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Must-Have Clothes For an All-American Summer

Summer is almost here and it brings hot weather, family vacations, outdoor adventures, and barbeques. Get the clothes that match the season to be comfortable anywhere you go during these long, sunny days.

All American Clothes for Summer


Here are our favorite All-American summer clothes that feel lightweight and look good:


tee shirtShort-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

For a classic look with a collar style that gives you a little more ventilation, go for our short-sleeve V-neck t-shirt. Made with 100% fine jersey cotton, this tee comes in white, black, navy, or heather grey. You can wear it anywhere, with anything – it’s a staple for summer or any season.







Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts

You’ll live in these shorts all weekend. Made from premium fabric that’s both breathable and sturdy, our cargo shorts can be worn to the park or a backyard party. They feature six pockets, giving you plenty of storage space for everything from your keys and phone to kids toys and bags of peanuts at baseball games.





Flag Tee

Distressed Flag Tee

Made with our super-soft fine jersey, this t-shirt is incredibly comfortable and will keep you cool when temperatures hit their peak. The distressed flag design also makes it the perfect shirt to wear on summer holidays like Memorial Day and 4th of July.





Ombre Tank

Women’s Micro-Jersey Ombre Dyed Tank

Airy with a flattering drape, this relaxed tank is cut in a loose silhouette with a deep scoop neck and rounded hem. The tank is made with a blend of Supima cotton and MicroModal®, then finished with a proprietary treatment process to create Eco-Hybrid™, “The Finest Eco-Cotton Blend on Earth.” It’s heavenly soft and comes in three summery ombre colors: melon, sky, and camo.






Strapless Hi-Low Dress

This hi-low dress is also made with Eco-Hybrid™ Micro Jersey, which means it’s feather-light and breathable. Strapless and cinched at the waist, the style can be either dressy or casual and would fit in on the beach or at a wedding.






flip flop

Men’s Surf Flip Flop

Ditch the socks and shoes. Summer means sandals. Our Surf flip flop is ultra-comfortable with better arch support than your favorite sneakers. The flip flop features a massaging insole, ergonomic foot-bed, and waterproof sole. It’s made with a signature microplast material that’s anti-slip, anti-odor, and vegan friendly.





flip flopsWomen’s Indigo Flip Flop

Our Indigo flip flop is also made with the premium microplast material, which eliminates odor, bacteria, and slipping. Durable, woven fabric straps with soft neoprene backing and an ergonomic foot-bed make this two-piece sandal comfortable enough to wear every day of summer. The flip flop comes in four bright colors: coral, aqua, mint, and stripe.


Looking for more threads to beat the heat? Check out our full selection of summer clothing.






8 thoughts on “Must-Have Clothes For an All-American Summer

    1. Would like to see some blue jeans for beer bellied old men. I want American made. Also need in between sizes as 47 31. Meaning I really used to be 29 31 pants blue jeans. So where are the old and bent. Last of Vietnam Nam Veterans, in our 70’s to early 80’s, we still like our denim.

  1. I would love to buy everything USA made and try out your products but have not found what I was hoping to see. Most of the women’s styles are unappealing and not practical for active wear. The deep scoop neck tank with a bra less model and the great looking capri’s until you see the heart shape on the butt are both disappointing. For classy and classic looking designs check out companies like Title 9 which is all women’s wear – great products from a variety of countries, nice functional and feminine without being slutty looking, and Duckworth which is an amazing “sheep to shelf” all-American company from my home state of Montana with outstanding work and active wear. Please go back to the drawing board in the women’s wear.

  2. Would love to buy real cotton jeans without spandex or live a again but I’m done with boot cuts and flair leg..give me straight leg or slightly tapered and make them at least 34 inch inseam..and I want vneck t-shirts for the middle aged women..long enough and not thick in the middle but not too form fitting …thankyou…Will check back and see how this goes..;)

  3. Create a flip flop where the whole instep (the part of the top of the foo,t underneath base of toes) goes into it when you put it on without having to have that thinner portion go in between the big toe and it’s neighboring toe.

  4. We are a family of very tall people. We have to have “talls” in shirts and pants. Needing a 37″ in seam means we need to start at 39″ to allow for shrinkage. Always prefer to buy American made items. God Bless you.

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