My Favorite Things at All American Clothing Co:

February 02, 2012 3 min read 1 Comment

Today, I am going to highlight just a few things at All American Clothing Co. that I enjoy! I hope you enjoy what you do for a living as much as I do! I hope you guys enjoy and decide to share what you like most at your workplace!

1)  Making a difference: When you find yourself doing something fun, you will never have to work a day for the rest of your life. Let me tell you something, it`s fun to make a difference. At All American Clothing Co, we are making a difference in today`s economy, each and every day with the help of our supporters! Our motto is “Make something happen today” and we work diligently to create American jobs each and every day!
2)  Creativity:At All American Clothing Co, all employees are given the freedom to come up with new ideas. We will have a meeting once a week where everyone can pitch their viewpoints. Personally, I am given the freedom to do projects on my own and push my creativity to its limits. I am allowed the freedom to pitch new ideas, design new products, write press releases, blog, manage social media sites, come up with promotions for our consumers, and build our website`s SEO(increasing our ranking on search engines). I have never felt “bossed’ around at any point in time other than when the girls (Angie, Carey, and Mary Ann) may come into my office and yell for me because they need a tall person to get a box of clothing down from our shelves or if they need food…
3)  Telling a story:I have always been a big fan of telling stories. I still get goose bumps when I tell the story of how All American Clothing Co. was startedby Lawson Nickol, who was passionate enough to risk his retirement for the benefit of creating better lives for millions of Americans.

Our new 'Ladies Phoenix' was inspired by feedback from our loyal customers.
    4)  Technology:I have been trusted with our social network platforms such as twitter, facebook,and linked in.I absolutely love brainstorming new ways to connect with our biggest followers. I get to work together with c0-owner BJ Nickol to create new, innovative ways to establish a connection with our followers. It is essential for us at All American Clothing Co. to not just sell our followers clothing, but to establish relationships with them. We enjoy the feedback and ideas we receive from our customers. Many new of our items have been inspired through connections that we have with our customers. I enjoy doing just that.
    5)  The bigger picture:I have always wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. With the unemployment rate in the U.S. around 7.2% (11.1 million), All American Clothing Co. is contributing to the creation of jobs each and every year. When you are contributing to millions of American`s jobs, it is much bigger than anything an individual can fathom.
    6)  Fun :Yes, we do have fun at All American Clothing Co. Again, its fun to make a difference. But, we have more fun than you may think. Our owner Lawson Nickol loves a competitive round of golf, cards, or a game of cornhole. These games get pretty competitive between Lawson, his son BJ, and our employees. Our matches are fairly even, but it`s always fun to beat Lawson in any event. We might have a glass of ‘lemonade’ or two as we play, maybe three or four. Sometimes I`ll lose count of my lemonades and that’s when I start losing! We never play during working hours though. We always play before or after working hours. If we work hard and make something happen, we have fun!
    I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I have! Please feel free to share your favorites at your workplace! Thanks!

    All American Clothing Co.

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    February 09, 2021

    Great fitting ladies jeans. Got 1st one last wk, ordered another the same day! Admire the “American Made” message. Called 800 no. & asked for more business cards to give to all my family & friends. Have “liked” on Facebook and intend to promote your products as much and as often as I can. Thanks for not abandoning the U.S. for cheaper labor and inferior products!

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