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Hardcore Hammers

Hardcore Hammers began in 2010 with the mission of creating innovative tools made in America. Since then, they have grown exponentially year after year, expanding their line into axes, hatchets and accessories while maintaining their principles of providing premium products. They take great pride in manufacturing their products here in the United States, using 100% American materials, and creating jobs for our workers.

Blackout Survivalist Hatchet - $199.99

 The Survivalist Hatchet features a 19oz head on an 18″ American Hickory curved handle. The 4140 steel head has an FNC treatment to make it incredibly corrosion resistant and blackens the steel. The handle is finished in a matte black. A top grain black leather sheath is included. The design of the head makes this the ultimate hatchet. It's incredibly balanced and perfect for cutting, chopping and splitting. The poll side is a hammer style with a patented recessed waffle face. Proudly made in the USA.

Hardcore Hammers


Blackout Forester TR Axe - $249.99

The Forester TR axe is a double bit style axe/splitting wedge combo. Rather than two virtually identical blades opposing each other that have the same function, we've added a 4" long, 30 degree wedge designed specifically for splitting logs with ease. At 3lbs., the Forester is an axe you can swing all day, easily pack and transport. Made with 4140 alloy steel and through-hardened for both toughness and superior edge retention. The steel is FNC treated for corrosion resistance and also giving a very cool blackened look. The 27" American hickory handle has a matte black finish. A custom fitting top grain black leather sheath is included. Proudly made in the USA.

Hardcore Hammers


Old Papi's Tool Lube - 4 oz - $19.99

Old Papi’s Tool Lube is an all-natural formula engineered to be a total tool maintenance solution. Use it for everything from cleaning and rust protection to wood handle conditioning. “Don’t be a fool, lube your tool!” This tool lube helps prevent rust on metal tool heads and parts. It also serves as an excellent wood handle conditioner, penetrating deep into wood handles to protect and preserve them. Non-hazardous proprietary blend of penetrating solvents, conditioning oils, and corrosion protectants. Proudly made in the USA.


Black Beard Fire Starter

Introducing Black Beard Fire, the blazing passion project of two adventurous brothers that ignited in 2019. Born from a love for the outdoors and a desire to conquer any fire-starting challenge, Black Beard Fire crafts exceptional products that bring flames to life with ease.

With American-made precision and a touch of magic, their fire starters become trusted companions on every expedition. From the rugged peaks to the untamed wilderness, to the backyard, Black Beard Fire sparks the spirit of exploration and fuels unforgettable moments of warmth and camaraderie.

Join the Black Beard Fire community and unlock a world of adventure where each spark tells a tale and every fire becomes a symbol of indomitable spirit. Let their passion ignite your journey and experience the thrill of setting ablaze to new horizons.

Pirate's Plunder Kit - $126

Packed with the best fire-starting ingredients, The Pirates Plunder allows you to quickly light up your campfire and keep it burning all night. Never worry about finding dry kindling again - just use the Pirates Plunder to ensure your fire stays hot and roaring, every time. Get ready to transform your outdoor adventure. Comes with 4 Black Beard Fire Starters, 1 Plasma Arc Lighter, 1 Ferro Rod, 1 Organizer bag with a patch and decal.


Black Beard Fire Starter


StormProof Matches - $15

Be ready for any type of weather or emergency thrown your way! This Stormproof match kit is the ultimate King of preparedness. Its heavy-duty construction and sealed carrying bottle keep the 20 (included) Stormproof Matches protected and in one place, so you can light your fire in even the most severe conditions. Black Beard Stormproof matches are extremely resilient, being able to be fully submerged in water or earth and still stay lit!


Black Beard Fire Starter


Black Beard Fire Plugs - $16

Black Beard Fire Plugs are for those who are interested in a lightweight, ultra compact fire starter but refuse to compromise on quality. One of the biggest advantages of Black Beard Fire Starters is that they have a shelf life of 30 years opened or unopened. This unique blend is designed to light up every time no matter what.


Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends is a family owned and operated company that produces world class down goods in Seattle, WA. The founders, Peter and Carol Hickner, moved to the Pacific Northwest and started making outdoor gear in 1972. Over the past 50 years they’ve remained committed to using the highest quality materials available to make long lasting, lightweight down goods to keep you warm wherever you are.

Swallow YF 20 Degree Sleeping Bag - $529


Proving why classics have such staying power, the Swallow’s ideal combination of lightweight warmth and comfortable fit has made it a customer favorite year after year. Based on one of Feathered Friends’ original designs, the Swallow YF is updated with a Pertex® YFuse shell and premium 900+ fill power down. Of their mummy sleeping bags, the Swallow is more spacious than the Hummingbird and narrower than the Swift. An ideal all-around backcountry bag, the Swallow is perfect for a wide range of summer conditions. Available in 20 Degree and 30 Degree options. The YF line of sleeping bags feature a lightweight, 100% nylon Pertex® Quantum® shell that uses yarns with unique Y-shaped filaments to create a fabric with increased downproofing and water beading properties, even after years of use and washing.

All American Clothing Company

Our mission is to support USA families and jobs by producing high-quality clothing in the USA at an affordable price. By keeping our production in the USA we provide jobs and a tax base that supports our communities. Give us a shot and experience the comfort of American made.


$500 Gift Card

Shop a vast selection of top quality Made in USA apparel and accessories with an All American Clothing $500 gift card. From premium handcrafted denim jeans to the finest American made t-shirts and much more, each purchase supports jobs here in America. Gift Certificates cannot be returned, refunded, or redeemed for cash. Gift Certificates cannot be purchased with another Gift Certificate. Coupons or other discounts cannot be used on gift certificate purchases.

Burning Maple Backpack 


Backpack Made by Local Artist - $239.95

Enjoy this beautiful, handcrafted backpack made with canvas and leather by a local artist.