Introducing SportPort

December 29, 2021 1 min read

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Dedicated athlete and health-focused founder, Kim Highfield, realized there was something missing in the athletic apparel world. She noticed people attached to their phones, even when exercising. Her concern for the health of athletes exposing themselves to prolonged periods of cell phone radiation inspired an idea.  SportPort™ was born, incorporating high performance technology into compression apparel with additional patented features that protect the health of the athlete.

SportPort Features

SportPort Mission

Active busy women should have versatile sports apparel that can transition from sport to life seamlessly. At SportPort our fashion design team creates versatile luxury sports apparel aiming to provide exactly what women want and need to accentuate their style as much as their workout.  We respect the human body and want to give it the freedom to accomplish amazing challenges every busy day of the week. The mission behind SportPort™ is to provide advanced technical gear and compression sports apparel that allows for ultimate high performance while still being protective and fashionable.

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SportPort Sustainability

As a business, SportPort believes in quality, sustainable, Made in USA products that are developed by reliable and safe manufacturers following eco-friendly procedures. As a supporter of the Environmental Working Group, SportPort believes in the importance of good corporate and environmental practices.

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