How long will you need to wait????

A report came out of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) last week on Yahoo news. It is a good article, I suggest you take a look (click here). The BCG’s prediction is that the world economy is changing in our favor and they believe we will experience more USA products manufactured in the USA around 2015. They believe the  rest of the world’s production cost will rise and thus we will be able to compete. However I suggest that in todays world economy the USA is not growing jobs… so what are we going to do for the next 4 years when we start to see legitimate and solid changes that actually include more solid job growth and production in the USA. What will we do until 2015 while foreign manufacturing adjusts to inflation. What are you going to do about it???  More to come…..


China or Washington DC…

I am curious… how many of you are more concerned about China and their business antics than you are  about our own governments lack of effort to protect USA Made companies and jobs?

When I mention our government’s actions, I am talking about what seems to be a lack of effort to make adjustments that adequately protect against poorly handled tariffs,  importing tax laws, allowance of foreign owned manufacturing being charged less tax, etc. etc.

I believe the majority of  competition is not the USA manufacturers as much as it is coming from our own government. Our government seems to be offering  foreign companies an advantage that puts them into a better financial position than our USA Made companies. That might be one of the reasons you are experiencing a loss of an adequate tax base and a loss of USA  jobs.

Your thoughts?    … Lawson Nickol