The Road Less Traveled

August 13, 2014 2 min read 1 Comment

Meet Wayde “THE POOR MAN” Fishman. We met Wayde less than a year ago while vacationing in Hawaii. He is one of the most unique, exciting, and interesting men we have shared an adventure with.

Here`s Why:

This shaved headed, goatee wearing, tattoo covered, former MMA practioner from Boston moved to Hawaii 18 years ago to make his dreams come true and show others how to vacation or move to Hawaii on a poor man's budget. Today, he runs the adventurous Wayde's World Hawaii Tours.

Coming from a small suburb outside of Boston, Wayde has learned that the places you discover, the people you help along the way, and the experiences you live through on your life journey matters more than how much money you make or how many things you have.

Wayde left the hard edge lifestyle of Boston behind and changed to one of Aloha in Hawaii. He bases his life now on a spiritual journey, sharing the Spirit of Aloha with everyone he meets. He is passionate about making sure everyone and anyone should be able to enjoy Hawaii to the fullest, regardless of what budget they have.

He has recruited some of the best hiking guides and now is the best travel agency manager in the business to provide visitors with the most private, personal, and custom tours Hawaii has to offer. Wayde's guides all have their own lives and jobs, but like any super-hero movie, Wayde can assemble them together at any time using their special talents to help him give you one unforgettable experience of the island. Wayde's crew not only trail blaze Oahu, but seek adventure on other islands, discovering new places and learning new things about themselves as they challenge each other to go above and beyond their personal limits.


The All American Clothing Co. would like to thank Wayde "The Poor Man" Fishman for allowing us to share his story. We`d also like to thank Wayde for supporting USA jobs by wearing some American made clothing items as he takes a walk on the wild side. The next time you visit the island of Oahu, be sure to give Wayde a call to schedule a tour! They are unforgettable.

It is a privilege to meet people like Wayde who care so much for their environment, the people around them, and their country. We hope to give back in the same sense as Wayde does by helping others through many efforts.

We appreciate the support we receive from people like Wayde all around the world. You keep us going! If we wanted to make more money, we`d move production overseas. We will not trade USA jobs for foreign profits. Together with your support, we can continue to grow and create jobs. Remember, if each American spent just $66 on American made goods, it would generate over 200,000 new jobs (source: ABC World News).

Thank you.

All American Clothing Co.

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Kathy Rusinoski
Kathy Rusinoski

February 09, 2021

I sure wish you would create a line of quality women’s pajama’s…Pima Cotton for Summer, Flannel for winter…I am sooooo sick & tired of seeing Made in china and now…Made in Vietnam, Shri Lanka, Malaysia etc, etc….the Fit and quality of all these foreign made products is horrendous. The sizes are NEVER consistent with what they should be…i.e. ALWAYS much smaller than the size should be. It would be so refreshing for women’s pajama’s to be available in Petite as well as Tall for us tall women who are tired of wearing pajama bottoms that are 5 inches above our ankles and pajama tops with sleeves 5 inches above our wrists and barely covering our backs (since top is always SHORT). It’s very sad to see companies like LL Bean and Lands End ALL manufacturing their products oversees….PLEASE offer more products in your womens line…there is nothing finer to wear than quality, comfy, breathable cotton with a little stretch….and seeing the “Made in U.S.A.” label. Which means QUALITY not JUNK. You should have some women’s cotton sweaters in your offering as well..there are a few companies in the USA that make wonderful cotton sweaters….
Thank You & Keep up the good work!

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