The Ultimate Short Guide

July 27, 2015 3 min read

It`s so hot that corn stalks are starting to turn into popcorn! With the warm weather here, it`s time to cool off in some shorts.

What`s so great about shorts from All American Clothing Co?

For starters, the styles we offer are all made in America. By wearing a pair of USA made shorts from All American Clothing Co., you are also supporting thousands of jobs in the USA. Think about it: Just $64 spent by each American generates over 200,000 new jobs. WOW! What a difference we can make together just by wearing shorts! Who would of thunk it? Shorts from All American Clothing Co. are also made with the highest quality fabrics, stitches, and materials. SERIOUSLY. They have been tested to outlast a foreign made pair of shorts by 2.3 times! Last time we checked, 2.3 minutes in heaven is better than 1 minute in heaven… Oh, and the shorts from All American Clothing Co. are comfortable! You`ll feel right at home in each style we offer. The gusset technology found in our shorts allows more freedom of movement and comfort in the crotch region. Who doesn’t want to enjoy freedom in the land of the free?

Here is a run down of the styles we currently offer at

All American Cargo Shorts

The most comfortable pair of shorts you`ll ever own! The All American Cargo short is handcrafted with the highest quality materials. This short is made from a premium 8.5 oz fabric. It features 6 pockets for carrying your stuff and a gusset for extra comfort! The shorts have approximately an 11.5" inseam AND just like all our other products, this short is made in the USA! This cargo short can be worn anyplace, anytime, anywhere. You will not find a better looking short to wear. These shorts REALLY do look great! Some say we`re biased, but we say it`s only be biased if it was not true! Try this short today to find out for yourself.

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X Dri Shorts with Pocket

Spend extra time at the gym in the comfort of made in USA! The XDRI shorts are built to keep you cool and dry during a hot and heavy workout. This short is made of a 100% polyester material that disperses moisture away from the body for quick evaporation. You can wear this short to lounge around in as it is very comfortable! There are pockets perfect for carrying your wallet, car keys, and phone. For a looser fit, we recommend ordering 1 size larger.

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AA Carpenter Short

Best jean shorts you`ll ever have! You can use use the AA Carpenter short for work everyday. They`ll outlast them all while you outwork them all! Like all of our USA made clothing products, this pair of denim shorts has been tested to outlast it`s competitors 2.3 times to 1. The pockets are great for holding everything you`ll need throughout the work day. A great short this is. Don`t forget it`s also American made. Can`t beat that.

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AA Casual Twill Shorts

This is no ordinary pair of shorts. The AA Casual Twill Short is your 'go-to' item when the occasion calls for something a little dressier than denim or cargo shorts. Whether you're going golfing or to the neighbor hood cookout you'll stand out feeling great (and looking great) in this USA made short! Who needs to fit in when you can stand out? Try the AA Casual Twill Short today!

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AA Regular 5 Pocket Short

Everything is on point with no false advertising on the AA Regular 5 pocket denim short! It`s All American (made in USA). It is a regular fit with 5 pockets. It is made of denim...

Do you want a pair of denim shorts that is made in USA with 5 pockets? Then these shorts are the perfect ones for you.

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