Red, White, and Boo! Its Halloween Season!

October 24, 2011 2 min read 2 Comments

Halloween: Monday Oct. 31, 2011
Halloween dates back thousands of years ago with Celtic rituals. Since then, the images of ghosts and witches have remained a dark theme. Many rituals have been performed over the years leading up to the rituals we have today of dressing up and trick or treating. The holiday today has a theme where children wear costumes with a lighter theme which puts a smile on your face when they arrive at your door with the words, “Trick or treat!”

In light of the upcoming holiday, here`s a few surprising facts that you may or may not have known:

41 million—
The estimated number of potential trick-or-treaters in 2010. This includes children from ages 5 to 14 across the United States.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census.

116.7 million—Number of occupied housing units across the nation in 2010 — all potential stops for trick-or-treaters.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census,

92%—Percentage of households with residents who consider their neighborhood safe. In addition, 78 percent said there was no place within a mile of their homes where they would be afraid to walk alone at night.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Extended Measures of Well-Being: Living Conditions in the United States, 2005, Table 4.

1.1 billion pounds—Pumpkin production by major pumpkin-producing states in 2010. Illinois produced an estimated 427 million pounds of the vined orange gourd. California, New York and Ohio were also major pumpkin-producing states, each with an estimate of more than 100 million pounds.
Source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

Oh, and one more thing! Do enjoy your holiday with as much USA Made Halloween treats and costumes as possible! Candies such as carmel apple pops and candy corn are Made in USA. Even one small purchase of USA Made socks or a T-shirt for underneath a costume will certainly make a difference in creating jobs! Thanks for checking in and Happy Halloween!


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Sandy Lewis
Sandy Lewis

February 09, 2021

Bought, no nonsense, brand of footies and socks. They are made in U.S.A.

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ugg boots kids sale

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