The Importance of American Manufacturing:

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This Week On The Importance of American Manufacturing:

Meet Enrique Santacana. Enrique is the President and Chief Executive Officer of ABB Inc. (“ABB”) and the Region Manager of ABB North America.

Q.  Please tell us a little about yourself.

A.  I’m Enrique Santacana, President and Chief Executive Officer of ABB Inc. (“ABB”) and the Region Manager of ABB North America. ABB is the global leader in power and automation technologies that improve energy efficiency, performance and sustainability.  I joined ABB in 1977 and have held a variety of management positions including Region Division Manager for Power Products in North America. Prior to that, I was Vice President and General Manager of the Medium Voltage Products business unit of ABB’s Power Technologies division in North America. I earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico; an M.S. in Electric Power Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; and an MBA from Duke University. I sit on the Board of Governors of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and am also a member of the Business Roundtable where I am Vice Chair of their Sustainable Growth Initiative.  I have served on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee where I helped the Department of Energy meet requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.
Q.  Why is American Manufacturing important to you?
A.  The US is ABB’s largest growth market, so there is significant value in locating manufacturing here to serve the North America region. For example, many of the products we make must meet ANSI standards (vs. IEC) to be of interest for US customers, so it makes sense to build them here. Also, we have found that in a number of cases the time savings realized by having manufacturing located in the US outweighs the cost savings of producing products in lower cost countries in terms of value to our customers. When a utility is trying to recover from a hurricane, for example, the ability to receive replacement equipment within days or even hours is vital.
Q. Where did your passion for USA manufacturing begin?
A.  ABB has invested in US manufacturing since the company as it exists today was created in 1988. This has included acquisitions such as Westinghouse’s transmission and distribution business in 1989 as well as greenfield investments like our high-voltage cable factory in Huntersville, NC, which opened in 2012.
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Q. How have you/your company expressed that passion throughout your life?
A.  ABB has grown its US manufacturing footprint since the formation of the company, but in the past few years it has accelerated thanks to some key acquisitions. With the addition of Baldor Electric (motors, drives, mechanical power transmission) in 2010 and Thomas & Betts (low-voltage products) in 2012, we now have more manufacturing operations in the US than ever before.
Our high-voltage circuit breaker factory in Mt. Pleasant, PA is a great example of this growth, too. It was constructed in 2003 to replace an aging facility the business had long outgrown and features streamlined logistics, bright, clean work areas and advanced materials handling equipment (e.g., a gas handling system to manage the SF6 gas used in HV breakers). Our high-voltage cable plant was located in Huntersville, NC after an exhaustive search that included not on the US but sites in Canada and Mexico as well. One of the key reasons for choosing Huntersville was access to top-notch talent, both in engineering and in production.
Q. If you could choose one word to describe American manufacturing, what would it be?
A. Innovation.

Showroom Opens Up World Of The All American Clothing Co. To Public.

All American Clothing Co., the premiere online location for USA made clothing items, announces the debut of its new  concept with the opening of a showroom in its Arcanum, Ohio location. Located at 1 Pop Rite Rd, just south of Arcanum, Ohio, the showroom will feature the many American made items that All American Clothing Co. has to offer. It will also feature an All American theme with its coloration, pictures, and objects.  The showroom is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

“For made in America supporters and enthusiasts, the showroom will create a unique experience into the world of All American Clothing Co. and its belief in supporting the American worker.,” said Logan Beam, Director of Marketing and Communications at All American Clothing Co. “All American Clothing Co. has always cared about the United States and the people in it. Our founders started manufacturing USA made jeans with a passion to never trade USA jobs for foreign profits. We are now able to showcase our passion, products, and services while creating a strong relationship with our customers.”

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A patriotic destination, the All American Clothing Co. showroom will provide customers the opportunity to discover the unique experiences they have to offer, like Traceability. Traceability is all about the truth of where jeans come from and offers some recognition to the hard working Americans who are involved in making jeans. All American Clothing Co. is one of the first jean companies in the world that allows customers to trace their jean all the way back to the American farmers who grew the cotton used. Each jean comes with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ that includes a traceability number. Enter the traceability number on the All American Clothing Co. website and they will tell you exactly which farmers and mill were involved in producing that jean.

How Does Traceability Work? Check out the video!

The showroom is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Est. A knowledgeable and passionate team of customer service experts will be available to help deliver the ‘All American’ experience.


All American Clothing Co.

Freedom Is Not Free… Or Is It?

This week, the All American Clothing Co. will be giving away just a few freebies to spread some good ol ‘All American’ happiness during tax week! We really do appreciate all of your help in supporting the American worker with our USA made jeans and clothing items. Thank you.

Please sign up for a chance to win a free item by subscribing to the All American Newsletter. If you are already a member, you do not have to sign up again.

This week`s All American Clothing Co. newsletter giveaways are…

Monday – ‘Freedom’ Tee:

Tuesday – AA Chrome Tee

Wednesday – Sock item of choice

Thursday – $50 Gift Certificate

Friday – Special Surprise

Freedom Tee

“Freedom Is Not Free” Tee

Have an ‘All American’ week!


All American Clothing Co.

All American Pricing, Quality Explained…

Thank you all for supporting American made products at the All American Clothing Co. We truly would not be here without your help and understanding of the need for manufacturing in the USA. Many Americans would not have jobs today without you. Thank you.

For those of you who ask us about the price we wanted to explain why the cost of USA made goods is higher. As you will read, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to stay in USA. With your help we hope to create American jobs and to “never trade those American jobs for foreign profits”. Please read the statement below from our Co-Founder Lawson Nickol as he explains why American Made pricing and quality is more expensive.

Jean banner for blog



From The Desk Of Lawson Nickol,

1. 1. Taxes are higher, 2. the cost of cotton fabrics (up over 200% in the past several years), 3. supply and demand (majority of cotton in USA is sold to china and other countries that have the majority of the apparel industry), 4. the US has lost over 84% of it’s revenue in the cut and sew industry over the last 10 years, 5. even China says it will raise it’s price and labor rates by 30% to 40% of the next 3 years (but they haven’t done it yet), 6. pay rate in USA is 4 to 5 times more than the rate in the foreign countries, 7.  no tariff to stop the manufacturing processes and labor atrocities in the foreign companies. 8. QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT AND SERVICE (FABRIC Quality, SEWING Quality, ABILITY TO RETURN AND EXCHANGE), 9. minimum wage in the USA vs China, Pakistan, Mexico, Bangladesh, etc. puts the USA in an impossible competitive price.

2. If All American Clothing only wanted to make money, I sure would not be able to do it in the USA.

3. After 8 years of testing and tracking the durability of the product, we have proven that you can buy our product and expect to average buying only once every 2.3 years.  Or you can buy 1 pair of the lighter weight (foreign product) 2 times and still have to buy 2 pair of worn out/deteriorated pair jeans. This indicates nearly the same cost value.

Yep, ours is higher cost, but I buy a lot of higher cost products that are made in the USA in order to support tax base, jobs, SSN, police, firemen, hospitals, infrastructure, military, freedom, etc etc. I don’t buy foreign jeans and help to support labor atrocities, child labor, pour manufacturing quality, give money to the foreign governments, on and on and on. I know you didn’t ask me about my buying habits, but the big picture and the future require USA jobs and product production. If that was not important to me… I would make jeans in Mexico and sell them to America. I would get wealthy and US Americans would still lose jobs, leave economic problems for you future generations, begin to deteriorate your own standard of living.

We know that the jeans we sell are priced higher than many foreign made jeans, but we are lower than the average jeans made in the USA. And, there are legitimate reasons. Since the USA garment industry has all but left the USA (only 3% of the garments purchased in the USA are still made in the USA) I am proud to be one of the very few still making the jeans in the USA and supporting the government and people that understand the reasons we are not really that costly compared to the cost of the decline of all the above issues. Our country is in trouble unless we change the direction we are headed.

Thank you for your support.


All American Clothing Co.

All American Clothing Co


Outsourcing Effect

Photo Credit: The Colorado Observer

By Logan Beam

Man wakes up in OUTSOURCED blanket

Brushes his teeth with OUTSOURCED toothpaste

Puts on his OUTSOURCED clothes

Ties his OUTSOURCED shoes

Drives to his work in OUTSOURCED car

Works at his OUTSOURCED computer

Talks on OUTSOURCED phone

Months later, his job is OUTSOURCED.

warning white

The All American Clothing Co. WOW! Program.

The primary goal of the WOW! Program is to provide an ‘extra comfort’ to customers who are not familiar with online shopping.

The WOW! Program consists of 4 steps:

1.) Free Returns and Exchanges: Online shoppers at the USA made clothing company`s website may order the wrong size, find the sizing on the clothing company`s website to be wrong, or may receive the wrong items upon shipping and arrival. It`s nobody`s fault. The WOW! Program`s free return and exchange policy allows the shopper to exchange and correct a problem if needed. Knowing that a free fix is available will allow the consumer to shop more comfortably.

2.) Sizing Chart: It is very important for the All American Clothing Co. to provide a sizing chart. TheirUSA made clothing items will always fit differently on all body types. The WOW! Program`s sizing chart will allow shoppers to match up a particular item with their specific body type.

3.) World Class Customer Service: Having a real person available at any time can provide a quick fix to any help an online shopper may need. Today, the All American Clothing Co. provides this service through the telephone, email, and even social media websites. Adding a personal touch to the shopper`s experience is a great way for the American made clothingcompany to provide extra comfort and get to know their customers.

4.) Free Shipping and Rewards: The All American Clothing Co. offers free shipping on orders of $99 or more. They also offer a rewards program for their shoppers online.

These are just a few ways that the All American Clothing Co. makes an effort to make customers comfortable when shopping online. The American made clothing company also goes a step further with its ‘Tell Us Your Story’ section on their website. Shoppers can really connect with the All American Clothing Co. in sharing their photos and comments within this section. For more infortmation on the All American Clothing Co. and its WOW! Program, visit or check them out on facebook.


All American Clothing Co.

The Importance Of American Manufacturing – Joe The Plumber

Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumber

This Week On The Importance Of American Manufacturing:

Meet Samuel Wurzelbacher, also known as ‘Joe the Plumber.’ He is an Ohio native who is well known for the national attention he received during the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. More importantly Joe is a U.S. Air Force Veteran who passionately supports the health and well-being of his fellow Veterans as VP of the non-profit program entitled Alaska`s Healing Hearts.

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself. 

A: I lead a very active life most of it Outdoors. Hunting, Fishing, Chopping Wood, playing or coaching sports. To feel good about myself, I have to accomplish something each day, from my wife’s honey-do list, to helping small businesses be successful here in America. 

Q: Why is American manufacturing important to you?

A: I like seeing my neighbors happy and people around me succeed. For our country to remain strong, I believe American Manufacturing is key to our success.

Joe The Plumber

Joe`s conversation with President Obama


Q. Where did your passion for American manufacturing begin?

A: My Passion for American Manufacturing comes from being a die-hard patriot. I love buying “American Made” it makes me feel proud! I go out of my way, and sometimes go without to support American Made. American Manufacturing is what will keep America great!

Q: In what ways have you expressed that passion throughout your life?

A: As I stated before, I will go out of my way to buy American Made. I will spend the extra money. I speak at businesses, and write article about how our tax system is really hurting American Manufacturing/Small Business. I further express how both parties really aren’t working on our behalf and encourage them to step up and voice their concerns and elect people that will work for us and in turn work toward a better system for American manufacturing and small business.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

A: Spread my work ethic, not my wealth!


Join us next week  for another segment of ‘The Importance of American Manufacturing.’

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Brought to you by the folks at the All American Clothing Co.

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The Importance of American Manufacturing – Derek Singleton

Derek Singleton

Derek Singleton of Software Advice

This Week on The Importance of American Manufacturing:

Meet Derek Singleton. Derek is the Manufacturing Analyst at Software Advice. He is also the editor of the Manufacturing Blog at Software Advice.

Software Advice logo

Q. Please tell us a little about yourself and your company?

A. I’m the Manufacturing Analyst at Software Advice, an Austin-based research firm that reports on technologies and trends in the manufacturing industry. I’m also the Managing Editor of the Manufacturing Blog at Software Advice where I often write in support of American manufacturing and cover the trend of “reshoring” manufacturing from low-cost foreign production back to the United States. However, I do so with the realization that some manufacturing is unlikely to come back to the United States at all so I look for industry opportunities.

Q. When were you first inspired to support manufacturing in America?

A. I’ve always had a lot of respect for the ingenuity that it takes to create something but I first started to really support American manufacturing when I was in college getting my Political Science degree. While I was working toward my degree, I started to become very interested in the economics of manufacturing and felt like the decline of our middle class could be partially attributed to the decline of American manufacturing.

Beyond that, I felt it was important to support American manufacturing because of the multiplier effect manufacturing has on the economy at large. Studies have found that for each dollar the manufacturing industry produces, an additional $1.43 is added to the overall economy. Meanwhile, the service sector only adds $0.70 to the economy for each dollar it produces. So I think it’s important to the overall health of our economy and the trade balance in the U.S.


Q. Why is American Manufacturing important to you?

A. Manufacturing is important to me for reasons beyond economics, however. I think that in some ways we’ve lost touch with what it means to create a physical product. And I think that can have negative impacts for encouraging the kind of critical thinking that goes into building something from concept to finished product. I’d like to see more emphasis on learning how to create products in our schools, and I think that giving more support to American manufacturing is one way to do that.

Q. How have you or your company supported American manufacturing throughout the years?

A. At Software Advice, we talk to American manufacturers of every size each day and they’re all looking for a way to improve their level of efficiency at their plants. While there are many paths to improving efficiency, the modern manufacturing plant drives a lot of efficiencies through software.

We help these companies figure out the best systems for their needs. Deploying the right technology can help them operate at a level of efficiency to remain competitive with low-wage manufacturing countries overseas. It’s a small contribution, but we can save them a lot of time and effort figuring out a complex market. Meanwhile, I always try to provide actionable tips for improving plant operations in my writing on the Software Advice Manufacturing Blog.

Q. Favorite quote?

A. Whether or not you think you can do something, you’re right.


It was a great pleasure to have Derek join us this week.  His insights made some really great points in regards to manufacturing. Thank you all for reading!

Join us next week  for another segment of ‘The Importance of American Manufacturing.’

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