All American Cargo Shorts

All American Cargo Shorts

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Style: AA121

This style is being discontinued - availability is limited.

Our All American Cargo Shorts are made from a premium 8.5 oz 100% cotton. It features 6 pockets for carrying your stuff and a gusset for extra comfort! The shorts have approximately a 11.5" inseam AND just like all our other products, this short is made in the USA!

Please allow for up to 3% shrinkage.
- 8.5 oz 100% Cotton
- 6 pockets
- Horn Buttons
- Draw String in Waistband
- Gusset
- Made in USA

This item is not returnable because it is either being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.

Return Policy

This item is not returnable due to it being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.


great shorts!!!
These shorts are fantastic. They are made of surprisingly thick and tough material, so they don't wear out easily. They also have just the right amount of room in the crotch to keep cool and comfortable without looking like the stereotypical ghetto dweller. The only downside to the shorts is that the pockets are too small. If they were rectangular instead of triangular and just a bit longer they would be perfect. I am very disappointed that these shorts have been discontinued. I had received a pair as a gift around a year ago. I have enjoyed them so much from the quality to the American made. I came to the website planning to buy at least three of these shorts. Now that I know that they have been discontinued I'd buy at least twelve if not twenty-four, but sadly there are no longer any in my size, so I cannot buy even one.
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Great Product
Fantastic shorts...just a damn shame they're being discontinued and i can't order more.
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Why are these shorts being discontinued ?are there going to be another style like these coming out. Very disappointed with the lack of info about this?
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These are some of the most durable shorts I've ever owned, nice and thick/durable material! NOW if they would just make the "Cargo Pants" with a 38-40" inseam I would be a Happy Camper!!! HELP OUT THE TALL MEN!!!
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Shorts are great but small
I got my shorts and am very impressed with the quality and that they are a good style. I read in a review before ordering that they run small so I ordered a size up. I am very glad I did because even the size up is a little tight. I got khaki and dark brown. But they are very nice and I'm happy with them.
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Quality, quality, quality!!!
My Husband now has 4 pairs of these shorts. They fit great, wash great, and stay looking new forever. He's had 2 pairs of these for about 2 years and they look the same as the day we bought them. Well worth the money...wish they'd make them in a medium charcoal grey and I'd buy those too.
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Spits out my wallet
I love your shorts. I love the fit, appearance and quality. I've encouraged others to buy them. My issue is that my wallet keeps falling out of the pocket. I realize that you have buttons but I don't remember to use them - I know that sounds lame but I've never had this issue with another pair of pants and I just don't remember to button these. Am I the only man that has this problem? Maybe you could but velcro on the wallet pocket? It might seem lame, or a non-issue but a pair of shorts that spits out my wallet is a deal breaker.
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Very Nice shorts
I was expecting the quality of shorts that you get from retail stores, but these are really nice. They are basically nice khaki pants in shorts form. Good buy, even though the price is a bit high
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Great shorts for tall guys!
Great pair of shorts! I ordered a khaki colored pair and liked them so much that I ordered 3 other pairs of different colors. In fact, I’ve gotten rid of every other pair of shorts I owned and now only wear the All American brand. I can’t say enough about the way they fit. As a tall guy, finding a pair of shorts that are long enough, yet not too baggy can be a challenge. But these are nearly perfect. The length is just right and they’re not overly baggy. Love them. Keep up the good (quality) work!
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The Best American Made Shorts Yet!
These shorts are OUTSTANDING! They are made SO WELL! I really, really like them. Shorts seem to be something much harder to find being american made then pants or shirts. I would love to see All American Clothing come out with other styles that are made with the same or similar materials. Perhaps some that are not cargo for more dressier situations would be nice. These shorts will last forever! Best shorts out there!
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Great shorts
My husband has 3 pairs of these cargo shorts and another 3 pairs on back order and I'm ordering 2 pairs of blue one in a few minutes. They look great. They cost more than the Wranglers that we used to buy but they look better too. Little details like the 'V' belt loop in the back, horn buttons, and clean stiching make them look like quality gear. They wash well and are easy to iron because they don't tend to bunch up in the drier. I hope they can get a long pants version out in time for winter.
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All American Cargo Shorts
Nothing exceptional here. 8.5 oz fabric isn't very strong. Colors standard and boring. back pocket flaps need to taper in more on the sides like a dress pant. Looks like there needs to be 7 belt loops. Need better and deeper pocket material. Inseam needs to be at least 9.5 to 10 inches but no more. Waist needs to be better structured. Need less surging and more finish seams. Need better and larger zipper. Over all, it is obvious these are nondescript , mass produced cargo shorts. You could do better and secure a very wide market share. Call me and I'll show you how to really create for men
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Great shorts
Bought a pair in the camo and khaki, khakis are on back order. No big deal..All American says no charge to ship separately once they come in..Talk about service. First impression, great shorts, extremely comfortable and well made. I'd have a whole wardrobe of them if I could!!
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Best Shorts Ever and My New Favorites
WOW, Wow, Wow!! That's what I was thinking when I tried these things on...Fit is great, the cut and the gusset in the crotch helps make them very roomy--perfect for a guy with big legs and hips like a burlesque dancer. I suspect they'll still fit well after a wash and dry or two as well. OH! I can't leave out that these look great...They look and feel like they'll last me a long time, no worries about about stuff falling off and pockets ripping from my initial inspection. Winning combo if you ask me. Great American Made Shorts good for almost anything I'd say. Buy some...NOW!
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Most comfortable shorts I've ever owned.
I love these cargo shorts. I've had so many compliments on them and they are totally comfortable. Got the khakis. I'll have to be sure and order a couple of other colors. I'm sure glad they're made in USA also. Dressed like a true economic patriot yesterday in my All American khakis, tee and socks. Also had US made New Balances. Makes you feel good.
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Roomy and comfortable
Best shorts you're going to find - these seem to be generously sized, so my advice would be to buy a size up (if your waist is a 32 or 33, buy a 34).
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Second time is the charm
I bought a pair of these shorts a while ago and was less than pleased with the fit. Furthermore, a button broke and a pocket that had not been bar tacked at the corner started coming off after the first wash. I contacted All American and they immediately sent a replacement pair along with a prepaid postage label so that I could mail back the first pair. I was thrilled with the customer service. They really stand behind their product. The fit of the second pair is far superior and they are holding up nicely after many wash/wear cycles. I am 100 percent satisifed with these and will not hesitate to purchase again.
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Outstanding Quality - Superb Fit
These are the absolute best shorts i have ever worn...that's saying a lot because i have worn a LOT of shorts. The fit, finish and features are something i rarely see. Thank you.
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I love these shorts. If I had ordered the right size (my own fault) they'd be almost perfect. Good quality and the price isn't too bad. I agree that they could use deeper front pockets... the pockets aren't unusually small, but a little deeper would be nice. I'll be ordering more in the future.
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Very nice shorts
I guide wilderness river rafting trips in Alaska and Idaho in the summer. These shorts will be my attire for three months this year in Idaho. They are great.
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Top of the line
Perfect fit, great quality and price. This is the only cargo short I will buy.
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Very good cargo shorts! Deeper pockets, please...
Bought a pair of these recently, and am currently enjoying one of my first chances to wear them, as we're having a nice little "sunbreak" up here in the Pacific Northwest at the moment... Fit is a bit generous, so if you wear, say, 34" waist jeans, you might be able to get away with a 33" waist in these. Front pockets are a bit small, but by no means a deal killer. What I *do* really like about the front pockets, however, is that they're built of sturdier than normal fabric. Anybody who keeps keys, or anything else with sharp edges, in their front pockets knows that these can be the first point of failure in pants and shorts. Gusseted crotch is great for athletic pursuits such as rock climbing, and makes blowouts unlikely. Build quality is excellent, fabric seems beefy enough, although I won't really know for sure until next Fall how well they hold up... My go-to shorts for the past few years have been Kavu Chilliwacks, and these seem to compare very favorably. And of course, they're made in the USA. Make the front pockets a bit deeper, and you'll get your fifth star!
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