Discontinued - 6 I-MET

Discontinued - 6 I-MET


Style: 8046511

This style is being discontinued - availability is limited.
Was $220 - Now $150
NON-RETURNABLE for any reason.

Safety Toe - Metguard 75
I-MET2 MetGuard
Electrical Hazard
Slip Resisting

Crafted with black full-grain, oil-tanned leather, this pair of black boots is ideal for extended trips, heavy loads, and hard terrain. Full-grain leather is extremely water-resistant, durable, and supportive. The oil-tanning makes the leather of these Thorogood boots softer and more flexible, and also improves its resistance to water, stains, and damage. You'll be equipped with tough men's boots, inside and out. Within these steel toe boots, a removable polyurethane footbed on top of a Poron 4000 comfort cushion will provide the ultimate comfort for your feet. Polyurethane is a lightweight foam structure which contains tiny air bubbles, making the material of these American-made boots flexible and shock-absorbing. Meanwhile, Poron is an open-cell breathable material that wicks away moisture to keep the foot cool. It offers excellent resistance to compression, outstanding shock-absorption, and long-lasting, lightweight cushioning to keep you comfortable throughout the day. The rubber green stripe midsole of these men's boots is durable and will provide additional cushioning for your feet. Rubber has superior puncture-, cut- and slip-resistance. In addition, the material of these internal met guard boots is also resistant to bases, acids, alcohols, and diluted water solutions of most chemicals that are water soluble. Those clumsy spills are now just a problem of your past! For dry comfort, these men's work boots feature a forest green Dri-lex lining. This abrasion-resistant lining provides a moisture management system that's breathable, as well as quick-drying. The dual-density polyurethane comfort sole of these Thorogood boots will provide great shock absorption to cushion and protect your feet. It's also slip-resistant to provide better traction on many surfaces. For better stability when climbing ladders, the 90-degree heel will "bite" into a rung better and help prevent slipping.

Union Made in USA by ISO 9001 Certified Shoe Company

This item is not returnable because it is either being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.

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This item is not returnable due to it being discontinued OR due to the areas of the body it touches.