All American Clothing Co: Bringing ‘American Made’ Back to Its Roots

June 01, 2012 1 min read

The sign above Lawson Nickol’s desk, co-owner of All American Clothing Co. reads “Make Something Happen Today.”  To him, that ‘something’  means  job creation, manufacturing growth, sales growth and sustainability of all mentioned as the company is building a foundation for today’s employees and future generations.

The company carries only clothing made in USA, giving back Americans a traditional product and economic environment that seems to have been slipping away since the greatest job explosion era called the Industrial Revolution. Nickol says, “During the Industrial Revolution, American jobs were created because passion and hard work was necessary in order for the survival of the company and the employees." Like the companies that built America during that era, the employees with the All American Clothing Co. carry the same passion and work ethic necessary for us to bring back 'American Made' to its roots.

All American Clothing Co. is expecting to create more products and more jobs during 2012. In 2011, the company experienced an increase of approximately 60% retail sales. This is a promising number indicating that many Americans are beginning to realize the benefits of buying USA made clothing. Beau Nickol (co-Owner) says, “there is a healthy growth of patriotism spreading through the retail consumer market”.

About All American Clothing Co:

All American Clothing Company is a genuine story of a small company trying to make a difference in today’s economy. The company’s employees believe in “USA made matters” as they strive to foster loyalty among customers. To find out more about the passion and success of All American Clothing Co., follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.


All American Clothing Co.

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