All American Stories and Reviews

Thanks for Making a Quality Product!

Buddy Montgomery of Lees Summit, Mo. was traveling 70 miles per hour on his motorcycle when a car ran him off the road. He ended up in the grass median unable to get back onto the asphalt due to the asphalt having about a 5-6" drop off into the grass. All attempts at slowing the bike were futile. When he started hitting bumps, Montgomery became airborne multiple times. He then made the tough decision to bail from the bike to avoid the crossover wires. Buddy recently wrote to the USA made jean manufacturer, “I came out with an injured left leg and ankle and some back issues. I am still recovering at this time. Through this all I was wearing a pair of All American Jeans. Besides some stains (battle scars at this point) the jeans are intact and didn't tear in one place. Not bad for a spill at about 70 mph! Any other jeans I don't think would have held up and I would have ended up with much more extensive injuries. Thanks for making a quality product...”

I have a bunch of your products now...

I'm Andrew from IL. I found your company about a year ago when I decided to start buying American Made items a lot more. I bought a sweatshirt and some wigwam socks at first. I really liked your products, so I decided to get some more. I have a bunch of your products now and I really like them. In this picture I'm in front of the Biltmore mansion in North Carolina, wearing your khaki shorts and wigwam super 60 socks...

The best pair of jeans I've ever put on - Grant

GRANT CARDONE is an International Sales Expert and author providing Motivation & Sales Training Programs to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success minded individuals and entrepreneurs. Cardone is an internationally recognized motivational speaker and is a New York Times best selling author. He is regularly seen on Fox Business, NBC, MSNBC, and Business Insider. Cardone is the executive producer and star of "Turnaround King", a TV program created around his motivating solution oriented business coaching.

I love what you guys are doing. - Andy

Thought id use my dads Harley for the pic. Im Andy 27 year old from Florida. I love what you guys are doing i buy all my new clothing from your website. Ive been saying for years our economy wont improve until we start making our own stuff again and stop buying it from other countries. I promote your clothing whereever i go! Keep up the good work! - Andy

Thanks so much! Jackie, NY

My husband and I both are very happy to have found a company with all clothing made in USA! I love this elbow sleeve shirt and Pheonix jean! I wear them both constantly! I definitely will be ordering more shirts soon! Thanks so much! Jackie, NY

I live in these jeans, work, play, and dress up. - Tim

I am a member of Ironworkers local 732 Pocatello Idaho. I was looking on the internet for american made clothing about three years ago when I came across your site. I bought three pair of the boot cut jeans, and was really impressed. I have ordered several pairs since then,about three pair every six months or so. I live in these jeans, work, play, and dress up. I have also bought a pair of Thorogood boots thru all american. You are the best and I hope you are around for along long time. The Photo is of me at one of my rock hunting sites in Idaho.

Sporting My All American Clothing Company Sweatshirt - Joshua

Here is a photo of me giving folk singer Todd Snider a belt buckle that I made for him, while sporting my All American Clothing Company sweatshirt. This past summer I attended Salmonstock music festival in Ninilchik AK. I got to go behind stage and give Todd the buckle that I made which was designed around a song that he wrote. Thanks. - Joshua Ott

I buy your jeans every year - Brian

You guys are doing a great job! I buy your jeans every year. They wear and last longer than any other! Thanks! - Brian

All American jeans are the most comfortable I have ever worn - Steve

Wearing my All American jeans at the "We are One" rally at the Daley Center in Chicago in support Wisconsin workers. All American jeans are the most comfortable I have ever worn. They are well made, fit better and out last the foreign products. Keep up the good work, thank God for the American Worker.

Thank you for being MADE IN THE U.S.A. - TSgt John Altevers

I found your products online about a year ago after being fed up with all the foreign made cheap products in the stores these days. Finally I can by high quality American made clothes, that lasts! Thank you for being MADE IN THE U.S.A.

TSgt John Altevers