All American Classic Jean

All American Classic Jean

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Style: AA1873

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This style is being discontinued - availability is limited.

Our All American Classic Jean fits just like your old favorites used to. This is a regular (not relaxed) fit jean with a straight leg, mid-rise and is made of a premium 13.5 oz. denim. As this jean does have a mid/low rise you may want to order a waist size larger than you wear in our other styles. The dark stone wash also features some light hand sanding on the thighs for that comfortable, stylish already worn look (the medium stonewash has no hand sanding details).

Please allow for up to 3% shrinkage. As with all new denim jeans, please wash separately before wearing to avoid color bleeding.
13.5 oz premium denim
Made in USA

This item is not returnable because it is either being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.

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This item is not returnable due to it being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.


Bring these back
Verified Buyer
Sad to see this style discontinued as they were perfect fitting jeans for those who stay in shape. All that's left now to choose from are farty old relaxed fit jeans suitable for those who want to look boring and dull.
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I Like This Style.
I've had a lot of trouble with AAC's inconsistent sizing, which has lead me to look at other sources. I basically have 3-5 pieces of AAC clothing that have been wasted purchases due to too much or too little shrinkage after washing. However, I think that this one is a quality jean with a good fit. Looks very good too, with modern styling. Kinda disappointed that it is being discontinued.
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Just received my jeans today
Put them on, feels great, no issues. I will give them some time of wearing and give an updated review. Bought 1 pair of jeans before I commit to buying more plus I want to get t-shirts with the pocket. But so far they look and feel high quality
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Awesome but....
These are some fantastic Jeans. Superior quality and so glad they are made in the USA. However, the color of the jeans once you get them are a bit darker than in the photo. (Stone Wash) I already washed them and hoping that they will eventually look like the color in the pic. So 4/5 for now.
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keep more in stock
I have been buying my husbands jeans online for years because he is so very hard to fit. He loves this classic style jeans and I was thrilled he found another source. They are a traditional fit which he loves and they hold up very well to the wear and tear he puts on them. We would love to order several more pair but keep finding they are out of stock. Please keep restocking those tall thin sizes since you are out last hope. :)
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Not quite levi 505's
I wore Levi's for decades and would walk into a store and just pluck my size off a shelf and go, until the "regular fit" was changed to a "straight cut". Then the 505's had changed and I need to find a new jean. I read all the other reviews and was excited to see everyone say they were just like Levi's 505's so I ordered a pair. These pants are nice. They resemble the newer 505 more than the older 505 as there isn't quite as much room in the butt area. But then again I am a female and these are designed for men. So I will try the women's jean. Thank you for being "Made in America"!!
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Nice jeans, they run true to size and don't shrink.
I have always worn Levi 505's, but in the last 10 years or so the quality has dropped. So I tried a pair of All American Classic's. I ordered one size larger in the waist thinking they would shrink, but after a dozen washings they have not, so order your exact size. The only knock I can give them is that they are 13.5oz & I prefer a heavier thread count. The quality and workmanship are terrific!
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Better than LLBean
I was an LLBean buyer for years. I ordered a pair of pants from them and even though it was my size per the tag, they made it one size extra (so people will not return them). I tried these jean and just love them.
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This is the third pair of jeans I've ordered. The first two are the AA2012 and I love them. They are so excellent in fact, I just had to try other styles from this company. I'm very glad I did, because the AA1873 is hands down the best pair of jeans I have ever worn. The quality is top level, the cut fits so well and the dark stone wash is the perfect shade in my opinion. Simply put, the value you get for your money from these jeans is unbelievable.
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Nice Jeans
I ordered these Jeans because they are made in the USA! While the jeans are nearly perfect they are a little tight in the crotch. If All American Clothing would add the gusset to them I would have given them five stars. I will try a different pair with a gusset next.
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Great product and great customer service
I've ordered these twice and have been very impressed with the fit and quality. I have also been impressed with AAC's customer service. I ordered a wrong size, and the return and exchange procedure was painless.
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Great jeans!
Good replacement for Levis 505 jeans. i ordered one size down from my normal size of a 34 waist and they fit great! Good quality denim, solid without being overly heavy, these are a great, standard pair of jeans.
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What Levi's Used to be Like
I wore Levi 505's for a least a couple of decades. I liked the fit and that they would sit at the waist. Then Levis moved off shore and their jeans began represent the United Nations with all the various places they were made. The sizes were never consistent again, and the last straw was they got rid of the cut that I wore so comfortably for years. I found AAC and ordered a pair of these after explaining to their customer service rep (via email) what I wanted. (The old style 505's) I tried them and have just ordered my second pair. The quality and fit are everything I wanted. This is what Levi's used to be like. Do yourself a favor and get a pair and in the process... keep an American employed.
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great pair of jeans
If you looking for the best fitting jeans then look no further, The jeans fit like the old levi;s 505 "regular fit jeans" if not better. Il be purchasing more of these jeans.
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The search is over
These are the jeans that I have been looking for!! A great pair of top quality U.S.A. made jeans. Perfect stitching and even coloring. I normally wear a 36X32 in a 505 and found that to be a bit too snug. A 37X32 was the perfect solution for me. I own other makes of jeans but they don't compare. These are what American made products used to be like. I only hope that you don't change these like other companies do when they get something that works. I will proudly inform friends and family that there is a great U.S.A. made pair of jeans out there. Thank you for keeping Americans working, and thank your workers for the impeccable quality in the products they produce.
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Better Than Levi's & American Eagle
These jeans are awesome. The moment I opened the USA package I could feel the thickness of the jeans. 100% American made. The jeans are dark and blue. Like legit blue, not the fake cheap color most stores use nowadays. They are comfortable and they look good. I am a tall guy about 6'1" and 160pounds. These jeans are great for me. The size is slightly different but once you figure it out. It's great. These jeans look great and will last a long time when I go out in the streets or the countryside. I love them. I fully recommend these jeans. All American Co. is better than AEO, Aero, A&F, Old Navy, Buckle, and any other store brand.
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Great Fit
I haven"t been disappointed yet with any of there jeans. These are a great fit, very comfortable. Thank you so much for the American made products.
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Excellent Levi 505 Replacement!!!
My entire adult life I have worn Levi's 505 jeans and up until the last couple of years have been entirely happy. HOWEVER since Levi's decided to no longer make jeans in the USA (read your white label on the inside of your jeans where they were made) I have been LIVID with Levis quality and more so fit!!!! The last 4 pairs I bought made by Levi's were simply absurd in fit. Nothing at all like what I was used to buying for over 40-years when they were made in the USA or at worst Canada. OK enough about Levi's and how bad they are in the present day and age being made in ever country BUT the USA, on to how GREAT these jeans are made in the USA by this "All American Clothing Co". Bought a pair last week to "test the waters", tried them on for fit, washed them and worked all day doing some construction tasks. Generally I don't write reviews but must tell you at least in my size 33x34, these jeans are the best fitting, best looking jeans I have ever owned! Anyone that says differently are obviously oblivious to how or what a "good quality" pair of jeans are. I am actually so thrilled, I am only back here wrighting this as to buy several more pairs not only a few more for work but also one for casual dress attire. In my opinion as a person that has worn nothing other than blue jeans for the last 40-years, if you want a "quality" pair of jeans "better" than the current JUNK foreign market manufactured Levis, look no farther. Enough said and thanks for your time reading my first ever product review on anything. I personally 100% recommend this product!!!
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Perfect Levi 505 Replacement
Since Levi betrayed a 20 plus year customer by drastically changing the 505 jeans, I had to find a replacement. My search is over. The All American Classic Jean #AA1873 is the perfect replacement to fill the void. The best part is that the #AA1873 jeans are better made, have higher quality, and best of all, are made in America. I stared at the "Made in America" tag for several minutes as you just don't see that anymore. I must give thanks to Levi for giving me the opportunity to find and try All American Clothing. All American Clothing will have a customer for the remainder of my life (hopefully, many more decades) as long as they don't feel the need to drastically change the #AA1873. A great pair of jeans and supporting true American businesses. What could be better?
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GREAT Jeans!!!
I am so pleased with my new jeans, #1873, just about Perfect fit :) I will be ordering More in the lighter color!
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Love my jeans
I am very happy with these jeans. The fit is perfect. I follow the care instructions and have never had a problem with these jeans. Thank you All American Clothing for making such a quality product and supporting American jobs!
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Dye Problem
First wash - dye came out and stained washer and dryer. Washed by hand 7 times - dye still coming out. Returned them for a refund, something wrong with that batch.
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These jeans are great! They are basically 501 clones. They fit me slightly tight in the crotch but so do 501's. Just have to wear them a tad bit low to solve that issue. It's nice to finally have a pair of USA made jeans that aren't grandpa style. I love these. Now, how about a "light stonewash," grey, or black colors? I have a feeling these jeans will be a big hit for you guys once the word gets out. Nice job! Thanks.
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Great Jeans
I used to wear Levis 501 shrink to fit jeans, which I really liked but they are all made outside the US with foreign materials. These are a great replacement. Sturdy materials and construction and very stylish. My first order needed to be returned because the size of the jeans were a little tight. No problem, free return as stated. I also dealt with customer service on 2 occasions and both times they were awesome. Probably the best service in recent memory. Anyway, the bottom line is that I won't buy jeans anywhere else from this pair on. I'm just hoping they come out with a raw/unwashed style like the Levis shrink to fit 501s.
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These are the ones!
Like many other guys who have been shocked and woefully disappointed by the quality and fit change of once perfect and reliable 505 and 501 jeans, I've been searching and searching for some jeans that had the same qualities they once had. My search is over....These are the ones! These are high quality, well made and great fitting jeans. Best of all, they are made here in the USA. Thank you All American Clothing Co.! Long may you live and prosper!
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Quality i can feel
I am an ex-Levi's customer who found your company through circumstance. I recently bought my last pair of inferior, third-world made Levi's. I made it my quest to find jeans made in USA. Now that I've found you, it's MY mantra to never buy clothing made outside USA again. Your jeans are a quality I haven't seen since Pre NAFTA/CAFTA. I can feel the quality, I feel good about buying and wearing them, and most importantly, they FIT.
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Plumber Butt
I bought these jeans (1873?) as replacements for the now-discontinued Levi's 505s. Great material and well made, but the fit was not for me. Plumber butt all day long, and I'm a skinny guy. The jeans found their way to Goodwill.
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Too tight and dark for my taste
These were my first pair of AACO. The rise was a bit low and I was always having to tuck my shirt back in. They were a bit tight as well. That said, it's a durable jean, just not what I am looking for. The AA101's fit me great!!! I will be exchanging this for another pair of the 101's
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See ya later Levis!!
Love these jeans.These fit better than the name brands(based in the US) (made in, wherever the corporate profits rise).I will be trying more of your clothing soon.Thank you.
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Awesome All American Made Jeans
I've been a lifelong wearer of Levi's. Grew up with 501's but have become increasingly dissatisfied with the quality. Cheap overseas labor just can't compete with hard working Americans. Decided to look for American made jeans and found All American Clothing. Bought a single pair to test drive and absolutely love them. Fit is perfect and quality is awesome. They wear and feel great. I'll be sporting All American made jeans from now on. Thank you for you craftsmanship and commitment. The classic American jean lives on. :)
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Best jeans out there!
This is just what I've been hoping for. These fit even better than my old Levi's 505's...and they're not made in Bangladesh or Vietnam! Excellent workmanship and materials. I haven't seen jeans this well made since the 80's. I'll be stocking up on three or four more pair of these "All American Classics" after Christmas...
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Love these jeans!
I saw, I bought, I ordered, I wore...perfect!!
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I have a few pairs of your AA101 & AAREV jeans. They're great. But I ordered two of these - they are perfect! My new favorites...
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The new standard in regular fit jeans!
You did it! This new classic jean is a true replacement for Levi's 505 regular fit (which are called straight fit now and are low rise). Just took mine out of the box and jumped into them, and I'm really happy to find a jean that I like a lot and is made here in the USA. Great job, All American Clothing! You former Levi's wearers need to try these jeans!!!!!!!
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Some jean companies use 'vanity' sizing, they will tag their jean a 34" waist but the actual measurement will be 36" to 37". All American Clothing will be a little more 'true' to size. We tag the jean with a 34" tag and the actual measurement will be 34.5" to 35.5" (to allow for any shrinkage). Please measure a pair of jeans you currently like to wear and use that measurement to order our jeans. This jean also has a slightly lower rise than our other styles. So, you will want to consider ordering a size or two larger in these jeans.

Waist Sizes: 28 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 40 42 44 46 48
Thigh (@ Crotch Point) 22 7/16 23 3/8 23 7/8 24 3/8 24 7/8 25 3/8 25 7/8 26 3/8 26 7/8 27 3/8 28 1/8 28 7/8 29 5/8 30 3/8 31 1/8
Bottom Opening 15 3/8 15 3/4 16 16 1/4 16 1/2 16 3/4 17 17 1/4 17 1/2 17 3/4 18 1/4 18 3/4 19 1/4 19 3/4 20 1/4
Front Rise (crotch to bottom of belt) 7 3/4 8 1/8 9 3/8 9 1/2 9 5/8 9 3/4 9 7/8 10 10 1/8 10 1/4 10 5/8 11 11 3/8 11 3/4 12 1/8
Back Rise (crotch to bottom of belt) 12 1/8 12 1/2 12 5/8 12 3/4 12 7/8 13 13 1/8 13 1/4 13 3/8 13 1/2 13 7/8 14 1/4 14 5/8 15 15 3/8

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