AA Regular Jean - Dark Stonewash

AA Regular Jean - Dark Stonewash


Style: AA101D

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This All American Jean comes with a comfortable All American, Classic Relaxed Fit...not too tight, not too loose. It is a zipper fly, rivetless jean made of a durable 14.5 oz denim and is constructed with a gusset to improve comfort and durability! This jean is Made in the USA all the way from the materials to the labor. So shop with confidence and pride when purchasing this All American Classic!

Please allow for up to 3% shrinkage.As with all new denim jeans, please wash separately before wearing to avoid color bleeding.

The jeans have 7 belt loops.

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David Thorne
I've bought 3 pairs and all don't fit right. I've always bought Levi's and have to wear 40 waist because the 38 are too tight around my legs. So when I bought these i got 2 pairs of 38 and they fit super tight around waist. Was barely able to button them, not bad around the legs but a little long on the crotch So i got a 40 and they are huge. Extremely baggy. That's too bad. I was really looking forward to wearing American made jeans.
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Best jeans ever!
Jason Davis
These are the best jeans I have ever bought. Pockets are nice and large which is great for CCW. I wear these jeans constantly both at work and on weekends and they last for years of daily wear. I also love the fact that I can get odd waist sizes since 38s are generally too large but 37s fit perfect. Please keep making these jeans and I promise to keep buying them!
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Sized Wrong?
Jeff Knight
I have 3 pair of these jeans in 33x30 and they all seem to be at least 34's. Not what I expected.
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Very comfortable
Rodney Meyer
Withe the gusset in these jeans you cannot imagine how much comfortable they are. Well worth it.
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very nice
Chris Perez
I bought these jeans because they are made in the U.S.A. I just got my second pair right now and I'm impressed once again. These feel very comfortable i knew the bottom would be tapered but they are too small for my taste but I have proper shoes to rectify that. I am going to order more styles now
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My New Favorite Jeans
David Eggert
Like the title reads, my new favorite jeans. By far the best $50 jeans I've had on. Wish they made khakis for work too.
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Dirty pockets
William Maslen
I have several pairs of these and like them very well === EXCEPT for one thing. The pockets are sewn in such a manner that it is impossible to turn them inside out and empty dirt out of them. I get dirt in my pockets and with other brands of jeans I could turn them inside out and pretty well empty them completely ... but not with these. Otherwise these jeans are great.
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Best jeans available today!
David Gowler
I have been wearing jeans for over 50 years, and these are the best jeans currently available anywhere I have looked. I wore Levis starting in the 1960s and wore them for years until their quality declined in the 1990s. Since then, I have been looking for high quality jeans--made in the USA which Levis no longer are--and these are simply the best I have found. Excellent fit; excellent quality; made to last.
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A good replacement for Levis 550
Dwayne Nyman
This review is for AA101D Jeans. I am very happy I found a high quality replacement jeans for my old favorite. I've been wearing Levis for the last 30+ years. Their quality control has been declining the last 5-10 yrs. Here's a tip: measure your old jeans in the same areas as illustrated in the size charts found under Customer Service tab. Find the size that is close to your current pants. AA sizing is a tad generous in the waist hips. I take a 34x32 in Levis, so I ordered that size in this jeans. Exchanged for 33x32 and they fit perfect! Exchange was quick and easy. AACO- please don't change a thing with these pants.
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Levi 550 replacement
Jim Rose
After searching locally for a pair of jeans that would fit and wear like my old Levi 550s, and I looked at about every brand, I decided to look online and if possible support made in the USA. I found American Clothing and ordered a pair of medium stonewash (AA101) and a pair of these (AA101D). I expected the two to be identical except for the fabric, but noticed that the front pockets on the AA101Ds were not as deep (by 3/4"). Not much, but enough to make them less comfortable with larger items (like key chains) in the pocket (hence the 4 stars). Other than that, the fit and feel were similar. Nice denim in feel, weight, and color. Look like they will wear well, but time will tell. I don't believe that the presence of a gusset matters much to me, and it will take a little getting used to. I just wanted jeans that sit at or above my waist and give me room in the rear. These will do just fine and I will likely be ordering more. I am indifferent to the number of belt loops but was surprised to receive 7 on my size 33 waist jeans, contrary to the description that said I would get 5. The description should be updated. Thanks for a quality, made in the USA product.
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Love these jeans.
Jason Reynolds
These are my absolute favorites. Superior material, deep strong pockets, not too baggy but not to tight. Just awesome. Love the gusset too. Far, far superior to the sorry product that Levis puts out these days. I do find that these run a little large in the waist. I normally wear a 36 and the 35 fits me perfect. YMMV.
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Not What I Expected.
Richard Brunslik
First pair of jeans I received were too tight, even though I wear the same size in Levi's, LL Bean and Wrangler. It took 1 month to receive a new pair in exchange. New pair were fine in the waist, but was much too big in the hips and rear. I will be sticking to the brands I mentioned above.
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My new favorite jean
Joe Renta
Goodbye Wrangler, goodbye Levi! I have found my new favorite jean. Sending email to my Buds letting them know. Thank you for making these in American and putting people back to work.
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Cheryl Picard
I was excited to give these jeans as a gift to my husband and he loves them. The weight of the denim is thick and the color of the jean is rich, unlike inferior paper thin imported jeans. The quality and comfort level of these jeans are the best part and all at a reasonable price. Above all that, it's even more exiting to know that these jeans are made in the USA. So much so, that I'm telling everyone I know and spreading the word about these jeans and All American Clothing.
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Great jeans and shirts
William B Kirkland III
I ordered two pair of the boot cut jeans AA701 and found them to be too baggy in the legs for me. I returned them without issue and received two pair of 101's which were perfect. I also order two long sleeve t's, LOGOLS. Great material. Very pleased with quality, style and the fact they are made in the USA. I won't buy anywhere else and will recommend to everyone.
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Only Jeans I wear
Michael King
Bought my first pair of these 2 years ago. Now All American's are the ONLY jeans I buy and wear. Quality construction. The first pair I bought is still in use. Great style. Perfect fit. Gusset makes all the difference.
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Top Quality
Matthew Cushman
These jeans are made of excellent material and are well put together. For me, the average life of a pair of jeans is 18 months. I expect to get at least 3 or more years from these jeans. Please note! The waist size of the jeans I bought was about 1 size larger than other jeans. Typically I wear a 33x32. With these I was very comfortable in a 32x32.
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Love 'em
Clayton Berry
My only regret is not buying these sooner. I bought 40x34's and they fit the same as my Carhartt 40x34's and Levis 38x34.
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Best jeans I've ever owned
Gibson Chase-Pinkney
I got some of these as factory seconds at a huge discount, and there was a barely noticeable line where fabric had been joined (for half the price). They feel great, the fabric is heavy and soft, and I have a wider range of motion than I usually do in jeans, which is awesome. I will recommend these to my friends until they take out court orders against me.
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Way to go U.S.A.. !
Joe Merriott
I basically live in these jeans,living in rural USA and working in construction for a living.These are without question the BEST JEANS I've ever owned ( in my 50 yrs. I've tried them all).I would definitely give these 5 stars,great fit, sized consistently, very comfortable, great looking and feeling jeans.They actually look & feel better with every wash, quality craftsmanship,no loose threads, raveling seams or twisted legs.Far superior to the Major Brand Name jeans available nowadays that are imported from ???. All American Clothing Co. , you sure showed them! WAY TO GO U.S. A.
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Patrick Brannan
Being a little thicker thicker in the thighs and seat, there are very few jeans that I find comfortable. I have been a long time Levi's 560 guy, but no longer. These jeans are great.
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need more beltloops
Scott Taylor
there's nothing magical about a 33" waistline that makes it NOT need 7 beltloops. I own 3 pairs of 101 style jeans. Best jeans I've ever owned, except that the 2 pair I bought last summer (knowing that I'd need them by winter) only have 5 belt loops, instead of the 7 on my older pair. They're all 33W 34L, which means sometime between last summer and about 2 years ago, AACC decided to cut a corner here and there. Still good jeans, but not 5 star worthy until they put the beltloops back for us skinny guys.
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Nice color, fit, quality, and price
Greg Gaydos
These darker colored jeans look really sharp. The semi-relaxed fit provides a little extra room in the legs below the start of the inseam. The quality of the cloth, stitching, and finish are all first rate. The cut is accurate and the threads ends are all trimmed off. I'm very happy with the overall price. I ordered enough pairs to get the free shipping, so it was a great deal. I'm also happy my money went to support jobs here in America.
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Husband says
They are the best/ most comfortable jeans he has ever had. Will continue to purchase these. He usually like relaxed fit and these are perfect. He actually went down a size in these compared to what he normally wears. We have had them for probably six months and no signs of wear and tear, they are not fading like other jeans do. I am so happy!!
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Best Jean Ever
John Davis
I do not know how long I have been wearing this style but it has been for a while. I love the material, fit (especially the crotch), deep pockets and the fact they they are made in the USA! I like the fact that others can see the IBEW logo patch and ask questions about these jeans. I am an industrial work electrician and these jeans get abused and take it, except for the corners of the back pockets. Something really needs to be done about these tearing away, too soon.
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Finally, a great fit, great price and made in U.S.A.!!
Robert Moggio
I recently received my first pair of jeans from AACC and they won't be my last. They had my size, which no one seems to carry (35 x 32) and they are from the USA. The fit is perfect for me, not too loose and not too slim, kind of like what most of us probably need. Thanks a lot and I'll be back!
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Great jeans but have weak spots
Mike Pasch
I have about 10 pair of your AA101 jeans. The weak spot for me is the croch and the corner of the back pockets tearing. Other then that Great jeans.
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Great Fit and Look and made in America
Jim Trakas
I was very happy with my purchase. I initially ordered the wrong size, but returned them hassle free. They wear well, feel phenomenal, and look terrific. Couldn't be happier, and encourage everyone to buy American and buy these well made and high value blue jeans. They are well worth it, and highly comfortable and durable.
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lacks sufficient amount of belt loops
Matt McManus
I was suprised to find that there were less belt loops than my last pair from the Union Jean Co. A good quality pair of jeans needs to to have seven belt loops to provide adequate support around the waist band. The AA101D only has five like just like the crapy jeans sold in retail stores that are made in Central America. This makes the jean feel uncomfortable around the waist & will not properly support the weight carried inside the average working man's pockets or belt attatched accesories. But otherwise I'm happy to find and proud to own any clothing made in the USA.

- UPDATE BY All American Clothing -

We are updating all our styles and we all styles will have 7 belt loops on sizes 34 and up. While sizes 33 and smaller will have 5 belt loops.
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Excellent Product and Service !!!
Michael McNally
Absolutely the best pair of jeans I've owned in a long time. The materials and workmanship are a hundred times better than anything you'll find on the department store shelf and the sizing is true, if not a little large (like jeans used to be). For years I was a loyal Levi's 501 fan but recently became frustrated with the poor quality and fit of their crappy "Mexican 501's". This is no longer a problem, thanks to the superior product made by All American.
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Excellant quality, very well made.
Dennis Franzen
These jeans are extremely comfortable, and very well constructed. I will be purchasing more in the future. Forget about those cheap foreign made jeans they don't come close.
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Well made and comfortable
Ron Patton
I just received my order of two pairs of the relaxed fit AA101 stone washed jeans, one in medium and one in dark. To say they are comfortable is an understatement. Excellent workmanship! I couldnít be more proud to wear them and to tell others about this great company. I requested the USA leather patch to be added to both pairs of jeans to let people know it is still possible to buy quality Made-in-America products. My only disappointment is when the USA patch is covered over by a jacket. I canít wait for warmer weather.
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I am sold on these jeans
Just got my first pair of these jeans and I am impressed! Washed them after trying on, the fit is outstanding as is the quality of material. I'm telling all my friends about these too.
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inseam length
Gene Utlaut
I have ordered 8 pairs of your jeans over the last several years. I am getting ready to order some more, wish they had a 28 inch inseam though. I only buy American Made products whenever I can.I love the fit and the Quality. These are a much better product than a foreign made Levi.
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Love these jeans
Michael Rayburg
I just ordered my 2nd pair of these jeans and I love the fit and the quality. I would also like to 2nd the suggestion for making them available in black.
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nice color
I have loved your jeans for years. Nice to see you added another color. Will we see them available in black soon? Thanks!
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Some jean companies use 'vanity' sizing, they will tag their jean a 34" waist but the actual measurement will be 36" to 37". All American Clothing will be a little more 'true' to size. We tag the jean with a 34" tag and the actual measurement will be 34.5" to 35.5" (to allow for any shrinkage). Please measure a pair of jeans you currently like to wear and use that measurement to order our jeans.

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