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February 19, 2014 3 min read

This Week On Making It In America:

I am thrilled to 'mix it up' with Tito Beveridge, Founder, Owner, Master Distiller of Tito`s Handmade Vodka.

Q. Please tell us a about yourself.

A.Tito Beveridge, founder, owner, master distiller Tito's Handmade Vodka. I started the company in 1995.

Q. Why is 'Making it in America¹ significant at Tito`s Handmade Vodka?

A. Well, lots if people think that the best days in the U S are behind us.

I don't think so. This country is filled with entrepreneurs from all over the world who are creative and innovative and with our new found energy independence and stable government, a new manufacturing age is dawning.

It's exciting to see it happen. Many people believe my vodka is the best in the world, and it's American, not French, not Russian. Who would of thunk it.

Q. How many employees do you support nowadays?

A. We are at 98 right now.

Q. What challenges has Tito`s Handmade Vodka overcome throughout history in order to continue Making it in America?

A. We have had to get the regulators on all levels on board with making craft spirits in the U S. Other countries don't have the same regulatory scrutiny that we have, yet they are afforded equal opportunity to our markets. It's a little backwards. It is kind of on par with educating foreigners in our great universities and then kicking them out when they graduate. Also, the billion dollar foreign multinational corporations have all the clout in the marketplace. Most all the brands are foreign owned. It has taken a while for the different channels to accept American products.

Q. How have you personally expressed a passion for American manufacturing?

A. I make all my vodka in Austin Texas. I get bottles and labels from the U S. When my cap supplier went and closed its doors I refused to buy from China. I eventually found an American source. The U S is a wonderful market. I'm happy to keep my dollars here to support other fellow American manufacturers.

Q. There are many drinks one could mix up with Tito`s Handmade Vodka. What is the 'Founder`s Favorite?'

A. I like a Tito's and sparkling water with a lime and an orange. It's low sugar, low sodium, hydrating and refreshing. I also like an Arnold Palmer with a shot of Tito's. Cheers!

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