Become Part of the 2%

April 20, 2021 1 min read

All American Clothing

Today only about 2% of the clothing sold in America is actually being made here.  That's right, 98% of the clothing that Americans are purchasing is coming from a foreign country.  We're here to change that!  Everything we offer is made in the USA!  So, buying our clothing makes you part of an exclusive group; a group that is proud of their country and the skilled crafters still producing goods here.

Buying local, American made items energizes and revitalizes our communities, it creates jobs, and is better for our environment.  Supporting one American made business creates a ripple effect across our nation. For example: not only is All American clothing made in the USA, so are the boxes we ship in, the companies that maintain our equipment, our digital marketing agency, the construction company that built our building, the company that does our printing, and so many more...

Become part of the 2%, Buy All American Clothing.


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