Classic Organic Cotton Crib Sheets


Give your little ones a cozy place to lay at night with these soft-to-the-touch, breathable, classic crib sheets. Our sheets are 100% Made in USA organic cotton, designed for quality, ultimate comfort & style. Our crib sheets are free from harsh chemicals and synthetics, making for a healthier night’s sleep.

  1. Made from 100% West Texas Organic Cotton
  2. Color Natural - Unbleached in the warm beige shade as nature made it
  3. Heavier, more durable fabric than the flimsy imported sheets commonly sold by major retailers
  4. Environmentally friendly, pure, chemical free softness
  5. Made in the USA ethically and sustainably
  6. Deep 8" pockets and wider, stronger encased elastic from North Carolina
  7. "Top or Bottom" labels act as visual cues to help you place the fitted sheet
  8. Higher thread count does not guarantee higher quality sheets. Many imported sheets have manipulated and untrue thread counts. American Blossom developed a custom fabric which is approximately 180 threads per square inch
  9. Infant Bedding Safety Information - Fitted sheets should fit snugly and not pull up at the corners. It is important to match your mattress’ measurements with the fitted sheet. We do not recommend the use of blankets (other than those for swaddling), soft toys, crib bumpers, sleep positioners, or pillows in cribs with babies under 12 months old

  10. Machine Washable & Dryable