To the Brave Americans in Afganistan - The 76th ERS Squadron

June 20, 2011 1 min read

We couldn't be more proud and more grateful to have received a flag flown by USA troops in Afghanistan. All of us at All American Clothingare excited that the young men and women saving lives over there would take the time to send us an American flag. It means so much. 

Made in USA Flag flown in honor of All American Clothing

To the 76th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron: At your request, we sent your squadron t-shirts and socks a few months ago. We the people of the United States wanted you to know we are proud of you and we are genuinely appreciative of what you accomplish each day. You, the 76th, save lives. The flag we received was flown during a mission that saved two lives and 3 assisted recoveries. You saved the lives of 5 people and assisted in the effort of "Operation Enduring Freedom". The 76th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron matters. You young men and women saving those lives matter. The people who were saved also matter. And what you are doing for your country matters. Thank you 76th. We are proud of you. We are honored that you took the time to send us a flag. That also matters to us. The flag will be displayed now and forward in of honor of all of you. Be Safe The Employees of All American Clothing Company

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