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This Relaxed fit All American Jean is made of a heavyweight 14.5oz denim. It is a rivetless, zipper fly jean constructed with a gusset to provide YOU with more comfort and durability! It has a utility pocket on both the right leg AND the left leg to hold tools or a cell phone (no hammer loop). This jean is Made in the USA all the way from the materials to the labor. So shop with confidence and pride when purchasing this All American Jean!

Please allow for up to 3% shrinkage. As with all new denim jeans, please wash separately before wearing to avoid color bleeding.

The jeans have 7 belt loops.

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Poor dimensions for a small guy
Verified Buyer
It seems to me that these jeans were designed around taller and larger men. I'm 5'5 and about 155 pounds, the side cell phone pockets sit around my knee where they should be more along my thigh. My phone or any tools I put in those pockets bang against my knees as I walk. The back pockets also seem very low, with the top of the pocket at the middle of my butt and the bottom of the pocket extending to my upper thigh. Even though I ordered 32x30, it seems like the fit is still tailored to a taller person and just cut off to length, they are extremely baggy everywhere. If you look at their example pictures, just imagine all the pockets sitting about an 2 inches lower on the models.

I have several pairs of Dickies carpenter jeans and they fit great, pockets are all in the right places and they don't look sloppy and cost half as much. As a union member I want to support US businesses but I can't throw my money away for the sake of patriotism. For shorter inseams they should actually measure shorter people because the proportions of this jean are all wrong. I look sloppy wearing these and they're almost like pajama pants in how baggy they are. I'm going to keep washing them and hope they shrink a little more but I'm not impressed with the fit considering how much they cost. I could've had 4 pairs of new Dickies that fit awesome for the cost of these 2. Now that I've washed them I'm basically SOL as far as returns are concerned.
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Great Product
The fit is comfortable and made in American. My only suggestion is to make the side leg pockets about 1/8" to 1/4" wider to accommodate larger cell phones
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Verified Buyer
Just received my jeans and tried them on immediately perfect fit like they were custom made for me by far the most comfortable out of the box fit ever I will buy more of these and more products from AA clothing
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Long Time Customer
Best jean since Lee discontinue their 88's Logger Jean. Comfotable, long lasting, don't tear out in the woods. The only thing that could make them better is a button fly. I would pay more for that option.
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Best of the best
Perfect fit, pockets are great (you don't have to reach to your knees to get to the bottom like most other brands) and they last a long time. I weld in construction and these pants are by far the best value.
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made in USA and awesome too
I've worn the carpenter jeans for several years now. Not a better pair of jeans on the market. They wear very well and are extremely comfortable. For all the people who are still buying cheap foreign imports and supporting other countries, you don't know what you are missing.
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About to buy my third pair
Love the carpenter cut without the belt loop, which I suggested to couple manufacturers years ago. Fortunately, AA listened. Of note, I bought a different cut that did not feel right, and AA resolved issue ASAP.
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Love the carpenter jeans. I have a couple pairs; the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn. Would love if you made them in khaki colors!!!??
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Nice pants, pockets too shallow
I love the pants, but the front pockets are just too shallow. Compared to the AA101 jeans, they seem to be only half as deep. I was hoping to use these as a pair of pants that I could carry my CCW piece in a pocket holster, but it is not deep enough even for a small snub nose .38.
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I'll buy them again
I've worn Carhartt logger jeans for at least the last 15 years. The last couple times I bought them, I noticed inconsistent sizing. Some fit really well, others not so much. Tried the AA Carpenter jeans to see if they were any better. They are definitely comfortable and seem to be well made. I've only had them for a month, so we'll see how they hold up. There are only a couple minor things I'd like to change about them. First, the back pockets are bigger than I would like. My wallet ends up down around my upper thigh. Second, the legs are a little bit wider than the Carhartt loggers. Not much, but just enough for me to notice. I think they've shrunk a little over a couple washes, so this seems to be better now. Overall, I'm happy with these jeans and will buy more as my Carhartts wear out. I'd really like to see All American make their own logger jeans. I'd definitely buy those.
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Not relaxed
After having owned a few pairs of the regular jeans(A101?) from here, I decided to get the carpenter jeans for a more relaxed fit...and I'm disappointed. They fit exactly the same as the regular style. I even ordered my waist size 1" higher than what I'd need to ensure that I'd have a relaxed fit and they're still tight. One of the jeans I ordered previously didn't fit great either but I lived with it and figured it was a rare occurance. Now I'm starting to question the consistency of the product here...
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Perfect jeans...in every way
I ordered these jeans after looking high and low for a store that sold American made jeans. To my surprise, I discovered that no such store exists anymore. Thankfully, I found this site. I love these jeans. The placement and number of pockets, placement of the belt loops, the quality of the denim and the fit. Perfect! I will be purchasing more products. Thank you All American Clothing Co.!
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Some of Them are Very Good
I have ordered 4 pair of these jeans, all the same size. Two of the pairs fit me very well and have held up well to the abuse I subject them to as a Carpenter. They are probably the best work jeans I have ever worn. The other two pair never really fit very well. One pair seems to be 34x38 instead of 38x34. The crotch hangs much lower than the pairs I have ordered since and the length is way too long. I questioned AA Clothing about a possible mixup with the size, but I never heard back from them Unfortunately I put a 5 inch rip in the leg first time I wore them. The other pair tore right along the zipper opening and are unrepairable. I will probably still buy more of these jeans as they seem to be the only decent work jeans that are made in the U.S., I just wish they were more consistent in their sizing and quality. Jeans this expensive should have a success rate higher than 50%.
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Carpenter Jeans
Bought a pair of these for farm work. Very tough and very durable. Great material and fit well. American made; you won't go wrong these.
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Great Jeans
I just ordered my second pair after having the first for about a year. I love the fit. The pockets are a great size. I did wash them with bleach to lighten them a bit. I think they are a tad too dark for me.
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I have two pair of your All American Jeans. Fit is excellent and the quality is outstanding. I noticed you are also selling Carhart jeans, and from my shopping experience looking for Jeans made in the USA, Carhart Jeans are made in Mexico. Are the Carhart jeans that you sell made in the USA?
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Great carpenter jeans
These are great, but I've grown to prefer the regular jeans (AA 101). The carpenters are a little to baggy for me, but I'm sure the fit would be perfect if actually used for carpentry work. In my experience these run a little large in the waist just like the regular jean. YMMV. Be sure to click on "very important sizing information" and scroll down to see detailed measurements of all the jeans.
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USA vs alternative
I have wore carhartt for years and I am fed up with jeans made in other countries. Thank God I found these jeans. The quality of these jeans are unmatched, heavy, durable, and triple stitched seems really provide comfort and long lasting quality. Love these jeans far more than the competition. Carhartt can't hold a candle to these made in USA jeans!
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durrable work jeans
These jeans are the heaviest and the most durrable jeans i have ever owned. Other jeans i have worn were so light that they tare or ware out in no time. My work clothes get washed at least once or twice a week and put through a hard and heavy work load. Made in the USA is very important to me. So thank for great work jeans.
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AA Carpenter Jeans
I originally ordered 2 different styles, the AA Carpenter and the Boot Cut Jean. I ordered the same size for each one. The Boot Cut Jean was too large in the waist and the AA Capenters were too small in the waist. So I asked to exchange both pairs for two of the AA Carpenters 1" larger and the exchange process was UNBELIEVABLY EASY. I received the larger AA Carpenters and they fit just right. The quality is far better than any of the jeans I have purchased in the past 10 or more years that were made in ANY other country of the world. I am an American Worker (you probably are also :-)) and I appreciate being able to support other American Workers as well. If you order the AA Carpenters you might want to order an inch larger and the Boot Cut Jean you may want to try an inch or two smaller. Very Happy Customer
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New Style for Me
I am, or have been, a Levi's original 501 guy. My wife convinced me to try this jean, and as much as I hate to admit it, she is right again. The material is the same weight as Levi so it should last as long. I like the roomier fit as I am up and down quite a bit in my job. And I have even found a use for all those pockets I made fun of. All this and made in America? You can't go wrong.
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Just bought another pair
These are the only jeans I like to wear anymore. Perfectly comfortable, pockets for all of my stuff (iPhone fits perfectly into lower left pocket). Ditto for the carpenter shorts.
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Bad A$$ Jeans
I never review products. I got these jeans yesterday and threw them in the wash. Tried them out after they dried and they are the most comfortable jeans I own. The seem like the are going to be able to take a beating. The feel so much better than Wranglers or Levis. Best of all.. MADE IN AMERICA!!
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Best jeans I have had.
Title says it all. Comfortable, tough, and American made to boot!
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So Comfortable
My only regret is not buying these sooner. I wear them every day and look forward to it. I bought 40x34's and they fit the same as my Carhartt 40x34's and Levis 38x34.
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The Gusset delivers!!!
So many times I've liked my jeans, until I set down. No more squirming or adjusting! Nice duralbility, too.
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My new favorite jeans
These jeans were my first real foray into buying American-made clothing. They've quickly become my favorite jeans. My wife has commented several times how much she likes them on me, I can't remember the last time that happened. I've only had them 2 months, so I can't comment on their durability yet. However, so far they feel like they'll last. When they finally do wear out it will probably because I wear them all the time!
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Great jean!
My husband LOVES these jeans!
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Supporting American
Living and working on a farm my whole life makes spending the extra money a little tough. Knowing that it all starts on a farm right here in the USA, I'll be back for more.
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Made with American pride!
These jeans are a little more price wise than my others but the QUALITY of the jeans shows all the way around! Well worth a few extra bucks to patronize an American made product!!! This is now my clothes shopping central!
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Best Jeans in America
I finally found a pair of jeans that were made as if it was the late 60's or early 70's. These jeans smell like the jeans I grew up with. 100% cotton. I would tell you to advertise more but then you would always be sold out. Keep up he great work and tell the Ameican workers that we support them.
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I love these jeans.
Nice and roomy (33 x 32), especially in the thigh area. I had a local seamstress sew on a button with loop for the outside right pocket on the leg. My cell phone fits perfectly in it but had a tendency to slide out. With the loop, it stays put. So far all of the products I've purchased from here have been 5 star. Just waiting for my current boots to fall apart...
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Best work jeans I have ever owned
I am a lady in the trades, but I am required to wear 100% cotton so the ladies jeans with their lycra blend are not an option. Plus I use the carpenter pockets quite a bit. I have been buying these jeans for a couple years now and they are by far my favorite work jeans. I have owned several sizes and the "old" pairs that are too big for me now are still in great shape and will be given a second life with someone else.
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These are excellent jeans.
I have two pairs, and I love them. They are sturdy, well-made, and best of all, Made in America. I do understand that they are Union made, and frankly, given my 11 years as a Union worker, I am amazed they are as well made as they are. I tend not to equate Unions with quality, but these REALLY are well-made. I have been very pleased with them. After buying these, I won't go back to Levis.
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Amen to Great Jeans!!!
Great suggestion, how about doing underwear? I've bought jeans, shirts, socks, belts, and a tote bag (too small) and will buy all my clothes from your business. Keep up the good works and BUY UNION MADE!
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HOLY COW they fit great!
This was my first purchase from this company and I never really have much luck finding clothing online. So I wasn't expecting much and figured worst case I send them back. Well they fit much better than my other jeans and I like the way they're made too. The feel is great; I'm very impressed. I plan to get a second pair at least and probably try another style if I can find one with enough relaxed fit. This USA company came highly recommended to me and I wanted to pass on the favor to someone else.
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Perfect fit!
I ordered these for my husband in a size 40x32 and they fit perfectly! With his other jeans (Levis, Nautica, etc) he would sometimes need a 40 and other times a 42. The fabric is sturdy and the gussets are great. We are only buying American from now on and have boycotted Levis. Thank you!
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Great jeans
These jeans are quite comfortable. They have a gusset which makes them 'roomy' when squatting down and/or working. They look great, the material is heavy duty, and the fit and build is good as well. I will be a customer for as long as you guys keep up the good work. I am a union worker and telling all my coworkers about your products. It is really good seeing American made clothing these days. Have you considered making camo colored jeans? Seems all the camo I could find this year were imported. God Bless
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These jeans will NOT disappoint
I am now on my second pair, not because the first one wore out but rather to allow the first to get washed. I couldn't be happier with these. The fabric is not a cheap, lightweight cotton but has quite a heft to it to endure hours of work. Thank you for producing an American-made product that represents American workmanship.
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Comfortably tough !
I have worn these jeans for several months. I love them. I am definitely buying more. Not many places you can get a 32 x 36, and still be made in the U.S. of A. My only wish is that they would add several color choices and maybe the rough texture of a Carhartt in a style or two. Just waiting on new colors. Tan, Dark Brown, Olive, Black...
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very good jeans
I have several pairs of these jeans they are great. Very comfortable, i love the gusset, it is so much better than other jeans. If you have never tried it i suggest getting a pair. The only complaint i have is the pockets. The front pocket is sewed to the leg seam. Which is nice when you are standing the pocket doesnt move a lot. But its bad when you sit down or lay down in them. Since the pocket is sewn that way and they arent real deep, things tend to fall out of the front pockets. So please make the pockets deeper, or the bottom half of the pocket dont sew it to the pant leg so it moves a little bit when you sit down. i still plan on buying more pairs of jeans. They are worth it
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The only jeans I will buy from now on.
My jeans have a rough life and typically wear out quickly. Not these bad boys! They hold up way better than the Carhartt jeans that I paid more for. The AA carpenters have to be the most comfortable jeans that I have ever worn as well. They almost feel broken in after the first wear. I am sold on the gusset too. What a great idea! These jeans have lived up to my expectations and I am proud to wear an American product.
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I farm for a living and have tried just about every brand out there, these are by far the most comfortable and best fitting jeans I have ever worked in, I would highly recomment them to anyone
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Great Jeans !!!
Have had a pair of these jeans for a few months. Like them so much I ordered three more pairs. I inspect railcars for a living and carry lots of stuff and the extra pockets come in handy. American made socks, american made boots, american made jeans, american made shirts.....how about some american made underwear? If they fit well and last, I'll buy them.
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Great Carpenter Jeans
I have owned two pair of AA carpenter jeans for two years. I wear them to work; line maintenance for a regional airline, and on my time off. I love the heavy denim, rugged construction, and fit. Both pair still look great after repeated washings.
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Some jean companies use 'vanity' sizing, they will tag their jean a 34" waist but the actual measurement will be 36" to 37". All American Clothing will be a little more 'true' to size. We tag the jean with a 34" tag and the actual measurement will be 34.5" to 35.5" (to allow for any shrinkage). Please measure a pair of jeans you currently like to wear and use that measurement to order our jeans.

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