Germ Buster Liquid Hand Sanitizer - Case of 10

Germ Buster Liquid Hand Sanitizer Case of 10  Travel Size Bottles (1.68 Fluid Ounce per bottle) 80% Alcohol Antiseptic


Description: Germ Buster liquid hand sanitizer is an 80% Alcohol antiseptic using an FDA compliant and endorsed formulation announced in March 2020 as the most effective hand sanitizer formulation at killing harmful germs during the Public Health Emergency (COVID-19). Non-greasy and fragrance free, this travel-sized hand sanitizer is great for protection on-the-go. Whether you're going to the grocery store, gym, airport or office, its compact size makes it easy to have hand sanitizer with you whenever you need it and meets TSA liquid carry-on guidelines.




  • ANTIBACTERIAL - Effective at killing harmful germs following the 2020 FDA compliant hand sanitizer guidelines for formulation during the Public Health Emergency (COVID-19)
  • 80% ALCOHOL ANTISEPTIC - Topical non-sterile solution that is alcohol based, clear, non-greasy and unscented for waterless hand sanitization
  • TRAVEL SIZE - Convenient compact size of 1.68 FL OZ makes it small but powerful. Easy to take anywhere and meets TSA Carry-on guidelines

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