Sock Construction

October 01, 2021 1 min read

Have you ever stopped to think about how much technology actually goes into making socks in the USA?  We're not just talking about the automation and robotics used during manufacturing, but the actual socks themselves.  It takes a lot of thought and engineering to produce socks that will fit great, be long lasting, and keep you comfortable no matter what activity you are taking part in.  Each activity or need has a sock designed specifically to meet unique demands.

sock technology

The materials your socks are made of are very important.  Are you hiking, running, or do you have special medical needs? During cold winter months you would want  a warm and breathable sock made of Merino wool.  For summer months or exercising you would want a sock that keeps your feet cool and dry using moisture-wicking technology.

Socks are almost never made from one material or construction method that runs the entire length of the sock.  Socks are now designed to have different zones to provide ultimate comfort and durability. Some zones are designed for extra compression to help keep the sock in place, other zones may be designed like a mesh to help your foot breath better, and finally there are zones that need to be reinforced, like the heel and toe, for durability. 





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