HeavyDuty Eagle Embossed Belt

HeavyDuty Eagle Embossed Belt



This item is discontinued/discounted & is NOT returnable.  Quantity is limited.

The last belt you will ever need to buy! This All American Belt is made from some of the highest quality, THICK, USA made leather. The belt is constructed with 1.5" wide by approximately 3/16" thick leather (leather dimensions will vary slightly), a heavy duty roller style buckle and Chicago Screws. Want to add your own custom buckle? Simply remove the Chicago screws, slip your buckle on and replace the screws. This belt is thick and like any natural leather product it will need some time to break in. The belt loops on your pants need to be 2" or more, the loops on our jeans are 2" 


- Constructed with Chicago Screws for easy changing of the belt buckle
- 1.5" wide
- 3/16" thick
- Roller style buckle included
- Available in Black and Brown
- Made in Indiana USA

We suggest ordering a belt two sizes bigger than your waist size. For example: You ordered a 34 in. waist jean, order a 38 belt.

This item is not returnable because it is either being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.

Return Policy

This item is not returnable due to it being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.