufacturing begin?

It began doing a science project in grammar school.  I focused on the Wire and Cable process of manufacturing. My father operated a continuous vulcanization machine that jacketed copper wire with rubber.  I was fascinated that the cable was used for international communication.

4. How have you and/or your company expressed that passion throughout history?

We are most proud of our ability to serve the U.S. Service men and women with the best soles available for their safety and performance.  Quabaug won the Navy “E” for excellence award during WWII.  Today we provide Vibramsoles to every branch of the military.  Many of our associates are veterans as well.

Vibram Insoles

5. If you could choose one word to describe America, what would it be?



I must say that it was a great pleasure to have Mr. Donahue on for this segment. I learned a few new things and it was also a great feeling to take a look at the bottom of my USA made boot and see the Vibram logo after I read and published Mr. Donahue`s responses. There is much history behind Quabaug and its made in America ideals. Thank you Mr. Donahue for sharing your story.

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