Make It An All American Football Season

August 29, 2011 2 min read 1 Comment

It`s about that time. All over the country, thousands of high school football teams have been putting in hard work to be fully prepared for the upcoming season. They have been through countless practices in the scorching heat, even practicing two times a day on occasion. Many people from communities all over the country will attend each and every game to offer their upmost support for their hometown team.

Here is a picture of our local team (notice the coach wearing our All American Cargo Shorts).  What a great example he is setting for future generations! As a coach he is teaching the kids how to work hard and work together as a team to accomplish a common goal.  By wearing USA made he is making a statement about the importance of buying USA made and the impact it can have on our communities.

Did you realize that if every American would shift $1 per day of their spending to USA madegoods the impact would be approximately $100 BILLION on our economy!  That can provide an amazing amount of jobs, provides a tax base to support our communities, police, firemen AND schools (including these hardworking student athletes).

I think we (citizens of the USA) can learn a thing or two from these hardworking athletes and coaches.  If we can come together as a nation by supporting each other and working towards a common goal we can accomplish anything! We can fix our economy, provide good jobs for our citizens and strengthen our communities.

We hope to see you out there supporting your local team by cheering as loud as you can…AND supporting your community with a purchase of USA Made goods!

Thanks Coach for your support of USA Made and, more importantly, for the lessons you are teaching the children in our community.

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February 09, 2021

Thank you for keeping some type of manufacturing in the USA. I would enjoy supporting your business by buying your products and tauting such by word of mouth. Maybe though, I’m missing something or a link on your website. Where exactly is the manufacturing and shipping originating? What type of tailoring is used? Double stitching, seaming, thread counts, etc… The website must explain this or give easier access to these answer and many more that I was unable to find. Please inform me as I will support your company. I make my money here in the USA and atempt to spend it here.
Thank you

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