The Birth of All American Clothing Co: Part 2

In this section of how All American Clothing Co. began, I will share with you what owner Lawson Nickol did about the situation from Part 1 that he found himself in.

In the last section, Lawson Nickol found himself in a predicament. After finding out the ‘USA Made’ company he worked for began to outsource, Lawson faced a tough decision between retirement and setting things right. Lawson took some time to weigh his options. Being 50 years old, even with retirement around the corner Lawson wanted to do the right thing. The thought of sending jobs outside our borders didn’t sit well with Lawson. He was certain it would not be acceptable to the USA labor market where he had sold for years. His passion and reputation was built by offering quality USA Made jeans. With the devastating discovery, Lawson turned in his resignation within days.

After turning in his resignation Lawson decided he could not let his employer ruin his reputation or let greed crush his passion for supporting American workers and his family. He decided he must continue to support USA made and the loyal clients that still want to buy USA made clothing, even if he had to make the jeans himself–which was the beginning of All American Clothing Co. The first several years were tough as the company survived on family savings, financial risks, and working long hours. Yet, each year the company continued to grow. Today, All American Clothing Co. continues to grow, producing thousands of jeans a year and continues to provide many Americans with jobs!


All American Clothing Co.

The Birth of All American Clothing Co: Part 1


This is the story of how the All American Clothing Co. began. In this section I will share with you what owner Lawson Nickol gave up and the sacrifices that he made in order to make a difference.

In 2002, Lawson Nickol had a job in the USA Made jeans manufacturing business. He loved his job because he felt he was making a difference, he enjoyed it, and he had an income that supported his family. Looking down the road he saw promise of a comfortable retirement with a lifetime of relaxation filled with beaches, boats, and lemonade. But, little did he know  he would approach a bump in the road.

As a sales manager for a USA jeans manufacturer, he believed he was doing the right thing by selling a product that was ‘American Made’ as mom, apple pie and baseball. One evening while shopping in a retail store, Lawson discovered his company’s label on a pair of jeans in a style he had not seen before. His initial reaction was “great, our retail division has branched into a retail chain and that means healthy growth. This is good! “Wrong…. unfortunately that bump in the road had just arrived. Lawson noticed the label indicated “Made in Mexico”. With a frantic and disappointing call to headquarters he confirmed the tag was accurate. Suddenly there was a disturbing realization; his employer had begun to outsource.

After the surprise of his ‘USA Made’ employer beginning to outsource, Lawson had a difficult decision to make. Would he finish out the next couple years in order to enjoy a promising retirement? Or, would Lawson stand up for everything he believed in and sacrifice his personal gains for making a difference in today`s economy?

Find out what Lawson would base his decision on in Part 2…


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Here is a list of the social media sites we currently carry. Through these social media outlets, we can spread the importance of American Made in many ways. This ultimately allows us to make a difference in making something happen every day! That is our ultimate goal–to make something happen! Check out our sites just by clicking on the pictures below!


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Feeling Lucky!

Here at All American Clothing Co., we have had the upmost support from YOU, our loyal customers who carry the same USA Made passion as we do! We truly are ‘feeling lucky’ to have such great support from our followers! Thank you for making us the luckiest american made clothing company in the country! Help us spread the ‘Luck’ just in time for St. Patrick`s Day with our new ‘Feeling Lucky’ Tee!


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How To Find out if ‘USA Made’ companies are telling the truth:

For those of you who are American Made supporters, you may be misled by  businesses who say they are 100% USA Made, when in fact they aren’t. Here are a few ways to keep you from being  taken advantage of.

Check to see if the company is  Made in USA Certified:

When companies like All American Clothing Co. are Made in USA Certified, this means that we have been inspected in having 100% of our items as American Made. This means that the material in our product is grown in USA and the products were also manufactured in USA.

Ask for proof:

When making a purchase, another way to make sure companies are telling the truth is to ask for proof. Through programs such as ‘Made in USA Certified’ and ‘Traceability’ programs, companies can prove to customers that our products are 100% Made in USA. If you feel like a company is acting fishy, you can call their number and ask someone for more details!

Check product details:

This is where some companies who say they are ‘Made in USA’ will take advantage of you the most. Sometimes they will claim to be ‘100% Made in USA’, when actually their materials came from foreign lands. Also, businesses will say they`re ‘100% USA Made’ when only offering a few American Made items on their site, while the majority of their items are manufactured overseas.  Be careful of these types of companies when shopping! This is where many ‘USA Made’ shoppers are misled!

So How Does All American Clothing Co. Prove it?

Being Made in USA Certified and one of the first companies in the world to feature ‘traceability’ allows us to prove to YOU that we are 100% Made in USA.

On behalf of everyone here at All American Clothing Co, I encourage all of you to continue your support in USA Made products, but I advise you to keep an eye out and shop with caution! I hope that this will help you in your efforts. If you have any more ideas on how to keep an eye out, please share!



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Made in USA, The 30 Day Journey:

               Here is an upcoming documentary film about someone who cares about their country and wants to make a difference! That person is Josh Miller. Together with his crew at Made in USA Productions LCC, Josh will set out on a journey throughout the country in which he will live off of USA Made products for 30 days. During Josh`s journey he will talk with locals to find out if “Made in the USA” really means anything anymore. Also, he and his team will explore the rise and fall of USA Made in attempting to find out what has caused our ongoing recession. Josh will interview many business owners, experts, and locals for their opinions on Made in USA as he and his team travel the country.

With the economy being what it is today, All American Clothing Co. would like to invite ALL of you to get involved in helping raise awareness on the importance of American Made with this film! If you would like to make a difference in helping Josh and his team on their journey, please consider making a contribution as small as $10 to the film. Josh and his team want to reach experts and locals from all ends of the USA. Your funds will allow them to reach a larger audience during their journey and to travel to more areas throughout the USA. In order for Josh and his crew to make a high-quality, thought-provoking film, they need our support! Please consider following the link at to make a donation. Your contributions matter! Let`s make a difference in spreading the word on the importance of American Made!

After speaking with Josh personally, I found out quickly that he is a person who deeply cares about his country and wants to make a difference.  As a USA Made company, All American Clothing Co. would like to commend Josh for what he is doing.  We will be following Josh and his crew throughout their journey and supporting them in whatever shape or form we can! Please join us in support for this great cause that will raise awareness to more Americans across the country! Also, dont hesitate to spread the word! For more information on Josh and updates on his Made in USA 30 Day Journey, you can check out their website at

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5 Items that will show YOUR Patriotism!

In light of Presidents Day, here are a few items we recommend will show your patriotism!

All American Revolution Jean:

Enjoy a night out in our most decorated premium style of jean, the All American ‘Revolution.’ With these jeans, you will feel good with their signature comfort and look good with their premium style! You will also feel great knowing they are made right here in the USA!!!

Freedom Tee:

This 100% Made in USA tee shirt will have you feeling good about showing your patriotism and supporting USA Made! A fan favorite, our Freedom Tee!

All American Ladies Phoenix Jean:

Our newest premium fashion in our Ladies` selection of clothing! The All American Ladies ‘Phoenix’ jean has its own unique style and durability made in the USA!

 I Love USA Tee:

One of our newest additions of clothing that is 100% Made in USA! This shirt literally shows the support and love you have for USA!

All American Cargo Shorts:

With Spring around the corner, these shorts will have you feeling good and looking good supporting USA Made!

Hope you enjoy these items of ours and continue to support USA Made during the course of the year!

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Have a nice day!


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Four things YOU should know about President`s Day:

George Washington`s Birthday was the original designated date of President`s Day. In light of the upcoming federal holiday, here are a few facts that YOU should know about President`s Day!

  1.  George Washington- President`s Day was originally designated on President George Washington’s Birthday. The holiday was originally celebrated by United States Congress in 1880 within government offices in Washington D.C. It expanded in 1885 to include all federal offices throughout the United States.
  2.   First Holiday to Honor an American Citizen- President`s Day was the first federal holiday to honor an American citizen. It was celebrated on Washington’s birthday which is February 22. However, the holiday was moved in 1971 from Washington`s original birth date to the third Monday in February, making the federal holiday fall on a number of different dates. This year, Presidents Day will fall on February 20—Not Washington`s birthday.
  3.  State`s Names: Many different states have different traditions in observance of the holiday. For example, Alabama dubs the day as “Washington and Jefferson Day”, even though Thomas Jefferson’s birthday is in April. In George Washington’s home state of Virginia, the holiday is known as “George Washington Day.
  4. Tradition: Since 1862, the United States Senate has held a tradition where George Washington’s Farewell Address is to be read on his birthday. The annual tradition continues with the reading of the address on or near Washington’s Birthday.

Hope you enjoyed! If there are any other facts that you would like to share, please do!!!


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5 Reasons Why You Should Love USA:

Ah! Love is in the air as it’s Valentine`s Day Season! I can imagine the love that is filling the air throughout your daily lives as you are rushing to get your loved ones something special. Its important to remember that even though the upcoming holiday is meant for your loved ones, it can also be enjoyed with the love you have for your country. With this being said, I would like to share some reasons why you should also love the United States of America during this time of the year.

  1. Freedom: We have many freedoms that should not be taken for granted. Most notably, our freedom of speech. We can speak critically of the government, it`s officials, our neighbors, and even the President! We are also allowed to speak on behalf of the things we support to anyone in the country. In other countries, you can be killed for expressing your viewpoints because it is not tolerated or someone doesn’t respect your standing. I enjoy the fact that even though Americans may disagree on certain viewpoints, we are still respectful of each other`s views.
  2. Opportunity: I am sure you have heard it before, but I`ll say it again. You can accomplish anything so long as you set your mind to it in America. Anyone can grow up to become a president, congressman, a professional athlete, or an entrepreneur. There have been numerous examples of success throughout history in the U.S. that go to prove that anything can be accomplished in this country.
  3. Rights: According to the U.S. Constitution we have a number of rights as American citizens. Among them are the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, and the freedom to bear arms. Also, you cannot forget that we have the right to vote in our local, state, and federal elections, allowing our voices to be heard and to matter.
  4. American People:  Nowhere in the world will you find a country with a more diverse body of culture than that of the U.S. And, there is nowhere in the world will you find a diverse group of people come together as one. After disasters such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina people from all over the country offered a hand in coming together to help make a difference and provide support for the families that suffered during each disaster. Americans have always been willing to help their neighbors no matter what the cost. Another beautiful thing that I love about America.
  5. Landscapes/ National Parks/ Monuments:  Our country has been smart enough to set aside large pieces of land for the enjoyment of its people. This is something that is not necessarily practiced in other countries. Places like Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore are a staple of American tradition. Americans have visited these locations since for years on family vacations and school field trips. Even though I have never been to any (yet), I would love to visit all of our natural rarities that have been set aside for our enjoyment. Such amazing traditions and beautiful sights to see!

I hope you enjoyed! If I forgot anything, do share! Thanks!

PS. Don’t forget to check out our new I Love USA shirts that just released! They make a nice Valentine`s Day Gift!


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