Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2012 2 min read 3 Comments

We all remember where we were.

On 9/11/01 , I was in 7th grade. It was during school just in between class periods as all students were heading from their lockers into their next class. My next class happened to be Math with Mr. Lecklider.

On my way to class I stopped to go to the restroom, but my restroom break was abruptly interrupted by a teacher who made all students get into their classrooms before the bell rang. As I headed into my next class, my first thought was that I was in trouble.

Walking into Mr. Lecklider's classroom, I can remember the lights being turned off with a television on. My first thought was, “Great, i'm not in trouble. Looks like we get to watch a movie today.” As soon as I sat down I realized that it was not a movie we were about to be watching.

“Everyone sit down and be quiet. We are under attack.” said Mr. Lecklider.

On the television screen appeared the first tower after it had been hit. Black smoke poured out as thousands of people rushed the streets of New York. Sirens filled the air as brave cops, fire fighters, and emergency servicemen rushed to save those who were still in the building. News reporters were scrambling through the streets in an effort to cover the event and a classroom full of 7th graders sat quietly in a daze as footage progressed. On that day, we witnessed the attack on the World Trade Center.  For the next hour and a half we watched footage until our parents started arriving to pick us up.

Perhaps our teacher shouldn’t have showed the footage to 7th graders. Maybe we wouldn’t have understood and had been scared, but I am thankful he did. Because Mr. Lecklider had the television on, I will always remember seeing first hand what happened. I will remember those who gave up their lives in an attempt to save others and the courage that the many firefighters and policemen showed on that fateful day.

And I will always remember asking my mother on the car-ride home if we were related to anyone who worked at the World Trade Center. Her answer was, “No, but everyone who was hurt has a family. Make sure you pray for them and their families like they are part of ours.”

Today, 9/11 will be remembered during the memorial service as we keep American families in our hearts who endured 9/11.  Even today, families are still struggling due to unemployment in today's economy. We will also think about those families and do our best to create a better future for them.

9/11/01 - May we always remember.


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Julie Hall
Julie Hall

February 09, 2021

Great article! We all will remember where were when we were attacked! Keep writing Logan! I am very proud of YOU!


February 09, 2021

Thank you for your thoughts. Live, learn and live again.


February 09, 2021

Thanks for reading Stephen.

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