AA Regular Jean - Medium Stonewash

AA Regular Jean - Medium Stonewash


Style: AA101

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This All American Jean comes with a comfortable All American, Classic Relaxed Fit - not too tight, not too loose. It is a rivetless, zipper fly jean made of a durable 14.5 oz denim and is constructed with a gusset to improve comfort and durability! This jean is Made in the USA all the way from the materials to the labor. So shop with confidence and pride when purchasing this All American Classic!

Please allow for up to 3% shrinkage. As with all new denim jeans, please wash separately before wearing to avoid color bleeding.

The jeans have 7 belt loops.

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I have finally found a replacement for my Levis. These feel like the jeans of old. A good weight and fit, and best of all made is USA.
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Great Pants!
I'm so glad to find a company that sells American made jeans. They are well made using high quality materials and hold up over time.
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Best in Years
I was reluctant to buy $50 jeans over the internet. But All Americans return policy took the risk out. I bought 2 pairs again something I wouldn't usually do the first time. Anyway the fit was perfect the construction also outstanding. It's been a long time since I have bought a pair of jeans I like this much. Maybe in th 60's whenI was in High School. I have tried a lot of brands of the years these are the best. Now to see how they last.
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Different cuts
The AS101 jeans are very well made garments. I have worn them for several years and have found them to be comfortable and very durable. However, each color is a different fit. The light blue is true to size but the dark blue jeans are smaller, and the black jeans are the largest of the 3.
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1st order
Just got my 1st order and the jeans fit great, I mean it. I bought American made jeans from another company and they just seemed "Bummy". So far very happy and plan on ordering more jeans at least.
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Levi 550 Replacements
After searching locally for a pair of jeans that would fit and wear like my old Levi 550s, and I looked at about every brand, I decided to look online and if possible support made in the USA. I found American Clothing and ordered a pair of dark stonewash (AA101D) and a pair of these (AA101). Nice denim in feel, weight, and color. Look like they will wear well, but time will tell. I don't believe that the presence of a gusset matters much to me, and it will take a little getting used to. I just wanted jeans that sit at or above my waist and give me room in the rear. These will do just fine and I will likely be ordering more. I am indifferent to the number of belt loops but was surprised to receive 7 on my size 33 waist jeans, contrary to the description that said I would get 5. The description should be updated. Thanks for a quality, made in the USA product.
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Quality stuff
Just bought my 3rd and 4th pair of these jeans. First two pair were purchased a couple years ago and after dozens of washings are holding up and still look great. I wear jeans daily so I bought two more to weave into the rotation. An old Levi's 505 guy disgruntled with the design change, I believe these jeans are a similar fit but a far better quality product overall. Keep up the great work. Go USA.
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Ok, but.............
I bought these for the extra "crotch" room when riding my motorcycle. They do offer a benefit in that respect. However, they are very baggie in the hips--looks like bloomers. Not very flattering. In fact I have to wear my shirt out just to hide it. I won't buy anymore of these jeans.
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I now have two pairs of these jeans and love them. I have been a Levis guy for years but their quality has gone down hill. I am a plain clothes detective and these jeans are perfect to work in. They are durable, have enough room to move around in and are very presentable. These jeans will definitely hold up.
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Very nice/comfortable jeans
These jeans are very well made. Size was just right. I've had these jeans for over a year and they have held up very, very well. The small change pocket on the right side actually has room for you to get your fingers in unlike other jean manufactors. Loved the leather IBEW patch on the back as well. The jeans were darker then I expected but that is the only fault at all I can find. Great Made In America jeans.
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Customer for life
I've seen is said before, but these really are my favorite pair of jeans. So much so that I'm buying two more pair today!
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Best Jeans I've ever owned
These jeans are the best jeans I've ever owned. The material is heavy, but soft. The stitching is precise and the thread ends are neatly trimmed. The lack of rivets is one of the best features; I no longer have to worry about scratching my car when I wash it. The length is perfect and the fit is very comfortable. The cut is fuller than a Levis 505 style. It is similar to a Dockers cut. I love the little American Flag tag on the front pocket and the All American Clothing label on the top of the back pocket. They are small enough to blend in, but yet still be subtley noticeable. I've purchased American made short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, jeans, and bath towels. I'm going to continue to search for casual pants, sneakers, and boat shoes made in America. One of the biggest surprises about these American made products is that the price is not signifigantly higher than imported brands. I don't understand why these companies chose to send our jobs offshores in the first place.
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The Best Jeans in Years!
I can't say enough about my purchase! From the time I opened the package, I knew I would be thrilled. Nice fabric, even stitching, and smooth seams. Quality fabric with substance for the deep pockets with lots of overlap at the entry point. The "watch" pocket nearly swallows an iPhone whole. The fit was outstanding! These AA101 jeans are very similar in sizing to Levi 550 jeans only far better. Your traceability feature is great. I love to know where my products are made just like I do when I shop at my local farmer's market. Your products are simply exceptional. As a manufacturer myself, I value what I see in your products. Quality doesn't cost, it pays!
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I have had these jeans for 3 years and wear them every week for construction work. They are getting thin so I just ordered one more pair to check the size. My old ones have a 28 inseam but they no longer make this size. Going to try the 30 but if they are to long I'll go to B---Y jeans that are made in america too. Just like the way this fit and wear. If All american goes back to 28 inseam I hope they don't take 30's and cut them down to make the size. Some companys do and they are to big at the bottom.
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Super Jeans
Like others who've ordered these jeans, I was looking for a replacement for Levis 505 jeans after they changed the design. These jeans fill that gap, and more. I've worn them for a few months now, and they've held up nicely, with no apparent shrinkage or fading from washing. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the denim is a little lighter weight than the Levis, or the material is the same weight but more "supple." Whatever the case, they are very comfortable. My only issue? A minor one, but the back pockets aren't placed quite right. They look fine, but they seem to be not quite where I would expect them to be. At just a few dollars more than Levis, these are definitely worth the price.
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My New Favorite Jeans!
Ordered one pair and after wearing them for a day I ordered another pair. I've always worn Levi's 550's and hese seem like they are made every bit as well or better than the Levi's and their are not made in Egypt. Wasn't sure how I would like the gusset because I've never had a pair of pants with that in them but I think for a guy, it makes them more comfortable to wear while sitting down. Can't see me going back to Levi's. I never thought I'd say that after all the years that I've worn them.
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Excellent replacement for Levis 505
I wore Levi's forever. Never again. AACO is my new brand and this is my favorite jean. Will be ordering a 2nd pair. And I feel good that I am supporting US laborers as well.
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Great Jean with comfort
Bought a pair of these jean because I'm tired of wearing jeans from China. I want to buy all American made clothing. This jean is probably the most comfortable I've ever worn. I would like to see a more lean fit for the men my age who are a little portly, but have smaller thighs and rear end. But even as they are, I'm ordering another pair. They are the best. Try em' you'll like em'.
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Replaces 505's
I was looking for a jean to replace my Levi's 505 that I wore for many years.they made a change, and now I finally a company that is making what I want. The fit is great. Not having wore a pant with gussets before, they are very comfortable. No low ride skinny jeans on this jean. Thanks for making them, and it feels good to support American workers in the clothing industry again.
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Great Jeans - Great Price - Easy Care
Just bought three more pairs of jeans from All American Clothing. Love the quality of the jeans and the wife loves the way the wash and dry. Some jeans, like my old Levis, were prone to twisting after being dried. These All American Jeans dry straight and true. Makes folding a whole lot easier. Icing on the cake.
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Could not be happier with your products/service
All I can say is Outstanding products and customer service. Perfect fit on the jeans and the pocket T's are reminicent of the quality that J.C. Penney's used to put out years ago. keep doin' what you're doin'.....I'm tellin' everyone I know about All American Clothing. Signed A Very Happy Customer.
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Not the right cut for me
These are great jeans, I'd say the cut is like a levis 501 which is tight not relaxed. I need more room in the thighs and backside, but I am a more muscular build. I found the AA301 style to fit me perfectly but it seems they have quit carrying this style. I will probably try the carpenter jeans next they look like a truly "relaxed" fit which is what I am looking for.
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Pleasantly Pleased
I'm used to trying to figure out how a certain pair of jeans or pants will fit when made based on money alone. I have found the pair that I bought from AAC to be the best fitting jean to date. Everything about them is welcomed and appreciated by an all American Man. Feel, fit, comfort and price are excellent. Will continue to be a customer until you do something to change my mind. Great job.
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Best Jeans I have ever owned!
I have been making a concerted effort to ONLY buy "Made In America" clothing, so long as price and quality is reasonable. I just received my first pair of your AA Jeans and all I can say is WOW! I will be an AA customer for life! Thanks for making a great product!
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love the feel, look and quality!
received our order of jeans , tops and socks. We love the feel, quality and look. Everything fits great. We will be ordering more and happily passing on to friends. Thank you very much. Teresa and Nick
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My husband loves these jeans...
VERY well made! Has a discrete yet unmistakable little label with the Made in the USA and a tiny American flag on them. I get excited about this on ANY product now. The quality reminds me of L***s from long ago but as I KNOW, quality has long since disappeared from today's jeans. Not these!!! I will be buying more for my hubby. Thank you for "grown and sewn" clothing and excellent service. Merry Christmas.
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I have been looking for a MADE in the USA jean for awhile. I purchased three pairs of different styles hoping for the best. I am very satisfied with quality and fit. I wish the AA where a little more relaxed but fit petty good.
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AA101 Jeans
I purchase three of these jeans to replace a name brand which were failing after one year of casual use. My first criteria was to get something made in the U.S. hence my purchase here. I took a chance and placed an order here at All American Clothing Co. Except for not having a shorter length, I am happy with my selection and purchase! The fit is good, they are comfortable, and they certainly seem that they will last more than a year. I'll be back to purchase more items.
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Good Jeans
Nice quality jean with a good fit, just wish it came in a darker color...i like to wear black jeans when riding my harley.
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good quality poor fit
I am shorter (5'8") and the rise was to high for me...
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comfortable ride
I wear these whenever i ride my motorcycle and the gusset definately makes a difference
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I like these jeans!
This is a pretty good USA jean, the fit through the leg,hips and waist is good but I do wish the bottom opening was a little larger, so maybe i will try the boot cut next...but my wife says these makes my butt look good so i will keep wearing them!
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New Favorites
Thanks for making these jeans in the USA, the fit and quality are great! Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping jobs in America! Hope you will offer more styles and shorts soon!!
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Nice Jeans
Although I prefer slim fit these jeans are still nice.
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USA Quality and Service
My husband loves these jeans! We ordered the wrong size on the first order but you were quick to exchange them for us...Thank You!
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Just your average jean
I didn't notice a big difference in the fit due to the gusset...I guess I expected these to be a little different than regular jeans. But these are still a good jean
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Some jean companies use 'vanity' sizing, they will tag their jean a 34" waist but the actual measurement will be 36" to 37". All American Clothing will be a little more 'true' to size. We tag the jean with a 34" tag and the actual measurement will be 34.5" to 35.5" (to allow for any shrinkage). Please measure a pair of jeans you currently like to wear and use that measurement to order our jeans.

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