Mens Health and Fathers Day

June 14, 2016 2 min read

June is one of our favorite months; cool spring mornings, warm sunny days and grilling season begins to kick into high gear.  It’s also the month in which we celebrate our Fathers!  I mean without fathers none of us would be here right.

Did you know that June is also men’s health month?  What better way to show your dad you care than by spending time with him taking part in physical activities that help him take care of his health!  I Recently I invited my own father out for a run. There wasn’t much conversation since we were too busy trying to catch our breath, but I was glad to see him active again and enjoyed spending quality time with him.

If running isn’t your thing that’s ok, there are plenty of other ways for both of you to stay active and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  You can invite your father to join you for a hike, to go swimming, play golf or tennis or to join you in a number of great outdoor activities. The point is to spend time doing something you both enjoy that promotes a healthy lifestyle for you both so you can continue to celebrate many more father’s days in the years to come.

If you are going to be spending some time outside together or exercising you will want to be prepared with the proper gear.  Here are some of our favorite gifts for Dad that help promote an active lifestyle.
    1. Microtech Tees: As a dad that likes to exercise this is my go-to tee shirt.  The moisture wicking technology helps keep me cooler and drier while I am lifting weights or out on a run.  If you prefer a super soft cotton shirt you can also check out our Premium Fine Jersey Tee (see number 4 below).

      Microtech moisture wicking tee shirt
    2.  XDRI Athletic Shorts:  This is probably one of the most comfortable shorts to wear when it is HOT out.  The light-weight, moisture wicking fabric will keep you cool AND the short has pockets so you can carry your stuff!

    1. VIP Boxer Briefs: The VIP provides ultimate comfort for your very important parts!  This pair of underwear is made from a light-weight, breathable, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial bamboo material.  There is a reason this is one of our top sellers, you have to give them a try!
      VIP boxer brief underwear made in the USA

    1. Premium Fine Jersey Tee: This shirt is one of our best sellers for a good reason!  It is made from a super-soft ringspun cotton and the fit is fantastic!  When I'm not wearing a moisture wicking tee, this is the shirt I have on.
      american made tee shirt

  1. Cargo Shorts: Whether you're going on a hike, going fishing or just hanging out around the grill, these shorts are perfect!
    American made shorts

  2. Socks: An outfit wouldn't be complete without a comfortable pair of socks (unless you are wearing flip-flops... and yes, we have those too)  Here are our two most popular sock styles.
    american made socks     sock made in the USA
With a gift from All American Clothing Dad will know you care! You care about health, comfort, quality and supporting USA jobs. You are sure to be Dad's favorite kid :)

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