The Legendary Legend Of Rufus McCooter

The Legendary Legend Of Rufus McCooter

Tucked in the rural forests of Darke County, Ohio is the historic Bear`s Mill, where buhr stone ground flours & meals are produced. Built in 1849 by Gabriel Baer, Bear`s Mill is one of the few operating water powered mills left in Ohio today. The site and it`s water rights were granted to Major George Adams by President James Monroe in 1824.

All American Life: Amanda Watkins

All American Life: Amanda Watkins

Amanda Watkins joins us on All American Life this week. Here`s what she had to say about recording her upcoming country music album. I can’t believe I’m here.

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THE BIBLE – A Sneak Peek With Amanda Watkins

“The Bible” tells the story of America’s working man and woman. I’m a huge advocate of American made products and believe this song really celebrates and humanizes what it means to support American workers. I hope you all enjoy this “All American Exclusive” song and can’t wait to share the rest of the album with [...]

wayde 1

The Road Less Traveled

Meet Wayde “THE POOR MAN” Fisherman. We met Wayde less than a year ago while vacationing in Hawaii. He is one of the most unique, exciting, and interesting men we have shared an adventure with. Here`s Why: This shaved headed, goatee wearing, tattoo covered, former MMA practioner from Boston moved to Hawaii 18 years ago [...]

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It Says Made In USA, But Is It Really?

You want to support made in USA items, so you spend money during those shopping trips on items that feature the ‘made in USA’ label. It feels great. You know that if all Americans spent just $66 on USA made items it would generate over 200,000 new jobs. You believe that you are making a [...]

judge pulling team

Lucas Oil Pro Pulling Season Begins For Judge Pulling Team

Lucas Oil Pro Pulling Season Begins Judge Pulling Team Off to Rough Start, Long Season Ahead Rainy weather led to challenging track conditions as the Judge Pulling Team took a ninth and sixth place finish respectively in a Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League event at the TS Outlaw Pull held in Franklin, KY. With a [...]

FILE: The Bollman Hat Company Factory

Making it in America: Bollman Hats

This Week On Making It In America We tip our hats off to American manufacturing with Don Rongione, President & CEO of the Bollman Hat Company and Founder of American Made Matters. Can you please tell us about the Bollman Hat Company? Founded in 1868 in Adamstown, PA, Bollman Hat Company is America’s oldest hat [...]

judge tractor pulling

All American Clothing Co. Sponsors Judge Pulling Team

All American Clothing (Arcanum, OH) sponsors Judge Pulling Team (Ansonia, OH) in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling Circuit with team pants made in USA. The Judge Pulling Team is part of the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League, the premiere tractor pulling series in the United States. The team is made up of the Barga family [...]

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The Big Package

Some things can only be handled in All American Jeans… What is a Gusset? Okay, we get asked this question ALOT. I was recently asked the ‘what is a gusset?’ question by my father in law and let me tell you, it was so difficult to explain cleanly that I eventually resorted to pointing at [...]

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The Legendary Legend Of Rufus McCooter

Tucked in the rural forests of Darke County, Ohio is the historic Bear`s Mill, where buhr stone ground flours & meals are produced. Built in 1849 by Gabriel Baer, Bear`s Mill is one of the few operating water powered mills left in Ohio today. The site and it`s water rights were granted to Major George [...]

Arianna Russel 2

Making it in America: Bodacious Cases

This Week On Making It In America. The topic of American manufacturing gets bodacious with Arianna Russel of Bodacious Cases! Please tell us a little about yourself. I am a 26 year old who was born into the entrepreneurial life. My mother, Cheri Russell, went into labor during the Ozark Craft Fair (1987) on Friday, [...]


Signs You Are An All American Addict: #1-5

Are you an All American Addict? If so, check out our list! Make sure you share any All American Addictions of your own in the comments below! We will be sure to add them to the list! It is our quest to reach over 100 signs of All American Addiction. Sincerely, All American Clothing Co. [...]

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Rebuilding the All American Way…

Our friend Buddy has been rebuilding his health and his bike the All American Way! We are glad to hear the great news of Buddy`s recovery. Please do not take it from us. Check out what Buddy had to say below! Rebuilding The All American Way “I got the bike put back together, finally put [...]

Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring In Style!

It has been a very long and cool winter as record setting temperatures dropped to sub-zero in many parts of the country. Even today, it is still bitter in some states which means we are even more excited about the upcoming warm temperatures to come with the season of Spring. After all – Spring has [...]

Amanda Watkins

Making it in America: Amanda Watkins

This Week On Making It In America. This week, ‘Making it in America’ reaches a high note with country music artist Amanda Watkins! Amanda`s musical journey has led her to opportunities performing with the likes of Dierks Bentley, Jamey Johnson, Dwight Yoakam and Brad Paisley. She has also appeared on the hit television series “Hart [...]

Check out the All American Showroom! Click on the image for more information...

NEW! Summer Hours: All American Showroom

We are proud to call the village of Arcanum, OH our home. Arcanum is where our headquarters & All American Showroom is located. It is also where we began in 2002 after Lawson Nickol decided to resign as sales manager for a previous USA made blue jeans manufacturer when it`s production was outsourced to Mexico. [...]

Annin flags have been carried by the Union Army during the American Civil War, draped President Lincoln’s casket, flew at Iwo Jima, decorated the George Washington Bridge and accompanied the Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon in 1969. 

A must read how Annin Flagmakers has been 'making it in America' since 1847!

Making It In America: Annin Flagmakers

This Week On Making It In America: We are proud to speak with Dale Coots of Annin Flagmakers. Q. Please tell us about yourself. I began working at Annin Flagmakers in 1983 in the Customer Service Department, from there I moved into Sales and eventually into Marketing. I have been Marketing Manager since 1998. Presently [...]

Mustang 2

Cruising Towards Spring

Let the fun begin! It does not get any better than cruising with our buddy Ray & his 1968 Mustang GT as we head towards Spring. We have much planned for the upcoming season. New American made clothing items are in the works & we cannot wait to share the many surprises we have in [...]


Star Spangled Sweetness.

Spring is still officially not here… but it`s getting closer & we are ready for it to warm up! Which means we are also getting thirsty for a spring time favorite sweet tea recipe. We`re calling it – Star Spangled Sweetness! Please enjoy making some with the guide below… All American Clothing Co. You will [...]

The All American Man

The All American Man: Part 1

Monroe, LA (from KNOE News) – Greg Gulyas has a heart full of red, white, and blue as a made in USA supporter. Known as ‘The All American Man,’ he is a living example that you can find just about anything that is made in USA with a little extra effort. And that extra effort [...]

All American Jeans Help Save Man`s Life

All American Jeans Help Save Man`s Life

Buddy Montgomery of Lees Summit, Mo. was traveling 70 miles per hour on his motorcycle when a car ran him off the road. He ended up in the grass median unable to get back onto the asphalt due to the asphalt having about a 5-6″ drop off into the grass. All attempts at slowing the [...]

Tito Beveridge 1

Making It In America

This Week On Making It In America: I am thrilled to ‘mix it up’ with Tito Beveridge, Founder, Owner, Master Distiller of Tito`s Handmade Vodka. Q. Please tell us a about yourself. A.Tito Beveridge, founder, owner, master distiller Tito’s Handmade Vodka. I started the company in 1995. Q. Why is ‘Making it in America¹ significant [...]


Saving Valentine`s Day.

Did we ever tell you about the time we saved Valentine`s Day? Perhaps we did not save the day for everyone, but for one man – we may have saved his life!It was 2013, shortly after Valentine`s Day when we received the following letter from an ‘All American Secret Admirer…’ “To Whom It May Concern, [...]


Making It In America

This week on Making It In America: Meet Rogan Donelly of Tervis. Rogan is the managing shareholder & a 3rd generation member in the family owned business. Q. Please tell us a about yourself. A. The Tervis legacy began when my grandfather, John C. Winslow, bought the company in the late 50s from the founders [...]

Don`t get caught in the cold without a USA Made Carhartt Jacket!

Are You Ready For The Cold, America?

Don`t Get Caught In The Cold Without A Carhartt! Fully equipped for the winter, this American Made Carhartt serves all ideal functions for keeping warm in sub-zero temperatures. The Carhartt Duck Active jacket protects you from all the elements of wintry weather, so you can stay outside. This jacket is fully sealed with a 12-ounce, [...]


A Made In America Winter:

Record Breaking Temperatures Means It`s Time To Layer Up! A freezing weather system called the polar vortex gripped much of the Midwest on Monday as temperatures dropped to near-record, subzero lows, canceling school classes, grounding thousands of airline flights and prompting authorities to urge residents to stay home or go to emergency warming shelters. In [...]

hail to the champions

All American Beard Off Winners Announced

Hail to the beard winners! We are happy to announce the top 3 beards from the All American Beard Off selected by the “Beard Selection Committee.” These beards exemplify what it means to be man… and an American. It takes hard work, strength, domination, and pure awesomeness to make it in this country. Each beard [...]


Searching for Made in America This Christmas

Boomer Beam, Director of Marketing & Communications at the All American Clothing Co., has released his ‘Made in America: 10 Affordable Christmas Gifts for 2013′. This year`s list features Christmas gifts costing as low as $2.00, including a candle for mom, toys for the kids, and gifts for all. The National Retail Federation recently reported [...]

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All American Clothing Co. Showroom

All American Clothing Co. the #1 destination for USA Made Jeans & Clothing items is proud to showcase its showroom of American Made clothing items in Arcanum, OH. Located at 1 Pop Rite Rd (Just South of Arcanum), the showroom opens up the world of ‘Made in America’ to the public as it features many [...]

aac files close encounter

The AAC Files:Close Encounter

All American Clothing Co-Founder BJ Nickol experiences a “Close Encounter” when leaving work one evening…Watch, laugh, share with your friends! Items featured in this video AA2012 Jeans 900 Full-Zip Hoodie VIP Boxer Briefs Wigwam Socks

John Ratzenberger's American Made

John Ratzenberger’s American Made

All American Clothing Co. is the proud maker of ‘John Ratzenberger`s American Made’ tee shirts! Everyone who bought one will be receiving them soon and you can still pick them up by purchasing at the link below. Hi everyone, John Ratzenberger here. You may remember me as Cliff the mailman on Cheers or the voice [...]


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