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Pandemic Exposes Our Weakness

Covid-19 has been called a ‘once-in-a-century’ pandemic and although we may finally have a vaccine to help us through this, the damage has been done, lives have been lost, businesses closed down, our economy vulnerable.  Our country’s weakness… relying too much on global manufacturing.

Our reliance on global manufacturing left us unable to provide the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment), ventilators, and other essential items needed during this crisis.  Is it possible that more lives may have been saved and our economy remained resilient in the face of this pandemic if we had a stronger manufacturing base?  We think so.

Manufacturing more essential items in the US would have meant people getting the necessary PPE and life saving equipment faster helping to slow the spread of the virus and care for those who do get it.  By producing these items in the USA we also provide more jobs which would have a positive effect on our economy.

We have touted the importance of ‘American Made’ for years, and if there is one good thing that has come from this pandemic, it is the opening of eyes to what happens when our supply chains rely too heavily on global sources. Finally our government and corporate executives alike are all beginning to rethink our nation’s supply chain and the positive effects of ‘reshoring.’  Below are links to several interesting articles on the topic, give them a read and, as always, feel free to let us know your thoughts!

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13 thoughts on “Pandemic Exposes Our Weakness

  1. President Trump has been trying to do this the whole time he was in office. He kept many companies here in the U.S. Now all his good work will be ruined by Biden. He is the only one that cared.

    1. Good riddance to bad rich Rubbish. Don’t need the lies and constant bullshit designed to keep the “patriots” confused and unable to sort out the truth for themselves.

      1. “Unable to sort out the truth for themselves”???
        I read that and my BS meter pegged. Democraps/ commies live by the axiom ” repeat a lie until it is belied to be the truth”. You’ll not turn this country comrade without a real fight. That is truth!!!

    2. That’s a fallacy. Take a look at where the Trump cloying line or his daughters products are made. All overseas. Don’t believe a word that trump says. He’s the biggest con-man around.

    3. Glad to see you saw what President Trump stood for❤️
      Maybe we the people should take down Facebook and Twitter for starters

  2. Yes,indeed! American companies need to reshore to restore our economy; they’ve gone overboard with global manufacturing and trading. It’s time to rebalance the scales!

  3. I tell anyone who will listen about this great website! It’s our patriotic duty to shop USA made! Keep doing what you do!

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