Duluth Pack

January 11, 2022 1 min read

Duluth Pack is proud to be the oldest canvas and leather bag manufacturer in the USA. Since 1882, Duluth Pack has blazed the trail for manufacturing quality outdoor gear in America. Their mission is simple, straightforward and has never wavered. They handcraft the highest-quality premium American made canvas and leather outdoor gear, packs, bags, and hunting equipment that is guaranteed for life on all craftsmanship and hardware. Buy it once. Have it for life.

Camille Poirier founded the company in 1882 and the original pack design is still being sold today! In 1911, Poirier sold his pack business to The Duluth Tent & Awning Company, which later evolved into the Duluth Pack known today. During those early frontier days the company manufactured everything from hay wagon covers to heavy canvas aprons, and packs for the rugged lumberjacks, miners, explorers, pioneers, railroad engineers and ship captains of the midwest. With the twenties roaring right around the corner, the company focused on what Americans were now asking for, travel and recreation products.

Duluth Pack

All Duluth Pack manufactured products have three tags on the inside. The first being the Duluth Pack tag. This ensures you received an authentic and real Duluth Pack manufactured item. The second tag is the Made in the USA flag tag. The company is incredibly proud to solely manufacture their products in America since 1882. The final tag is the Handcrafted By tag. The craftsperson who handcrafts your Duluth Pack product just for you hand signs each product that they sew from start to finish. That is the definition of pride in your work. 

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