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February 06, 2014 4 min read

This week on Making It In America:

Meet Rogan Donelly of Tervis. Rogan is the managing shareholder & a 3rd generation member in the family owned business.

Q. Please tell us a about yourself.

A. The Tervis legacy began when my grandfather, John C. Winslow, bought the company in the late 50s from the founders who invented insulated drinkware in 1946. When my visionary grandfather passed away, it gave my father, Norbert Donelly, the opportunity to provide leadership to the Tervis Tumbler Company. My father is still involved in the company and he named me a Member of the Board in 2008 and Managing Shareholder in 2009, but I’ve been part of this company my entire life – my grandparents’ house was a Tervis-only house. I was working on the factory floor and decorating tumblers at 9 years old! I am currently based out of our New York offices and I come to Florida often to work at the corporate headquarters.

Q. Why is making it in America (manufacturing) important to you?

A. Having a product that has been made in America since 1946 is a source of pride for us. Quality is a staple of our product. Since the beginning, we have offered a lifetime guarantee so we have always maintained extremely high standards. Manufacturing in the US allows Tervis to have control over our quality so we can provide the best insulated drinkware.

Q. In what ways have you and/or your company made it in America?

A. Consumers are actively seeking products that are manufactured in the U.S.A.; buying products made in America gives consumers a sense of pride in supporting the American economy. Consumers have fully supported this trend and have embraced Tervis as a highly desirable made in America brand. Our half a million Facebook fans are a true testament to that fact that we’ve “made it in America.” Tervis now has 28 company stores across the country,, and the brand is sold in more than 8,000 retailer locations nationwide, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Because of our quality, we are able to partner with the top brands like the NFL, MLB, Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros., Harley-Davidson and Hallmark, just to name a few. Due to increased popularity, we have made exponential increases in employment in the past few years. Four years ago we were less than 300. We now have more than 1000 employees on the Tervis payroll year-round.

Q. How have you and/or your company expressed a passion for manufacturing in USA throughout history?

A. Tervis is extremely proud to call itself an American-made business, hand-assembling each tumbler in our state-of-the-art facility in North Venice, Florida, as well as sourcing the mass majority of materials locally. Tervis growth positively impacts local suppliers, who have also added employees to keep up with their demand. Tervis continues creating and keeping jobs in America.

Q. What is your favorite quote? How does it affect you in your efforts to support manufacturing in the USA.

A. “No one can fight the wind, you have to bend with it. Even the trees know it.” – from Allapattah by Florida author, Patrick Smith. As it relates to business and manufacturing in America, we all have to be flexible with the changes in the economy, technology and the market. We have to be innovative in order to remain the leader in our industry.  

Tervis` Rogan Donnelly

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