Who pays for........?

May 31, 2011 1 min read

If you will assume for just a moment that taxes is where we get the money for FIREMEN, POLICEMEN, MILITARY PEOPLE, GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, YOUR HEALTH INSURANCES (MEDICARE AND MEDICADE), EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES, TEACHERS, SOCIAL SECURITY, HIGHWAYS, ETC, ETC. IN ADDITION THERE ARE MANY FORMS OF TAXING THAT PAY FOR THE AFORMENTIONED NEEDS. You pay with payroll money (if you have a job). You receive money if you don't have a job (at least for awhile). You pay a tax for USA products and services. You and the companies in this country pay sales tax, payroll tax, property tax, etc. etc. Of course, you may not agree with every thing mentioned and how the money is used. But taxes are a big part of what pays for most of the above in one way or another. Working people pay these taxes and active manufacturing or service companies pay for the taxes. Whether you agree with all of this or not, for just one moment tell me how you expect life to stay the same or get worse if we don't pay taxes. Do you think there might be some future interest in keeping the benefits mentioned in the first paragraph? Do you think keeping jobs and companies in the United States might be important regarding the maintenance of our current standard of living? Do you agree with the fact that we have to pay for this standard of living? Do you think buying USA Made might be your way of fixing this situation?

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