40 Below Socks

40 Below Socks


Style: F2230

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Excellent for that cold weather, this fully cushioned thermal boot sock will keep you comfortable and warm. 50% Wool, 48% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Union Made in USA

This item is not returnable because it is either being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.

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This item is not returnable due to it being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.


Too Bulky For Sz 9 Men
Mark Long
These socks are so bulky I just cannot wear them with shoes unless the shoes are a size or more too large. I only wear these around the house. The stocking part is way longer than normal.
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Not Quite "40 Below"
Dane D'Arcangelo
I really do like these socks, however 40 below is a gross over exaggeration. I work outdoors and have been wearing these socks with my un-insulated boots since the weather started to cool down in October. They were very comfortable and did the trick, but once the temperature went below freezing these socks could not keep my feet warm anymore. Granted my boots are un-insulated, but socks boasting "40 Below" in the title should do fine in 30 degree (F) weather? Overall I like these socks and if they didn't call themselves "40 below" I would have given them a 4 out of 5
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Great socks!
Sheryl Jackson
I bought two pairs of socks for my husband to wear in the barn. He said they keep his feet very warm and made in the USA. Great!
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Not good.
I wore these socks for the first time the other day at a night football game. My feet were cold before the first quarter. After the game, I though I may have had frostbite, toes were frozen. The outside temperature was around 28-32 degrees and my feet were not wet. Very disappointed. Back to my old socks.
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Best socks for winter
Stephen Irle
These are so soft and insulate your feet so well. These are by far the best socks to wear during the cold winter months. I think these do run a little big. The large size is a bit too large for me, (I'm size 11) so I tried a medium and it fit perfectly.
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Thick & soft
my reviewehtr
these socks are so thick & soft. almost like slippers.
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my reviewmyetmtyh
Just received my 40 Below socks from you and they are NICE! You can bet I will be back to get more of my clothing needs from you. Thanks
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Sock Size MD = Women's Size 6-10, Men's Size 5-9.5
Sock Size LG = Women's Size 10-13, Men's Size 9-12
Sock Size XL = Men's Shoe Size 12-15