SAS Women's Black Duo Quarter Strap Sandal



This SAS customer favorite is your go-to sandal. Three adjustable buckles provide a customized fit, while a plush comfort insole and shock-absorbing sole keep you on your feet all day. The lined leather ankle strap adds stability with each step.

Heel Height: 1.375"

Product Details: Initial fit should allow the foot to settle naturally into the sandal.  The front straps and backstrap should fit comfortably on the foot when the ankle strap is adjusted to a comfortable position.  Care should be taken to ensure the foot sits inside the edge of the insole, at the back and on the sides.

  • TRIPAD® Technology:  Comfort system that provides shock-absorption and support to the three main pressure points of the foot:  inside ball, outside ball and heel.

  • Supersoft® Microsuede Insole Cover:  The insole is covered with our supersoft microsuede fabric.

  • SAS Comfort Sandal Last:  An all day comfort sandal last developed exclusively by SAS.

  • Cushion Outsole:  Superior Polyurethane material is durable, flexible, and provides long lasting cushion for all day comfort.

Made in USA