Four things YOU should know about President`s Day:

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George Washington`s Birthday was the original designated date of President`s Day. In light of the upcoming federal holiday, here are a few facts that YOU should know about President`s Day!

  1. George Washington- President`s Day was originally designated on President George Washington's Birthday. The holiday was originally celebrated by United States Congress in 1880 within government offices in Washington D.C. It expanded in 1885 to include all federal offices throughout the United States.

  2. First Holiday to Honor an American Citizen- President`s Day was the first federal holiday to honor an American citizen. It was celebrated on Washington's birthday which is February 22. However, the holiday was moved in 1971 from Washington`s original birth date to the third Monday in February, making the federal holiday fall on a number of different dates. This year, Presidents Day will fall on February 20—Not Washington`s birthday.

  3. State`s Names: Many different states have different traditions in observance of the holiday. For example, Alabama dubs the day as "Washington and Jefferson Day", even though Thomas Jefferson's birthday is in April. In George Washington's home state of Virginia, the holiday is known as "George Washington Day.

  4. Tradition: Since 1862, the United States Senate has held a tradition where George Washington's Farewell Address is to be read on his birthday. The annual tradition continues with the reading of the address on or near Washington's Birthday.

Hope you enjoyed! If there are any other facts that you would like to share, please do!!!

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Sandy Lewis

February 09, 2021

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